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1. The Fascination that the subject of dinosaurs has for most children Recent Examples on the Web Even so, the dry terrain of the High Plains gave birth to Marquis’ lifelong Fascination with its natural …

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2. Obsession, interest, complex, enthusiasm, hang-up (informal), preoccupation, mania, fetish, fixation, infatuation, ruling passion, idée fixe (French), bee in your bonnet (informal), thing (informal) I've had a lifelong Fascination with the sea.

Fetish, Fixation, Fixe, French, Fascination

3. Fascination definition, the power or action of fascinating

Fascination, Fascinating

4. C1 the fact of finding someone or something fascinating: Miller's Fascination with medieval art dates from her childhood

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5. Mass murders hold a gruesome Fascination for the public.

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6. Fascination is a strong word and means a considerable amount of enjoyment, up to a certain point.


7. The Fascination helps you discover, research & shop amazing, mission-driven DTC brands – all in one place.


8. Shop with Fascination for the latest trends and styles for women's clothing

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9. " Fascination " is a popular waltz song with music (1904) by Fermo Dante Marchetti and lyrics (1905) by Maurice de Féraudy

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10. 17 synonyms of Fascination from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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11. Find another word for Fascination

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12. Fascination: the power of irresistible attraction


13. Fascination (1979) - IMDb Directed by Jean Rollin


14. The masterpiece of renowned French filmmaker Jean Rollin, Fascination follows a swaggering thief who hides out in a lavish chateau, holding the occupants at gunpoint

French, Filmmaker, Fascination, Follows

15. What does Fascination mean? Fascination is defined as something that attracts or intrigues someone, or the state of being attracted and intrigued.


16. Specialties: Fascinations offers healthy lifestyle and intimacy-enhancing products including lingerie, apparel, activewear, romantic gifts, supplements, toys, bath & body products, costumes, bachelorette party supplies and more


17. Alphabeat 'Fascination' official music video.Listen to all the big hits right here: Alphabeat:Facebook https

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18. 1974 Fascination 2DR History I n the 1930s, Paul M


19. Though not a production success, it did inspire future designs, include the Fascination Prototype which was created in the late 1960s.

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20. Laughably overheated and featuring loads of cheesy dialogue, Fascination is the virtual definition of so-band-it's-good

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21. Specialties: Fascinations offers healthy lifestyle and intimacy-enhancing products including lingerie, apparel, activewear, romantic gifts, supplements, toys, bath & body products, costumes, bachelorette party supplies and more.


22. Fascination James Naughton (Actor), Jacqueline Bisset (Actor), Klaus Menzel (Director, Producer, Writer)


23. The Fascination helps you discover, research, and purchase from Amazing DTC-brands

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24. ‘The Fascination about this musical is the exciting rock rhythms and the memorable, lyrical melodies.’ ‘However I can understand that there is a Fascination in motor bikes and quads for young people.’

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25. [countable, usually singular] a very strong attraction, that makes something very interesting London has a Fascination all of its own


26. The Fascination of the game lies in trying to guess what your opponent is thinking


27. Fascination for somebody Water holds a Fascination for most children.

Fascination, For

28. Fascination is an Ill Health Card signifying your mental condition


29. It will periodically seek out and capture existing Fascinations; when it accumulates 3 Fascinations, a countdown to Glory ending started


30. It was Fascination I know And it might have ended Right then, at the start Just a passing glance Just a brief romance And I might have gone On my way Empty hearted It was Fascination I know Seeing you alone With the moonlight above Then I touch your hand And next moment I kiss you Fascination turned to love It was Fascination I know Seeing you


31. Fascination (from Latin fascinatio) is an incantation

Fascination, From, Fascinatio

32. Fascination may also refer to: Music "Fascination", stride piano composition by James


33. Fascination Lyrics: It was Fascination / I know / And it might have ended / Right then, at the start / Just a passing glance / Just a brief romance / And I might have gone / On my way / Empty hearted


34. Fascination (cytokinin/gibberellic acid, Valent USA Corp.) is a product that can be used to increase stem elongation on a wide range of crops and to prevent lower leaf yellowing during the production of lilies


35. The active ingredients in Fascination are gibberellins (A4+A7) and cytokinins, both of which are natural plant hormones.


36. Fascination's first release, "Why Ya Wanna Go" under Vinylmania Records, was a huge success that it was later followed by another huge hit, "Don't You Think It's Time"

Fascination, First, Followed

37. After the success of her first two releases, Fascination was signed to Lumar Records

First, Fascination

38. Little disappointed, then, she turned attention to "Chat of the Social World," gossip which exercised potent Fascination upon the girl's intelligence.; The state or condition of being fascinated.

Fascination, Fascinated

39. Definition of Fascination in the dictionary


40. What does Fascination mean? Information and translations of Fascination in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


41. Carnival Fascination is a Hollywood-themed Fun Ship with elegant Regency-style public spaces designed by Joe Farcus, the architectural king of the seas

Fascination, Fun, Farcus

42. Fascination might be a quarter-century old, but it has a boatload of new features

Fascination, Features

43. Find details and photos of Carnival Fascination cruise ship on Tripadvisor

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44. Learn more about Carnival Fascination deck plans and cabins, ship activities including dining and entertainment, and sailing itineraries to help you plan your next cruise vacation.


45. Fascination at Funland Arcade on Broadway Street is set up like a parlor with about 40 long tables

Fascination, Funland

46. Fascination Lyrics: If it seems a little time is needed / Decisions to be made (Hey, hey-ey-ey, hey) / The good advice of friends unheeded / The best of plans mislaid / Just looking for a new

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47. Fascination PGR will not correct or substitute for treatment of pest, nutrient, or water stresses, all of which may result in lower leaf yellowing as a symptom

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48. The active ingredient in Fascination PGR is not readily translocated throughout the plant following applications

Fascination, Following

49. Thus, plant parts not covered with Fascination PGR will not be affected.


50. Fascination definition: Fascination is the state of being greatly interested in or delighted by something


51. "Fascination of" seems to imply that you are talking about the snakes being fascinating, rather than him being fascinated with them

Fascination, Fascinating, Fascinated

52. (if that makes any sense!) "Fascination for" sounds OK but I think "with" is by far the best option.

Fascination, For, Far

53. Fascination! is an EP released by British synthpop band The Human League in 1983


54. Their Danish debut single Fascination was a major hit in Denmark during the summer of 2007


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