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1. To search for something by moving things around with your hands, especially in a drawer, bag, or other closed space: I was just Ferreting around in my drawer for my passport.

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2. Ferreting Ferreting is derived from the use of ferrets in hunting With their long, lean build, and inquisitive nature, ferrets are very well equipped for getting down holes. The term has evolved into a sexual context where two or more males “ferret” an unsuspecting “rabbit burrow” (female) often referred to as “the rabbit”.

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3. Ferret around 1. To look or sort through something or some place, especially in search of something. I've been Ferreting around the attic trying to find my old photo albums.

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4. Ferreting, or hunting with ferrets, is a past time, enjoyed by both young and old, that efficiently performs an important service by controlling rabbit populations in areas where they are are agricultural pest. The ferreter spreads purse nets over rabbit holes, tying the draw chord of …

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5. Definition of Ferreting in the dictionary


6. What does Ferreting mean? Information and translations of Ferreting in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


7. Synonyms for Ferreting include rummaging, hunting, delving, scouring, digging, searching, sifting, exploring, feeling around and fishing about

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8. A village poacher, Ferreting on the hillside, chanced to see her, as she lay not far off in a patch of clover

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9. REES In any case, he is very well informed of all that goes on here, and clever at Ferreting out new information


10. Ferreting Around is a Pilot/Escort Service based out of Northern Brisbane, Queensland


11. During the Middle Ages, Ferreting became illegal unless you were very wealthy, and that is how the sport was born.


12. References in periodicals archive ? For hundreds of years, the main use of ferrets was for hunting, or ' Ferreting,' being well-equipped to get down holes and chase rodents and rabbits out of their burrows

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13. There are many ways of managing rabbit populations but Ferreting can be both effective and enjoyable


14. Ferreting is one of those activities that can be as complicated or as simple as you make it


15. However, you can still start Ferreting and catch rabbits with a minimal amount…


16. Ferreting Out Justice is a blog authored by Shellie Reid of Michigan State University College of Law, on the access of legal services through technology.


17. What is the definition of Ferreting? What is the meaning of Ferreting? How do you use Ferreting in a sentence? What are synonyms for Ferreting?

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18. Remember, that whilst you are out Ferreting or looking to gain new permission, it is the whole of the Ferreting community you are representing and not just yourself


19. Firearms legalisation: All guns used in connection with Ferreting must comply with the relevant firearms law and must be held on the relevant firearm or shotgun certificates.

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20. HB31.M415 MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology DepartmentofEconomics WorkingPaperSeries FerretingOUTTUNNELING:ANAPPLICATIONTO INDIANBUSINESSGROUPS MarianneBertrand


21. On what might seem an unrelated note, the performance of American stock analysts was woefully inadequate in Ferreting out and making public the all-too-obvious weaknesses in the mortgage securitization field, and the greed of all too many institutional investors in seeking “quick and unrealistic profits” was a major factor in creating the

Ferreting, Field, Factor

22. Ferreting is one of those activities that can be as complicated or as simple as you make it


23. However, you can still start Ferreting and catch rabbits with a …


24. Uncover and bring to light by searching, as in Sandy was a superb reporter, tireless in Ferreting out whatever facts were needed for her story

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25. Ferreting Ferreting is used to great effect for bolting rabbits from the burys that they live in

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26. Diffusion demands innovation theory for systematic Ferreting out value

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27. Check out Ferreting's art on DeviantArt


28. Ferreting Out The Fun Travel tips, itineraries, and inspiration curated by Heather, an expat dedicated to finding fun things to do and delicious food to eat around the world

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29. [Toronto Star]Welcome to a complicated new world of smart, well-funded entrepreneurs doing what smart capitalists have always done: Ferreting out …

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30. Synonyms for Ferreting out include getting, ascertaining, determining, descrying, detecting, finding, finding out, tracking down, learning and turning up

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31. Human Intelligence: The Key to Ferreting Out Extremism in the Ranks


32. J A Bailey Ferreting netmaking and farm pest control, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Ferreting, Farm

33. We cover most aspects of rabbit and farm pest control Ferreting ratting and

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34. J&K Ferreting Northants, Northampton, Northamptonshire


35. Our Ferreting days out and about We are traditional Ferreting using purse nets, long nets to control the rabbit population qickley


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ferreting mean?

Meaning of ferreting in English. ferret. › [ I + adv/prep ] UK to search for something by moving things around with your hands , especially in a drawer, bag, or other closed space: I was just ferreting around in my drawer for my passport.

Is Ferret a verb?

Ferret as a Verb. Verb. Since the 14th century, English speakers have used "ferret" as the name of a small domesticated animal of the weasel family. The word came to us by way of Anglo-French and can be traced back to Latin fur, meaning "thief.".

What is a ferret out?

ferret out. v. To uncover or extract something by searching or questioning: The detective ferreted out the sequence of events by questioning all of the witnesses.

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