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1. Favorite definition is - one that is treated or regarded with special favor or liking; especially : a person who is specially loved, trusted, or provided with favors by someone of high rank or authority

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2. How to use Favorite in a sentence.


3. Favorite synonyms, Favorite pronunciation, Favorite translation, English dictionary definition of Favorite


4. One that is trusted, indulged, or preferred above all others, especially by a superior: a Favorite of


5. Favorite definition, a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference: That song is an old Favorite of mine

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6. 47 synonyms of Favorite from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 46 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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7. Favorite: granted special treatment or attention


8. Our Favorite Line Powered By Favorite Reels; Favorite Army Back Favorite Army Pro Staff Influencers Googan Squad Back Googan Squad LunkersTV Jon B


9. Favorite is an international manufacturer of fishing gear for predatory fish with headquarters in Ukraine, USA, Japan and production facilities in East Asia

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10. Under Customize toolbar, for Show Favorites bar, do one of the following:

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11. To turn on the Favorites bar, select Always.


12. To turn off the Favorites bar, select Never.


13. To show the Favorites bar only in a new tab, select Only on new tabs.


14. Adding Favorite Folders and Files To add the currently open folder to the Favorites list, right-click the "Favorites" header and pick "Add Current Location to Favorites." To delete a folder, right-click it in the Favorites list and pick "Remove." You can rearrange items in the list by dragging them.

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15. “Favourite” and “Favorite” mean the same thing, are pronounced the same way (FAY-vuh-rit or FAY-vrit), and are both correct spellings

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16. Definition of FavoriteFavorite” (or “favourite,” if that’s the spelling you favour) is a word that can be used both as a noun and as an adjective.

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17. Find 56 ways to say Favorite, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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18. A favourite or Favorite (American English) was the intimate companion of a ruler or other important person.In post-classical and early-modern Europe, among other times and places, the term was used of individuals delegated significant political power by a ruler.It was especially a phenomenon of the 16th and 17th centuries, when government had become too complex for many hereditary rulers with

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19. Choose Settings in the drop-down menu.; Select Appearance in the left panel and set Show Favorites bar to Always or Only on new tabs.; Add websites to the Favorites bar by choosing the Star next to the search bar and selecting Manage Favorites.


20. If you're looking for ideas of Favorites to ask your friends about - check out this list

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21. Start conversations and get to know your coworkers, classmates, and friends by asking them about their Favorite

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22. Favorite is an agency with the resources of a big company but the heart of a small agency


23. Every employee matters and is treated as part of the Favorite Family

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24. Favorite daughter A well-known woman, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in her hometown


25. Rose was clearly the Favorite daughter of her hometown of Bozeman, Montana


26. See also: daughter, Favorite Favorite son A well-known man, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in his hometown


27. Synonyms for Favorite include favoured, favored, preferred, select, chosen, choice, elect, fave, selected and default

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28. Favorite Healthcare Staffing places nursing, allied health, and advanced practice professionals in per diem,


29. If you don't see your Favorite snacks on the list, make sure to add them


30. For each group of Pokémon presented to you, click one or more of your Favorites from that group and press the "Pick" button

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31. Eventually, your Favorite Pokémon will start appearing under "Found Favorites"

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32. You can continue as long as you like to construct an arbitrarily long list of your Favorite Pokémon.


33. Chefs from around the globe are invited to compete in an exclusive online competition to be named the worlds Favorite Chef, receive $50,000 and be featured in a two-page advertising spread in Bon Appétit announcing the winner

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34. Favorite Members Profile: Favorite Facts Favorite (페이버릿) is a 6 member girl group consisting of Gaeul, Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee, and Ahra

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35. Favorite Fandom Name: Dear Favorite Fan Color: – Favorite Official Accounts: Twitter: @Favorite_twt Facebook: officialFavorite Instagram: @Favorite_official Youtube: Favorite

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36. Favorite Lyrics: I don't want no drama / I just wanna be your diamond, babe / Guaranteed to be a problem / Every time I get around you, babe / I just want you to need me / You might really wanna


37. Favorite (Korean: 페이버릿; RR: Peibeorit) is a South Korean girl group formed by Astory Entertainment in 2017

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38. They debuted on July 5, 2017, with extended play My Favorite


39. Looking for online definition of Favorite or what Favorite stands for? Favorite is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

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40. Readers' Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet

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41. Favorite has good parts and bad but all in all it was a pretty good book


42. Favorite Indian Restaurant Hayward brings the authenticity of Aroma Cuisine and the culture of Indian food with the comfort and relaxation of our warm outdoor patios and bar

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43. We at Favorite Indian Restaurant will fulfill and satisfy your wishes for food with our …

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44. What's your Favorite color? In a recent study, a sociologist asked people that very question


45. This channel is about my Favorite TV series Friends.Thanks for watching.

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46. The Readers' Favorite Book Donation program was created to help non-profit and charitable organizations (schools, libraries, soldier donation programs, convalescent homes, etc.) by providing them with free books and to help authors garner more exposure for their work.

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47. In a year that saw many traditions upended, former President Barack Obama is keeping up with one annual custom: sharing his Favorite books of the year.

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48. Favorite and favourite are alternative spellings of the same word, which refers to something that is preferred above all others

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49. Favorite is the American spelling


50. These Favorite verses from the Bible will help someone on their journey to finding faith

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