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1. ‘With enough Fearmongering, that attitude may win him the election.’ ‘That means that 70 percent of all homes will still get the same old fear-mongering during four months of the year.’ ‘In case one hasn't noticed, these remarks are tantamount to irrational fear-mongering.’

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2. Synonyms for Fearmongering include scaremongering, alarmism, fear tactics, scare tactics, shockvertising, threat, intimidation, harassment, warning and blackmail

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3. With this exploitative, Fearmongering insult, SyFy has finally been jumped by Fonzie

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4. In the case of terrorism, I think what's unfortunate about the ongoing Fearmongering is that it allows precisely the goal of the terrorist to be achieved.: With enough Fearmongering, that attitude may win him the election.: Strange, then, that Moore himself indulges in misleading Fearmongering.


5. Exposing the Gospel of Fear: Fearmongering

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6. Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering


7. is a loyal friend that you can trust We constantly deliver what you need for free

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8. Kabatn's Ridon described the power firm's response as "Fearmongering," Ridon said if Meralco continues to hold the public hostage with threats of power shortages, the government can exercise the option to declare a "national emergency" and take over of all power utilities, from generation to transmission and distribution.

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9. Another way to say Fearmongering? Synonyms for Fearmongering (other words and phrases for Fearmongering).

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10. Coronavirus: Hong Kong leader blasts vaccine Fearmongering, smear campaign against Sinovac jab; city logs 18 new cases Carrie Lam singles out some medical workers to …


11. Fearmongering, however, is twisting a human reaction and using it for personal gain

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12. Trump resorts to Fearmongering in rambling media appearances


13. But it’s also important to take a moment to point out that the careful testing and approval process that is playing out is a rebuke to the cynical Fearmongering that liberals pushed surrounding


14. Remember when Fox spent every other segment back in the run-up to the midterm elections in 2018 Fearmongering over migrant caravans? They're at it again now that we've got an incoming Democratic administration that wants some immigration reform.

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15. Fearmongering by the media caused the citizens to fear a nuclear war that wasn’t even looming

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16. 🔊 The politician was accused of Fearmongering and spreading frightening rumors just to jumpstart his campaign

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17. 🔊 Because of dishonest propaganda and unnecessary Fearmongering, the people in the city truly believed that a zombie apocalypse was


18. Lately, we have seen criticism of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act centered on what the bill will mean for independent contractors and freelancers.Despite the Fearmongering by business interests and some freelancer groups, the PRO Act will not destroy the gig economy.Here are three reasons why:The PRO Act is about giving workers a voice, not taking away

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19. Even after their Fearmongering proves wrong, Republicans keep at it


20. Trump's Kenosha visit and 2020 strategy echo Fearmongering of racists like George Wallace If a "law and order" message demonizing protest worked in the 1960s, the Trump campaign thinks it can work


21. Did Democrats overplay their hand with their COVID-19 Fearmongering? Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze noted that this might actually be happening, and pointed to …


22. Right-leaning Facebook pages earn millions of interactions Fearmongering about the House voting rights bill

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23. COVID-19: The Fearmongering Must End


24. This Fearmongering caused Canadians to accept significant restrictions on their Charter freedoms to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship, all for the worthy goal of “saving lives.”

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25. Politicians are light on facts but heavy on Fearmongering and restrictions

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26. Paused trial shows that Fearmongering over 'Trump vaccine' was both dumb and harmful Washington Examiner 10/15/2020


27.Fearmongering works because we allow it to: we play our part in the cycle of fear, blame, and hatred

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28. That's why this egregiously dangerous statement, even for Trump, his Fearmongering Prediction receives A Crookie Award

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30. Despite a lack of evidence, right-wing media are echoing the Republican lawmakers in Fearmongering that terrorists were crossing the border, at times …


31. 19 hours ago · The Labor party must stop their reckless Fearmongering and support the Liberal Government’s bold plan to build a better TasTAFE which can better respond to community and industry needs


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What are some examples of fearmongering?

10 Best Examples of MERS Fear Mongering

  • Hong Kong's "Red Alert" Travel Warning for South Korea
  • The Korea Herald's map of a blood-soaked world on a mask.
  • This claim by a Korean professor that The Korea Queer Festival would spread MERS.
  • CNN's line, "The virus has struck the young and old. ...
  • The Wall Street Journal's melodramatic title: " South Korea MERS Outbreak Began With a Cough. ...
  • More items...

    What does Fearmonger mean?

    fearmonger (plural fearmongers) Someone who spreads fear, or needlessly raises the alarm. I worry that, in time, a clever fearmonger could manipulate popular opinion into an electoral mandate.

    What is fear mongering?

    Fear mongering is defined as the process of spreading fear and using it to control and influence others.

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