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1. Factories in Issaquah on


2. The tobacco Factories in the country are stated to give employment to one million operatives


3. BILLINGS. The Birmingham Factories are feverishly busy making dum-dum and explosive bullets

Factories, Feverishly

4. Tobacco Factories 16,000 In the town are cotton Factories and a tannery. rope-walks, a tool factory, cigar Factories, paper mills, &c. Soon after the introduction of machinery, spinning Factories were …

Factories, Factory

5. Microbial Cell Factories, in partnership with Research Square, is now offering In Review


6. Attacks on Chinese-run Factories drew demands from Beijing for protection of Chinese property and employees

Factories, From, For

7. The momentum being generated by this platform's ability to connect brands and Factories is beyond important to the growth and sustainability of domestic apparel production.


8. There are now 54 ‘Lighthouses’, the world’s most advanced Factories, which are leading the way in the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies

Factories, Fourth

9. Attacks on Chinese-run Factories in Myanmar's biggest city drew demands Monday from Beijing for protection for their property and employees, while many in Myanmar expressed outrage over China's apparent lack of concern for those killed in protests against last …

Factories, From, For

10. The combination of increasing foreign and domestic competition plus an accelerating rate of technological innovation has resulted in product proliferation in many Factories.

Foreign, Factories

11. After repairing the damage, especially the frozen pipes, the Factories are now getting back up and running

Frozen, Factories

12. The race to produce as much of the new vaccine as possible goes through these Factories, which were spun up much faster than usual by building the shells before the vaccine production process was

Factories, Faster

13. Thanks to Visual Factories, we were able to guide our machine operations more effectively


14. Before Visual Factories, I was able to report on ‘what’ and ‘where’


15. In All Kinds of Factories, students learn about what Factories are and some of the things Factories make


16. Factories Lyrics: One mistake is all that it can take / Look at how I’m scratching at the surface / When you found my body by the lake / You wasn’t sure if I was still alive / You picked me up and

Factories, Found

17. Monitoring Factories, Mills and Farms

Factories, Farms

18. The SER staff screens all new Factories for social and environmental compliance with local laws and union contracts (when applicable), the Patagonia Supplier Workplace Code of Conduct and the more detailed Benchmarks document

Factories, For

19. The Factories claim to be in the supply chains of at least 83 global brands, making products from Nike sneakers to iPhone cameras, according to the think tank’s Sunday report.

Factories, From

20. We make the most beautiful essentials, at the best Factories, without traditional markups


21. And each gets its start inside one of America's Ultimate Factories


22. Go inside some of the greatest one-of-a-kind Factories in the world, and gain an insider's perspective on what it takes to produce these legendary products.


23. Our Factories’ thrive for excellence convinced us to showcase the craftsmen and women behind our essentials

Factories, For

24. Since 2010 the number of workers in African Factories



Factories, For

26. (1) This Ordinance may be cited as the Factories Ordinance


27. The Industrial Revolution saw the rise of Factories in need of workers


28. OUR Factories Across the globe, our dedicated family of employees proudly crafts each product with expertise and enthusiasm

Factories, Family

29. Owning our Factories allow us to serve up the best quality goods to our customers — so you can cook with confidence for decades to come.

Factories, For

30. 1127 Factories reported that worker representatives are freely chosen by the workers**

Factories, Freely

31. Factories in the Field is a true classic of the 'other California' that one rarely hears about

Factories, Field

32. Factories, power plants, and manufacturing centers increasingly rely on automation, machine learning, computer vision, and other fields of AI to …

Factories, Fields

33. Security forces killed at least 22 anti-coup protesters in the poor, industrial Hlaingthaya suburb of Myanmar's main city on Sunday after Chinese-financed Factories were set ablaze there, an

Forces, Financed, Factories

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FACTORIES [ˈfakt(ə)rē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for factories?

factory, mill, manufacturing plant, manufactory(noun) a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing. Synonyms: manufacturing plant, pulverisation, milling machinery, manufactory, grinder, grind, pulverization, mill.

What do the factories make?

Large factories tend to be located with access to multiple modes of transportation, with some having rail, highway and water loading and unloading facilities. Factories may either make discrete products or some type of material continuously produced such as chemicals, pulp and paper, or refined oil products. Oct 13 2019

Are factories a noun?

noun, plural fac·to·ries. a building or group of buildings with facilities for the manufacture of goods. any place producing a uniform product, without concern for individuality: They call it a law school, but it's just a degree factory. (formerly) an establishment for factors and merchants carrying on business in a foreign country.

What is factory factory?

A factory, manufacturing plant or a production plant is an industrial site , usually a complex consisting of several buildings filled with machinery, where workers manufacture items or operate machines which process each item into another. They are a critical part of modern economic production, with the majority of the world's goods being created or processed within factories. Factories arose with the introduction of machinery during the Industrial Revolution, when the capital and space requireme

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