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1. An Extremophile is an organism that thrives in extreme environments

Extremophile, Extreme, Environments

2. Extremophiles are organisms that live in "extreme environments," under high pressure and temperature

Extremophiles, Extreme, Environments

3. Extremophile: [noun] an organism that lives under extreme environmental conditions (as in a hot spring or ice cap).

Extremophile, Extreme, Environmental

4. Extremophile, an organism that is tolerant to environmental extremes and that has evolved to grow optimally under one or more of these extreme conditions, hence the suffix phile, meaning “one who loves.” Extremophilic organisms are primarily prokaryotic (archaea and bacteria), with few eukaryotic

Extremophile, Environmental, Extremes, Evolved, Extreme, Extremophilic, Eukaryotic

5. Extremophile definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


6. An Extremophile is an organism that thrives under "extreme" conditions

Extremophile, Extreme

7. In this module, however, you will find that Extremophiles come in all shapes and sizes, and that our understanding of the phylogenetic diversity of extreme habitats increases daily.

Extremophiles, Extreme

8. Extremophiles are organisms that have evolved to survive in environments once thought to be entirely uninhabitable

Extremophiles, Evolved, Environments, Entirely

9. Extremophiles are organisms that have been discovered on Earth that survive in environments that were once thought not to be able to sustain life

Extremophiles, Earth, Environments

10. An Extremophile is an organism that lives in an extreme environment

Extremophile, Extreme, Environment

11. Extremophiles are organisms that live and thrive in habitats where life is impossible for most living organisms


12. The suffix comes from the Greek philos meaning to love.Extremophiles have a "love for" or attraction to extreme environments

Extremophiles, Extreme, Environments

13. Extremophiles have the ability to withstand conditions such as high radiation, high or low pressure, high or low pH, lack of light, extreme heat, extreme

Extremophiles, Extreme

14. The Extremophile environment and its microbes have provided access to numerous bioactive secondary metabolites but it is still not fully exploited due to the difficulty for their extreme nature in under laboratory conditions

Extremophile, Environment, Exploited, Extreme

15. Extremophiles is a term that refers to bacteria that are able to exist and thrive in environments that are extremely harsh, in terms of those environments classically envisioned as hospitable to the growth of bacteria.

Extremophiles, Exist, Environments, Extremely, Envisioned

16. The discovery of Extremophiles, beginning in the 1970s, has had three major influences on microbiology and the biotechnology industry.


17. The bioengineered lactonase SsoPox from the Extremophile archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus, as described in this chapter, shows an increased affinity toward 3-oxo-C12 HSL, which is the signal molecule in the LasI/LasR QS circuit, playing an important role in the expression of virulence factors (Guendouze et al., 2017; Hiblot et al., 2012).

Extremophile, Expression, Et

18. Extremophile 011 is a legendary auto rifle


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20. Extremophiles like the bacterium D


21. "Extremophile" is a very human-centric term


22. One such Extremophile is Spirochaeta americana, a bacteria that lives in the mud deposits of California's Mono Lake and whose discovery was announced in May 2003


23. This Extremophile is one of 14 known spirochetes.


24. The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE) Welcome


25. Dear colleague: The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE) is a community of scientists who dedicate their research to the fascinating world of extremophilic microorganisms.

Extremophiles, Extremophilic

26. Now scientists at Harvard Medical School (HMS) are wondering: Can the physiology of this Extremophile yield insights that can be applied to humans? Inspired by nature, optimized in the lab


27. Extremophiles are organisms that can live in exceptionally harsh environments

Extremophiles, Exceptionally, Environments

28. Find out about the different types of Extremophiles, their adaptations, where


29. What is an Extremophile? Extremophiles test the limits of the types of environments where scientists think life can possibly survive

Extremophile, Extremophiles, Environments

30. Scientists coined the term Extremophile, which means "extreme-loving", to describe the creatures--and the hunt was on for more

Extremophile, Extreme

31. Soon, Extremophiles were found living in deep Antarctic ice, the cores of nuclear reactors, and other unexpected places


32. An Extremophile is an organism (a living thing) which lives best in extreme conditions that are harmful to most life on Earth

Extremophile, Extreme, Earth

33. Extremophile: A microorganism living in extreme conditions such as heat and acid, that cannot survive without these conditions.

Extremophile, Extreme

34. Thermophile: Heat-loving Extremophile.


35. Extremophile synonyms, Extremophile pronunciation, Extremophile translation, English dictionary definition of Extremophile

Extremophile, English

36. Extrêmophile m (plural extrêmophiles) Extremophile; Further reading “extrêmophile” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of …

Extr, Extremophile

37. Which is the first Extremophile to have its genome sequence? Ans


38. The first Extremophile to have its genome sequence was Methanococcus jannaschii, an archaeobacterium which lives near sea level where temperature reaches boiling point of waters and pressure enough to crush an ordinary submarine.

Extremophile, Enough

39. Extremophile (redirected from Extremophiles) Also found in: Medical, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

Extremophile, Extremophiles, Encyclopedia

40. Extremophile - An Adaptive Strategy for Extreme Conditions and Applications Curr Genomics

Extremophile, Extreme

41. Extremophile by Dominic Lash Quartet, released 13 March 2017 1


42. Mixed, Mixed "Lash is a bassist and bandleader of distinction, and this album from his Anglo-Spanish quartet is one of his most impressive projects to date." Stewart Smith (The Quietus) "Extremophile is an adventurous album that …


43. ‘Even right here on Earth, new categories of organisms, collectively called Extremophiles, thrive in conditions inimical to human beings.’

Even, Earth, Extremophiles

44. Extremophile (ĕks-trēm′ŏ-fīl) [L


45. An Extremophile is an organism that lives in conditions that are outside of a normal range


46. Hoover et al discovered them during a previous Extremophile-hunting expedition: full story

Et, Extremophile, Expedition

47. Non Technical Summary Extremophile molds don't just live in strange and faraway places like deserts and the South Pole


48. We don't understand much about how Extremophile fungi affect human and animal health, because standard methods of studying fungi often overlook them.


49. There are so many…Extremophiles include members of all three domains of life, bacteria, archaea, and eukarya

Extremophiles, Eukarya

50. Most Extremophiles are microorganisms (and a high proportion of these are archaea), but this group also includes eukaryotes such as proti

Extremophiles, Eukaryotes

51. Drone image of a person standing on an unusual land mass holding an umbrella, rio tinto river, spain - Extremophile stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Hverageroi is a town and municipality in the south of Iceland, east of Reykjavik on Iceland's main ringroad, Route 1.

Extremophile, East

52. Finally, have students select one or two of those conditions and explore using resources below or others if there is a known Extremophile that lives under similar conditions

Explore, Extremophile

53. Respiring arsenic)? Some Extremophile resources:


54. Extremophile definition: a microbe that lives in an environment once thought to be uninhabitable , for example in Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Extremophile, Environment, Example, Examples

55. So, an Extremophile is an organism that loves an extreme environment or in other words, one in which humans couldn't survive

Extremophile, Extreme, Environment

56. Extremophiles are organisms able to thrive in extreme environmental conditions

Extremophiles, Extreme, Environmental

57. Microorganisms with the ability to survive high doses of radiation are known as radioresistant or radiation-resistant Extremophiles


58. But what can these Extremophiles te


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EXTREMOPHILE [ekˈstreməˌfīl]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does extremophile mean?

Definition of extremophile. : an organism that lives under extreme environmental conditions (as in a hot spring or ice cap)

What is the definition of extremophiles?

Extremophiles are classified according to the conditions under which they grow. Usually, however, environments are a mix of different physiochemical conditions, requiring extremophiles to adapt to multiple physiochemical parameters. Extremophiles found in such conditions are termed “polyextremophiles.”

Is extremophile anthropocentric?

The term extremophile is relatively anthropocentric. We judge habitats based on what would be considered "extreme" for human existence. Many organisms, for example, consider oxygen to be poisonous.

What is an extremephile environment?

Extremophiles are organisms that have evolved to survive in environments once thought to be entirely uninhabitable. These environments are inhospitable, reaching extreme conditions of heat, acidity, pressure, and cold that would be fatal to most other life forms.

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