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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word facetious mean?

What does the word facetious mean. Facetious - oking or jesting often inappropriately. Expert answered

What are some examples of being facetious?

facetious examples?

  • Thomas Schenk. > Can someone please give me some examples of when a person is being facetious? ...
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  • B.W. Battin. ...
  • Stuart Leichter. > Can someone please give me some examples of when a person is being facetious? ...
  • Copy Desk. Actually, facetiousLY includes ALL the vowels in sequence. ...
  • Martin A. Mazur. ...
  • B.W. Battin. ...
  • Martin A. ...
  • Larry Preuss. ...
  • Curt Gould. ...
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    Is facetious the same as fecious?

    Facetious Vs. Sarcastic – Enumerating the Differences. The English language contains a complex web of words borrowed from across the globe, and often their meanings overlap each other, making it difficult to judge when to use one over the other. Penlighten gives you the difference between two commonly interchanged words, facetious and sarcastic.

    Is the word facetious an adjective or an adverb?

    Adjectives for facetious include facete and facetious. Find more words at!

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