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 · Find the perfect feather bed from Pacific Coast Featherbeds

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3. Super Featherbed These luxurious Featherbeds have a top layer of down over a supportive bottom layer of feather/down, and loft to about 6" deep

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4. The Stratus™ will provide the most support of our Featherbeds, with a firmer feel, since it has the most feather

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5. Featherbeds were criticised by a few 19th century writers who felt they were unhealthy: too warm, too soft, too self-indulgent

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6. Featherbeds are not as widely available as other topper types, but shoppers should encounter a fairly broad selection in terms of thickness and price-point

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7. Average Price: $100 to $150: Featherbeds have a below-average price-point, although models with down components tend to be much more expensive.


8. Featherbeds generally offer a plush feel that many sleepers enjoy, but some find these toppers too soft and sink excessively as a result

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9. Filled with goose feathers and down, Featherbeds have been around for hundreds of years and provide an extra layer of comfort when placed on top of traditional mattresses

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10. Description If you have an old Mattress, a featherbed can make it feel like new! Our Featherbeds are filled with 95/5 feathers/down and topped with a layer of batting to protect you from the feathers

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11. Featherbeds are mattress toppers that provide extra cushion and comfort to the sleeper


12. No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More THE GOOD: Featherbeds (also known as feather mattress toppers) are often effective at softening a firm mattress

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13. Toppers and Featherbeds Give your mattress a makeover with Premium Mattress Toppers and Featherbeds featured by Pacific Pillows! When it comes to sleeping soundly and comfortably, a mattress topper or featherbed can only enhance your ability to get a great night's rest.

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14. We recommend featherbed covers, as Featherbeds cannot be washed

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15. Our down mattress toppers and Featherbeds are the ultimate in luxury


16. Luxury Featherbeds with down on top of mostly feathers or the deluxe BodyCloud 50/50 down and feather (extra puffy to sink into)

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17. The softest Featherbeds with the highest lofts are made with 100% white goose down


18. Featherbeds of duck down are very similar, but are typically heavier than goose down Featherbeds


19. The most affordable Featherbeds are made with a feather and down blend

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20. All Featherbeds need to be shaken regularly to keep the down fluffy and maximize loft.

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21. ANICHINI collaborates with a small, family-owned company in California which constructs our Featherbeds and mattress pads from the finest European Goose down and organic cotton to match our exacting standards.

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22. All DEWOOLFSON down comforters, pillows, and Featherbeds are individually made with German-engineered downproof fabrics, including cotton cambric, sateen, and organic batiste

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23. Buy Featherbeds Mattress Toppers at! Browse our great low prices & discounts on the best Featherbeds mattress pads


24. Pillows and Featherbeds can easily be ruined by an errant spill, a pet jumping on the bed or even insects


25. To protect your pillows and Featherbeds, Pacific Pillows is pleased to offer a variety of zippered protectors


26. These featherbed and pillow protectors are designed to perfectly fit your various sized pillows and Featherbeds.

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27. Sleeping on a featherbed is the ultimate in luxury! Our Featherbeds are the best, sleeping on them is like sleeping on a cloud

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28. Down + Featherbeds Ever wonder why a down blanket or comforter is so warm on a cold winter night? It’s because they’re made from one of nature’s best insulating materials

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29. One type of mattress topper is a featherbed, made either with feathers, down, or a combination of both materials; Featherbeds may need to be frequently shaken out or …

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30. Traditional down comforters and Featherbeds utilize hundreds of feathers to help trap body heat

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31. Plush Featherbeds for an inviting look and feel

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32. Since 1973, our bedding experts have been manufacturing our comforters, pillows, and Featherbeds here in the USA, employing the renowned quality and values of traditional, hard-working Maine businesses


33. Our Featherbeds are covered with a quilted top super strong 100% cotton


34. Buy Featherbeds Beddin on Sale at! Browse our great low prices & discounts on the best Featherbeds bedding


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FEATHERBEDS [ˈfeT͟Hərˌbed]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Featherbed mean?

Definition of featherbed (Entry 1 of 3) : calling for, sanctioning, or resulting from featherbedding a featherbed rule a featherbed job

What does feather mean?

feath·er·bed·ding. n. 1. The hiring of more workers than necessary or the limiting of worker productivity in order to allow employment of more persons, usually as a result of a union contract with an employer. 2. The paying for services that are not actually performed, as in a union-imposed fee upon an employer.

What were featherbeds filled with?

The best featherbeds were filled with a high proportion of down; larger feathers needed to have their quills clipped. Lengthy preparation and good aftercare were essential. Before use, all feathers and down had to be aired outdoors in sun and breeze, or stoved indoors in a warm dry space; this would reduce smell and eliminate damp.

What were feather beds called?

The beds, also called feather ticks or feather mattresses, were valuable possessions. People made wills promising them to the next generation, and emigrants travelling to the New World from Europe packed up bulky featherbeds and took them on the voyage.

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