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1. Facilitated synonyms, Facilitated pronunciation, Facilitated translation, English dictionary definition of Facilitated


2. To make easy or easier: political agreements that Facilitated troop withdrawals


3. Find 33 ways to say Facilitated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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4. Synonyms for Facilitated include helped, benefited, benefitted, bolstered, improved, ameliorated, amended, eased, maintained and restored

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5. Facilitated Wellness is so much more than massage & acupuncture… Whether recovering from a hard workout, a traumatic injury, or surgery, our knowledgable & skilled therapists and counsellors are here to help

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6. Facilitated_Articles_Lesson_Change_Summary_Sheet References By Stephen Northrop 2018-03-05T21:39:35-05:00 April 14th, 2017 HRALC Comments Off on Facilitated Articles


7. Facilitated Enrollment for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Program (FE-ABD) FE-ABD is a New York State-sponsored public health insurance application assistance program for people who are aged, blind or disabled

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8. Synonyms for Facilitated in Free Thesaurus

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9. What are synonyms for Facilitated?

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10. Facilitated transport is a type of passive transport


11. Unlike simple diffusion where materials pass through a membrane without the help of proteins, in Facilitated transport, also called Facilitated diffusion, materials diffuse across the plasma membrane with the help of membrane proteins.


12. This Facilitated the steady advances being made in the field of thermodynamics and in thermochemistry, which is the application of thermodynamics to chemical processes

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13. In the 1914-18 conflict allied sea power Facilitated the dismemberment of Germany's overseas empire and enforced a blockade of Germany and Austria-Hungary.


14. To make easy or easier: political agreements that Facilitated troop withdrawals


15. Facilitated diffusion uses protein channels and carrier proteins whilst simple diffusion doesn't What is the purpose of protein channels? they allow hydrophilic, polar molecules to …


16. Description: Facilitated Communication (FC) is a purported intervention in which the service provider, a “facilitator,” holds the participant’s hands, wrists, or arms to help him or her spell messages on a keyboard or a board with printed letters

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17. What is the historical link between ASD and Facilitated Communication? Biklen introduced FC to the United States with the premise that non-verbal individuals diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities are of reasonably normal intelligence but cannot express themselves due to the neurological condition known as apraxia (Biklen

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18. A Facilitated conversation [1] is a discussion between two or more people (“participants”), usually members of a tight-knit group, who come together to address a challenging situation that they are currently facing or one that may be imminent with the goal of achieving understanding, harmony of vision, and/or consensus or agreement on how to move forward.

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19. Facilitated diffusion is the process of biological transport in which specific structural components of biological membranes interact with particular solutes or classes of solutes, markedly increasing the rates at which they can cross the membrane.


20. Facilitated Dialogue is a structured conversation between two or more parties involved in a conflict (“Disputants”)


21. Through Facilitated Dialogue, disputants can: • Share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with one another in a confidential space

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22. Dictionary entry overview: What does Facilitated mean? • Facilitated (adjective) The adjective Facilitated has 1 sense:


23. Freed from difficulty or impediment Familiarity information: Facilitated used as an adjective is very rare.

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24. "Facilitated, "Facilitated Diffusion" So last video was just straight up diffusion, now we're gonna talk about facilitating it

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25. Facilitated dialogue is a conversation between individuals in which a facilitator helps parties overcome communication barriers and engage in productive conversation regarding an issue of mutual concern

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26. Facilitated dialogue is not necessarily designed to produce or work toward a set of agreements, but can serve that purpose


27. Another way to say Facilitated? Synonyms for Facilitated (other words and phrases for Facilitated).

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28. Why do Facilitated IEP meetings generate better student results? ARD/IEP meetings benefit from skilled and capable facilitators who can assist the team in crafting agreements that lead to better educational programs for students with disabilities

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29. Facilitated diffusion is a passive transport mechanism and thus requires no energy expenditure by the cell


30. What Happens During the Process of Facilitated Diffusion Facilitated diffusion is a spontaneous process in which charged ions or molecules are transported across the lipid-based cell membrane via a carrier transmembrane protein molecule.


31. Statement on Facilitated Communication, 1995


32. A technique, known as Facilitated Communication (FC), has been promoted and disseminated as a method for "revealing" undisclosed intellectual competence in persons diagnosed with autism, moderate to profound mental retardation, or other disabilities

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33. Facilitated family engagement meetings provide families that have an open child welfare case with case planning meetings aimed at resolving identified safety concerns as effectively and efficiently as possible

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34. Facilitated communication (FC), is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) approach used to assist nonverbal individuals with disabilities to express themselves through typing, writing, gesturing, or pointing

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35. Facilitated diffusion (also known as Facilitated transport or passive-mediated transport) is the process of spontaneous passive transport (as opposed to active transport) of molecules or ions across a biological membrane via specific transmembrane integral proteins


36. Being passive, Facilitated transport does not directly require chemical energy from ATP hydrolysis in the transport step itself

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37. Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA) program

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38. Facilitated IEP Meetings: An Emerging Practice Introduction to IEP Facilitation To help special education planning teams reach agreements, several State Education Agencies (SEAs) provide the option of Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings

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39. The use of externally Facilitated IEP meetings is growing nationally.


40. Internet-Facilitated sexual offending includes various types of crimes, including possession, distribution and production of child pornography; sexual solicitations; and conspiracy crimes


41. Facilitated communication (FC), or supported typing, is a scientifically discredited technique that attempts to aid communication by people with autism or other communication disabilities who are non-verbal

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42. Letter to Issuers in the Federally-Facilitated Exchanges (2020 Letter to Issuers) in all instances where CMS guidance has not changed

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43. Toolkit for Facilitated Discussions Introduction Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle is a national public programming initiative using four award-winning documentary films as catalysts for screening and discussion events at public and academic libraries, museums, historical societies, and community and faith-based organizations

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44. Facilitated diffusion or passive diffusion is the process that facilitates the uptake of nutrients across the cell membrane without utilizing energy

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45. Facilitated diffusion is for nonpolar charged or large molecul… passive transport for molecules that are too large or charged it is passive transport and it uses a concentration gradient

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46. The individual components of the primary end point did not differ significantly among the combination-Facilitated−PCI, abciximab-Facilitated−PCI, and primary-PCI groups; the respective rates


47. Facilitated tucking supports the preterm infant and is a valuable strategy to manage neonatal pain


48. The process wherein substances pass through the cell membrane, in a passive manner, with the help of transport molecules, is known as Facilitated diffusion


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FACILITATED [fəˈsiləˌtāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does faciliated mean?

Facilitate(verb) to make easy or less difficult; to free from difficulty or impediment; to lessen the labor of; as, to facilitate the execution of a task.

What does it mean to facilitate?

The definition of facilitate is "to make easy" or "ease a process.". What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved. To facilitate effectively,...

Is facilitated in a way?

Facilitated student learning is not only a set of tools and strategies. It is also a way that teachers are encouraging students to learn and absorb information in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them.

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