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1. Ferretings definitions Plural form of ferreting.

Ferretings, Form, Ferreting

2. ferreting (countable and uncountable, plural Ferretings)

Ferreting, Ferretings

3. Ferretings - find the meaning and all words formed with Ferretings, anagrams with Ferretings and much more

Ferretings, Find, Formed

4. The word Ferretings uses 10 letters: e, e, f, g, i, n, r, r, s, t


5. Ferretings is playable in: Words With Friends 16

Ferretings, Friends

6. Ferretings Total Number of words made out of Ferretings = 433 Ferretings is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 14 points.Ferretings is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 16 points

Ferretings, Friends

7. Ferretings is a 10 letter long Word starting with F and ending with S


8. 9 letter Words made out of Ferretings


9. Definitions of Ferretings in various dictionaries:


10. Ferretings: ferretlike ferrets ferretto ferrety ferri-ferriable (current term) ferriage ferriages ferrian ferric: ferric acid ferric alum ferric ammonium citrate ferric ammonium sulfate ferric and ammonium acetate solution ferric carbide ferric chloride ferric chloride reaction of …

Ferretings, Ferretlike, Ferrets, Ferretto, Ferrety, Ferri, Ferriable, Ferriage, Ferriages, Ferrian, Ferric

11. Kom pass Ferretings even at that dis tance


12. Matter has always been a problem, and despite the Ferretings of chemists and physicists remains one still.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ferreting mean?

Meaning of ferreting in English. ferret. › [ I + adv/prep ] UK to search for something by moving things around with your hands , especially in a drawer, bag, or other closed space: I was just ferreting around in my drawer for my passport.

Is Ferret a verb?

Ferret as a Verb. Verb. Since the 14th century, English speakers have used "ferret" as the name of a small domesticated animal of the weasel family. The word came to us by way of Anglo-French and can be traced back to Latin fur, meaning "thief.".

What is a ferret out?

ferret out. v. To uncover or extract something by searching or questioning: The detective ferreted out the sequence of events by questioning all of the witnesses.

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