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1. He's had Feelers out for the past couple weeks to see how employees might react to such a policy.

Feelers, For

2. A proposal, remark, hint, etc., designed to bring out the opinions or purposes of others: Interested in an accord, both labor and management were putting out Feelers


3. On this page you will find the solution to Feelers crossword clue crossword clue

Find, Feelers

4. Crossword Clue The crossword clue Feelers with 8 letters was last seen on the January 11, 2021.We think the likely answer to this clue is ANTENNAE.Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank


5. Feelers are also likely to display certificates earned for one-day trainings or long-outdated events

Feelers, For

6. Put out Feelers definition is - to make suggestions or ask questions to find out the thoughts or opinions of other people

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7. How to use put out Feelers in a sentence.


8. Feelers is the collective name for the group of turned blind children

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9. Curb Feelers with balck dice ends 4.4 out of 5 stars 10 Pyle Portable Vehicle Traffic Speed Bump - 9.8' ft Heavy Duty Reflective Plastic Humps, Car Truck Automotive Vehicles Speed Bumps for Asphalt Concrete Gravel Garage Driveway Roads Parking Lot - PSPD16

Feelers, Ft, For

10. Male or female, English or Icelandic, the Red Frances, with its carrot-shaped red body and long Feelers made from boar bristle or stripped hackles, is a must-have for every salmon angler whether he is fishing in Scotland, Iceland, Russia, Canada, or anywhere else in the world.

Female, Frances, Feelers, From, For, Fishing

11. Feelers for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Doom awaits your collective unless you can protect its few remaining eggs.!

Feelers, For, Few

12. If combined normal and shearing forces are applied to the sensing surface, the conical Feelers make contact with the acrylic board and are subjected to compressive and shearing deformation

Forces, Feelers

13. Put out Feelers definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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14. Definition of Feelers in the dictionary


15. What does Feelers mean? Information and translations of Feelers in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


16. Feelers have always outnumbered thinkers, but enough Feelers came to respect thinkers who demonstrably improved living conditions by spreading the ideals of personal liberty, private property and free-markets (peaceful exchange).

Feelers, Free

17. ‘McGrath put out Feelers that he was looking for a career change.’ ‘And Todd has already put out Feelers for out-of-contract players.’ ‘In October 2001, tentative Feelers were sent out to Japan, seeking negotiations.’ ‘If you are searching for work, put out Feelers in seemingly unlikely directions.’

Feelers, For

18. Definition and synonyms of put out Feelers from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Feelers, From

19. This is the British English definition of put out Feelers.View American English definition of put out Feelers.


20. Like all lobsters, he has ten legs and two claws, and two pairs of antennae or Feelers


21. If nothing else, those with purple Feelers are less likely to want to be out in freezing weather, to pick a trivial example

Feelers, Freezing

22. Sometimes Feelers are not honest because it may hurt someone’s feelings

Feelers, Feelings

23. This verse in Ehp 4: 25, Speak the truth in love is for both thinkers and Feelers

For, Feelers

24. Eww; Feelings T-shirt, Gift To Feelers, Girly Quote T-shirt, Black Cotton Girly Quote T-shirt, White Cotton Girly Quote T-shirt OneStopStoreCo $ 14.99

Feelings, Feelers

25. Feelers are usually manufac- Figure 1

Feelers, Figure

26. Feelers in a case tured as sets of strips …


27. Face Feelers, also known as "sensory scientists," are behind the product testing of personal care items

Face, Feelers

28. At Blake Manufacturing we have a stock of Feelers available for our varieties of coaxial indicators

Feelers, For

29. A new shooting game Feelers is a great way to see how speedy you are! The queens of the insect species were kidnapped so there is no one to protect the eggs while the insects are away


30. Feelers also have a propensity to function as nurturers and caregivers

Feelers, Function

31. Curb Feelers are still used on some hot rods when a 1950s look is wanted


32. Sometimes curb Feelers are found only on the passenger side of the car, since that …

Feelers, Found

33. Feelers Lyrics: Feel us / Feelers / Touch us / Uhh / See us / See us / Free us / Uhh / See us / Be us / Come on / Go / See me / Free me / High / Low, low / Feelers / Free us / Touch us / No

Feelers, Feel, Free

34. The Feelers Lyrics: It was an early morning meet-up at the mansion on the mountain / The Maestro still had glitter on his face / They led us to the office and once my eyes adjusted / I took a little

Feelers, Face

35. Feelers, by the same token, would have people and human interests on their radar, and so they will feel more at home with displays of emotion and other entirely human experiences

Feelers, Feel

36. There is an approximately 50/50 split in the population between Thinkers and Feelers


37. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesThe Feelers · The Hold Steady · Craig Finn · Franz NicolayOpen Door Policy℗ 2021 Positive Jams marketed and dis

Feelers, Finn, Franz

38. Female thinkers or male Feelers may be less polarized and exhibit more mixed interests, but their T-F preference is typically still identifiable

Female, Feelers

39. "Feelers" Are Roots by: Melissa Hi Joan, Thanks for your question

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40. The "Feelers" you describe are orchid roots


41. The butterfly Feelers or the Antennae thus are so essential, that the very survival of the butterfly depends on their accuracy of function

Feelers, Function

42. What does Feelers mean? Plural form of feeler

Feelers, Form, Feeler

43. No matter which metric you use, The Feelers debut album SUPERSYSTEM can only be described as a stone cold Kiwi classic


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FEELERS [ˈfēlər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does feelers mean?

Define feelers. feelers synonyms, feelers pronunciation, feelers translation, English dictionary definition of feelers. n. 1. Something, such as a hint or question, designed to elicit the attitudes or intentions of others. 2.

What does the idiom "put out feelers" mean?

Discreetly try to learn something, as in They put out feelers to see if anyone was interested in buying the company. This idiom alludes to an animal's feelers, such as antennae or tentacles, used to find food. [First half of 1800s] See also: feeler, out, put.

What does the idiom "all about feelingers" mean?

Discreetly try to learn something, as in They put out feelers to see if anyone was interested in buying the company. This idiom alludes to an animal's feelers, such as antennae or tentacles, used to find food.

What does feel ER mean?


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