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1. Extricated synonyms, Extricated pronunciation, Extricated translation, English dictionary definition of Extricated

Extricated, English

2. The Sheriff's Office says Woods was the only one in the vehicle and had to be Extricated with the 'jaws of life.'


3. Woods was Extricated from the wreck with the ‘jaws of life’ by Los Angeles County firefighters and paramedics, then transported to a local hospital by ambulance for his injuries.”


4. Two people, a male and a female, were both Extricated from one car and one van." Pair cut free from wreckage after crash 'This search and rescue operation will continue until all the victims are recovered and Extricated and will be sent to Penang Hospital for the post-mortem,' said Che Zaimani.


5. Dictionary entry overview: What does Extricated mean? • Extricated (adjective) The adjective Extricated has 1 sense:

Entry, Extricated

6. Having become freed from entanglement; disengaged Familiarity information: Extricated used as an adjective is very rare.

Entanglement, Extricated

7. Definition of Extricated in the dictionary


8. What does Extricated mean? Information and translations of Extricated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


9. Synonyms for Extricated include took, removed, extracted, pulled, drew, withdrew, fished, retrieved, confiscated and picked

Extricated, Extracted

10. What does Extricated mean? Simple past tense and past participle of extricate

Extricated, Extricate

11. The word Extricated is the past form of extricate in the first person singular

Extricated, Extricate

12. If you need to be untangled, set free or otherwise released from something or someone, you need to be Extricated.


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15. — A driver was Extricated from their vehicle after a collision Thursday in Mukilteo


16. (WJHL) – A Rogersville teenager was Extricated from a vehicle after a crash early Thursday morning, according to authorities

Extricated, Early

17. ‘The ship was Extricated after being stuck for three hours.’ ‘‘One person was trapped and we Extricated them but it has been confirmed as a fatality,’ he said.’ ‘David Mason rather sportingly ended up driving Elaine to Stephen's house, where she Extricated him.’

Extricated, Ended, Elaine

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19. Two people had to be Extricated from a vehicle after it crashed into a pole on Friday afternoon in South Seattle


20. A Windsor Heights woman was mechanically Extricated from her vehicle following an accident in Guthrie County Thursday morning


21. Extricate (third-person singular simple present extricates, present participle extricating, simple past and past participle Extricated) To free, disengage, loosen, or untangle

Extricate, Extricates, Extricating, Extricated

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23. But it is time for the illegals of all colors and creeds to be Extricated from the welfare rolls, school rolls, pay rolls and hospital corridors


24. Officials said the driver's body remained on the bus after the survivors escaped or were Extricated from the vehicle.

Escaped, Extricated

25. A person had to be Extricated from a vehicle after a violent crash in Bethesda Saturday morning, according to authorities


26. KAYSVILLE, Utah, March 17, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Three people were Extricated and transported to the hospital by ground and air ambulances …


27. An elderly woman had to be Extricated from a vehicle after a crash, according to first responders

Elderly, Extricated

28. 2 days ago · A woman had to be Extricated from her car after a crash Monday evening at County Road 466 and Rolling Acres Road

Extricated, Evening

29. A woman had to be Extricated from this vehicle in a crash Monday night at County Road 466 and Rolling Acres Road


30. REDDING — Officials Extricated two people and a dog from a vehicle after an accident on Church Hill Road Saturday night, according to a fire department official.


31. Passersby stopped their cars, came running and Extricated the 20-year-old driver from Union City after the 2007 Honda Civic crashed at the Main Avenue exit on the westbound highway shortly after 9 p.m

Extricated, Exit

32. 1 day ago · Crews Extricated the driver, who was sent to the hospital with unspecified injuries, according to emergency radio broadcasts

Extricated, Emergency

33. Employee fully Extricated after arm was stuck in pasta making machinery at South Windsor business FOX61 Staff 50 mins ago 5 things to know for March 22: Covid-19, immigration, spa killings

Employee, Extricated

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EXTRICATED [ˈekstrəˌkāt]


  • free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty.
Synonyms: extract . free . release . disentangle . get out . remove . withdraw . loosen . unloose . detach . disengage . disencumber . untwine . unfasten . unclasp . disconnect . liberate . rescue . save . deliver . entangle . involve .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extricated mean?

ex′tri·ca′tion n. These verbs mean to free from something that entangles: extricated herself from an embarrassing situation; disengaged his attention from the television; sought to disentangle fact from fiction in the account; lawyers tasked with untangling the corporation's financial dealings.

What is the definition of extricate?

Use extricate in a sentence. verb. To extricate is defined as to set free. An example of to extricate is letting a bird out of its cage.

What does the name extricate mean?

While a number of words (such as "disentangle") share with extricate the meaning of "to free from difficulty," extricate suggests the act of doing so with care and ingenuity, as in "Through months of careful budgeting, he was able to extricate himself from his financial burdens."

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