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1. Fatality definition is - the quality or state of causing death or destruction


2. How to use Fatality in a sentence.


3. Fatality synonyms, Fatality pronunciation, Fatality translation, English dictionary definition of Fatality


4. Fatality definition, a disaster resulting in death


5. 4 synonyms of Fatality from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 6 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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6. Fatality: a person or thing harmed, lost, or destroyed.


7. The study used an infection Fatality rate — a measure of deaths per number of infections, which includes people who never developed symptoms — that is on the upper end of current estimates for the coronavirus

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8. Fatality Combat and movement overhaul Designed for pinpoint execution in engaging enemies, creating a realistic injury and cure system, and implementing several other features such as trap overhaul, better mobility, better combat syles and numerous gameplay tweaks to provide a robust, unpredictable and challenging experience within Skyrim.

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9. Johnathan Wendel (born February 26, 1981), more commonly known by his online alias Fatal1ty (pronounced "Fatality"), is a former professional esports player of the first-person shooter titles Quake and Painkiller and entrepreneur.

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10. 2450 rows · Fatality Inspection Data Work-related fatalities for cases inspected by Federal or State …

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11. Fatality is a fictional character, a former supervillain in the DC Comics universe

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12. A Fatality is a death caused by an accident or by violence.


13. Fatality is the name given to a gameplay feature in the Mortal Kombat series of fighting video games, in which the victor of the final round in a match inflicts a brutal and gruesome finishing move onto their defeated opponent.Prompted by the announcer saying "Finish Him/Her", players have a short time window to execute a Fatality by entering a specific button and joystick combination, while

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14. In the July 1972 issue of Pediatrics is a too common example of the incorrect use of the word mortality where Fatality is intended


15. Late 15th century (denoting the quality of causing death or disaster): from French fatalité or late Latin fatalitas, from Latin fatalis ‘decreed by fate’, from fatum (see fate). Fatality

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16. In Mortal Kombat 11, a Fatality is an end-of-round move that can be performed when the opponent's health has reached 0


17. Fatality, the newest production from KING MARGOT PRODUCTIONS, starring Vladimir Versailles (Rames) can be seen in OITNB, The Good Wife, and many other tv/film productions

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18. Fatality n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


19. (fatal incident) incidente fatal nm + adj : The emergency call reported a Fatality outside the bar

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20. Griffin "Fatality" Miller is a Wii U and Ultimate Captain Falcon main from New York, USA

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21. The latest tweets from @FatalityFalcon

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22. SIBLEY—The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office reported that it, along with the Iowa State Patrol, is investigating a Fatality hit-and-run accident on 170th Street about two miles west of Sibley


23. The case Fatality rate is simply the ratio of the two metrics shown in the chart above


24. The case Fatality rate is the number of confirmed deaths divided by the number of confirmed cases


25. • Airplane Fatality rates are low


26. • At least one double Fatality has been caused in this way


27. The Fatality rate so far is about 50%

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28. A sense of Fatality gripped her


29. Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Fatalities List by seefutjai (Kelwin Wong) QUICK = SQUARE or X LAUNCH = TRIANGLE or Y POWER = CIRCLE or B ===== Liu-Kang ===== Fatality 1

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30. ‘Here-like the other sites-there was a sense of Fatality about the redundancies that had occurred.’ ‘His literary instrument hacks deep into the malignancy eating away at our society, but still the tumour continues to grow, feeding on pessimism, Fatality and dark, dark satire.’

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31. To report a Fatality during regular business hours, call or email our Fatality program contact within the Division of Inspections and Surveillance


32. A new study from the Imperial College London found the COVID-19 infection Fatality ratio is about 1.15% of infected people in high-income nations and 0.23% in low-income nations.

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33. MSHA investigates each mining Fatality and prepares the following documents to alert the mining community and prevent similar occurrences

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34.Fatality Alert - describes the accident and lists best practices that may have prevented it • Preliminary Report - initial report with brief description


35. Fatality declared that she had only two enemies now – the Star Sapphires, and John himself


36. While Solano, Napa and Sonoma counties unfortunately have had the region’s highest Fatality rates on both a per-capita and per-mile basis, Fatality rate statistics in San Francisco County are more complicated

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37. On a per-capita basis, San Francisco had the lowest Fatality rate of …

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38. Fatality review is a theory and method grounded in public health, designed to identify and understand risk factors for death

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39. Child Fatality/Near Fatality Reports * Reports are decertified when the certifying physician confirms the report was made in error, and either a child was not in serious or critical condition or an abusive act was not suspected in causing the child's condition.


40. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today released its annual 2019 traffic Fatality data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

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41. NCANDS defines "child Fatality" as the death of a child caused by an injury resulting from abuse or neglect or where abuse or neglect was a contributing factor

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