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1. Fakesters meaning Plural form of fakester.

Fakesters, Form, Fakester

2. This is a channel of 'Fakesters' Nothing is as it seems When it seems it's real: let us express that it is not


3. Fakesters 1 point 2 points 3 points 4 months ago There is a sequel called Juni Taisen Tai Juni Taisen that hasn’t been translated yet


4. Giant Squid is not alone: Among the "Fakesters" who've signed up for Friendster are Jackalope, God, Beer, Drunk Squirrel, Hippie Jesus, Malcolm X and more than a dozen Homer Simpsons

Fakesters, For, Friendster

5. (Redirected from Fakesters) Friendster was a U.S

From, Fakesters, Friendster

6. Looking for Fakesters? Find out information about Fakesters

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7. Launched in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams, members are typically teenagers or young adults in their 20s, depending on the Explanation of Fakesters


8. Due to many faces of Fakesters, creating such tool is a challenging problem

Faces, Fakesters

9. Safe as we discourage Fakesters


10. Fakester (plural Fakesters) A person who seeks to deceive others

Fakester, Fakesters

11. The early adoption of Friendster was riddled with playful interactions, most notably the proliferation of “Fakesters”—invented profiles used, among other things, to help signal group and cultural identification and allow people to play within the system.

Friendster, Fakesters

12. Emboldened by their masks and often preferring the weird over the normal, Fakesters are turning Friendster on its ear

Fakesters, Friendster

13. Fakesters remind users that Profiles are only an articulated performance of self and not to be taken seriously, even in the cases of Realsters


14. Fakesters remind users that an articulated network is not the same as one’s real social network and thus doesn’t have the same level of trust and accountability as one’s “real friends.”

Fakesters, Friends

15. Nabbing Cachaça Fakesters: Here Comes the Science! I really do love my aged cachaça


16. With strict vetting processes, these platforms are killing off the Fakesters and you’ll benefit from being one of the trusted and selected few

Fakesters, From, Few

17. Some Fakesters are created out to confuse the members on that social network


18. Role of Fakesters in the growth of social networks Danah Boyd noticed that while Fakesters have been an integral part


19. Andy reports that all of the Anchorman characters appear on Friendster as Fakesters while a banner ad for the movie runs in the advert section

Friendster, Fakesters, For

20. Has Friendster stopped its ban on Fakesters so long as they’re commissioned? Update: Friendster really is supporting this

Friendster, Fakesters

21. Posts about Fakesters written by Cory Doctorow


22. From its earliest days, many Friendster members introduced fake profiles -- known variously as Fakesters, or pretendsters -- into their networks of friends

From, Friendster, Fake, Fakesters, Friends

23. Friendster Fakesters - Goodster Or Badster? Overhype

Friendster, Fakesters

24. The handbook points to tools for finding the news as it's happening, such as the web aggregator Banjo--an event-focused window into what's happening now (which is great for browsing conferences such as SXSW from a distance)--as well as explaining how to not get tricked by Fakesters.

For, Finding, Focused, From, Fakesters

25. These "Fakesters" portray themselves as everything from inanimate objects like the World Trade Center to celebrities like Paris Hilton to historical forces like War (which lists its profession as "resolving disputes")

Fakesters, From, Forces

26. Emboldened by their masks and often preferring the weird over the normal, Fakesters are turning Friendster on its ear.

Fakesters, Friendster

27. No-one was *****ing or accusing anyone of anything, someone just pointed out that Fakesters do come on tpf for information on how to make their fakes better

Fakesters, For, Fakes

28. Back in the Friendster era, the deletion of fake accounts (aka Fakesters) is sometimes cited as one of the many causes of Friendster's ultimate …

Friendster, Fake, Fakesters

29. According to Boyd, Fakesters have the most influence, the more bots they have the more they can reach out to people


30. Friendster almost became a world-spanning social network, but its problems with "Fakesters" sent friends fleeing to MySpace

Friendster, Fakesters, Friends, Fleeing

31. These guys don't support Hindutva, they are Fakesters


32. One can only hope the Fakesters with agendas are going to keep getting exposed and called out


33. Viridian Red / Viridian Group Gurgaon / an buildwell, Ashish Bhalla, wtc noida,& Fakesters! — wtc ashish bhalla


34. Fake news has become a problem of great impact in our information driven society because of the continuous and intense Fakesters content distribution

Fake, Fakesters

35. Due to many faces of Fakesters, creating such tool is a challenging problem.

Faces, Fakesters

36. All other accounts with the MeLikeBigBoom name/picture are Fakesters! Friend requests are often full

Fakesters, Friend, Full

37. Passing Fakesters are intended to represent non-participants or provide useful services


38. More problematically, some Fakesters are also created out of spite in order to confuse the network by having multiple


39. But Fakesters you cannot spam the internet with your fake lies and fake news

Fakesters, Fake

40. Friendster Fakesters Xeni Jardin 9:01 am Fri Aug 15, 2003 Article in SF Weekly about folks who hack the Friendster world by creating profiles …

Friendster, Fakesters, Fri, Folks

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