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1. (Cookery) (tr) to chop up or pulverize (an item of food) and re-form it to look like a whole: a factory-made rod of Extruded egg

Extruded, Egg

2. Extruded In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Extruded, English

3. The building's concrete shell is insulated on the exterior and wrapped with Extruded

Exterior, Extruded

4. Igneous rocks in great variety and in all forms incident to an Extruded or volcanic and intruded or plutonic origin are present


5. RUSSELL The rocks thus Extruded are mainly composed of dark, heavy basic material, such as basalt and andesite


6. 17 synonyms of Extruded from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms


7. Extruded: to drive or force out.


8. (Cookery) (tr) to chop up or pulverize (an item of food) and re-form it to look like a whole: a factory-made rod of Extruded egg

Extruded, Egg

9. 1-16 of over 2,000 results for "Extruded aluminum" 10 Pack ZYLtech Black 2020 T Slot Aluminum Extrusion for 3D Printer and CNC - 10X 1M

Extruded, Extrusion

10. Created mechanically, Extruded brick is perfect for any construction project and for those where budget presents a concern.


11. Working with Extruded aluminum offers many benefits to architects, contractors and product designers


12. Between the ease and versatility of the production process and the properties that make aluminum so wide-reaching, Extruded aluminum products are the top pick for many.

Ease, Extruded

13. Extruded aluminum is used in property industry for light structure such as curtail wall, doors, windows of buildings like apartments, office buildings and housing.


14. This Extruded acrylic offers similar performance as cast acrylic at a lower cost


15. Clear Scratch- and UV-Resistant Acrylic Rods and Discs This Extruded acrylic offers similar performance as …


16. Extruded acrylic sheet is more economical and has a lower forming temperature, while the cast acrylic sheet is more scratch-resistant

Extruded, Economical

17. Both Extruded and cast acrylic sheets comply with FDA requirements for food contact, which also makes it an ideal choice for restaurants, retail …


18. Extruded Aluminum Corporation is a 6000 series aluminum extrusion manufacturer in Michigan USA.

Extruded, Extrusion

19. Our Extruded rubber shapes work perfectly for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications

Extruded, Exterior

20. All of the Extruded profiles and shapes that we have available are manufactured from the highest quality materials like PVC, Styrene, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, and 6063 T5 Aluminum


21. Advantages of mk Extruded Aluminum Framing & T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded, Extrusions

22. 1-16 of 427 results for "Extruded aluminum t slot" Faztek 15QE1515L Aluminum 6063-16 T-Slotted Light Extrusion with Clear Anodize Finish, 48" Length x 1-1/2" Width x 1-1/2" Height 4.7 out of 5 stars 24

Extruded, Extrusion

23. Extruded Tubing Nordson MEDICAL has a long, successful track record of supplying high-precision, specialized Extruded tubing to the medical device industry


24. Extruded Aluminum Tube with material 6061 has higher tensile and yield strength than 6063, so 6061 aluminum round tube and aluminum square tubing and are primarily used as a structural component, truck & bike frame, and electrical fittings etc.

Extruded, Electrical, Etc

25. Add a custom look to your vehicle, while adding protection, with the installation of 2” Wide, 3/8” Thick 1992 Ford Truck Factory Match Molding from Dawn Enterprises Dawn Enterprises offers Extruded ..

Enterprises, Extruded

26. McNICHOLS DIAMONDBACK ® Extruded Interlocking Flooring has aggressive, diamond-serrated ridges that provide slip resistance superior to other skid-resistant Aluminum Flooring


27. A comprehensive line of Extruded aluminum products for drywall and plaster applications


28. Extruded cable cured continuously, with no debris or material contamination


29. Extruded plastic sheets are used in packaging and are often thermoformed into consumer products and packaging


30. Styrofoam™ Brand Scoreboard Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation* is an Extruded polystyrene foam insulation board that is scored longitudinally on 16” and 24” centers, making it easy to size to commonly used widths, cut and install

Extruded, Easy

31. The Extruded bars are then cut into plugs (short pieces from the bar), reheated to make them pliable, then pressed into fitting dies


32. Choosing Forged or Extruded Fittings The confusion between forged and Extruded fittings spills over into their uses, considering that you can find the same fitting shapes made by …


33. Extruded plastic profiles ranging from simple U channels to precision, custom engineered extrusions are the backbone of Seiler Plastics

Extruded, Engineered, Extrusions

34. Extruded plastic tubes are one of our specialties


35. Our Extruded bases offer manufacturers a range of innovative applications for skincare, body care and hair care


36. Easily processable Extruded bases offer soap bar manufacturers time-savings and successful trial runs with only a small addition of chosen fragrance, colour and active ingredients, to achieve an excellent finished bar soap.

Easily, Extruded, Excellent

37. Extruded rubber cord sizes range up to 7 inches in diameter


38. Our extrusions meet the most rigid military specifications, as well as all Extruded rubber commercial standards

Extrusions, Extruded

39. Our continuous vulcanization extrusion equipment, which vulcanizes Extruded rubber through a microwave process, is the most technologically advanced equipment for curing

Extrusion, Equipment, Extruded

40. About Creative Extruded Products, LLC


41. A manufacturer of OEM moldings since 1979, Creative Extruded Products has become a leader in auto glass molding systems for both OEM and aftermarket customers.


42. An Extruded disc is also sometimes called a transligamentous disc, or more commonly, a ruptured disc


43. Extruded U Nut Screw Lock Thread M6-1.0 Extruded "U" Nut; Phosphate; M6-1.0 Screw Size; Tri-Lobular Locking Thread; Panel Range: .80mm-4.00mm (.030"-.160") Center Of Hole To Edge: 12mm (15/32") Replaces Chrysler 6502152 Chrysler; 50 Per Package View Catalog Page

Extruded, Edge

44. Creative Extruded Products is a profile extruder specializing in PVC technology

Extruded, Extruder

45. The Extruded Polypropylene Foam Market will grow by $ 274.83 mn during 2020-2024


46.Extruded” is a word you’ve no doubt seen on feed bags, but do you really know what it means? Choosing an Extruded feed over pellets or other types of nugget can make a big difference in your horse’s nutrition.


47. Looking for online definition of Extruded or what Extruded stands for? Extruded is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary


48. Extruded Aluminum Channel Mount Enclosure

Extruded, Enclosure

49. Heat Dissipating Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

Extruded, Enclosures

50. Extruded Aluminum "Sink Box" SINK-BOX Series


51. About Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation


52. Extruded polystyrene foam board insulation (XPS) is a closed-cell insulation that is used in walls and below grade in metal buildings, providing strength, energy efficiency, and more.

Extruded, Energy, Efficiency

53. What is an Extruded Thermoset Composite? ETCOM Inc

Extruded, Etcom

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EXTRUDED [ikˈstro͞od]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extruded mean?

Definition of extrude. transitive verb. 1 : to force, press, or push out. 2 : to shape (a substance, such as metal or plastic) by forcing through a die.

What is one example of an extrusion?

In the home, the most familiar example of extrusion may be the pastry bag. Used to form cookies and to frost cakes, the pastry bag extrudes icing or dough through a tip that shapes the output. This is done in short bursts to produce a set of identical items quickly.

What is the meaning of extrusion?

Definition of extrusion : the act or process of extruding also : a form or product produced by this process : the act or process of extruding extrusion of proteins from cells

What is an extruded shape?

0 Comments. An extruded shape is produced by hydraulically forcing a brass, bronze or other metal alloy billet, heated to a semi-plastic state, through a die opening of the desired contour. Any solid section other than standard rod, bar and wire sections furnished in straight extruded lengths is considered a shape.

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