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1. Extremity definition is - the farthest or most remote part, section, or point


2. How to use Extremity in a sentence.


3. The outermost or farthest point or portion: at the Extremity of the peninsula


4. The outermost or farthest point or portion: at the Extremity of the peninsula


5. The definition of an Extremity is a limb of the body, the outer part of something, or a state of danger


6. An example of an Extremity is a foot.

Example, Extremity

7. Extremity is an somewhat thoughtful horror film as it explores themes of abuse, neglect, overcoming one's fears and past, trauma, and how to use the latter for one's own benefit.

Extremity, Explores

8. Extremity Medical is extremely excited to announce the release of the Axis Plate Charcot Fixation System

Extremity, Extremely, Excited

9. Extremity Care focuses on innovative, in-clinic products and reimbursement solutions


10. Extremity Care strives to offer product technologies that ensure best patient care possible.

Extremity, Ensure

11. The Crossword Solver found 91 answers to the Extremity crossword clue


12. From Concept to Commercialization NExtremity Solutions, Inc

13. Is committed to being a surgeon-driven Extremity musculoskeletal company


14. An Extremity is a limb or appendage of the body, particularly the hands and feet


15. The noun Extremity also means the outermost point or part — the one that's farthest away.


16. The furthest point, especially from the centre: The wood lies on the southern Extremity of the estate. extremities [ plural ] formal the parts of the human body furthest from the heart, for example, the …

Especially, Extremity, Estate, Extremities, Example

17. Extremity Volume 1: Artist Paperback – September 12, 2017 by Daniel Warren Johnson (Author, Artist), Mike Spicer (Artist) 4.8 out of 5 stars 84 ratings


18. Find 75 ways to say Extremity, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Extremity, Example

19. 19 synonyms of Extremity from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms


20. Find another word for Extremity


21. ‘The intensity and Extremity of this expansion of experience is paralleled by the deepening of communion, by which particularity and individuation are shared with others.’ ‘She starts, too, from positions of provoking Extremity… but passes rapidly from violent identification to a blank disbelief in what she has undertaken to say.’

Extremity, Expansion, Experience

22. An Extremity MRI is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the tissues in the arms and legs, including the hands and feet and the joints in these areas

Extremity, Evaluate

23. Extremity definition: The Extremity of something is its furthest end or edge

Extremity, End, Edge

24. Extremity (n.) late 14c., "one of two things at the extreme ends of a scale," from Old French estremite (13c.), from Latin extremitatem (nominative extremitas) "the end of a thing," from extremus "outermost;" see extreme (adj.), the etymological sense of which is better preserved in this word

Extremity, Extreme, Ends, Estremite, Extremitatem, Extremitas, End, Extremus, Etymological

25. The term lower limb or "lower Extremity" is commonly used to describe all of the leg


26. Nonlower Extremity injuries range from saddle burns to nerve compression to lumbar muscle spasm


27. In the northern Extremity of the Fowlsheugh is an offshore skerry named Craiglethy, and slightly further a skerry called Gull Craig


28. The island's eastern Extremity is Todogasaki in Miyako, Iwate, and its western one is Bishanohana in Shimonoseki

Eastern, Extremity

29. Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set: Expert Consult: Online and Print, 6e by Terri M

Extremity, Expert

30. Upper Extremity ischemia is relatively rare compared with the ischemia affecting the lower Extremity


31. Upper Extremity ischemia can be due to a sudden (ie, acute) or gradual (ie, chronic) loss of blood flow


32. DXT-RAD Extremity Dosimeters are disk dosimeters with permanent individual barcodes featuring hot or cold sterilization with fast readout


33. Extremity Trailer Official Movie HD in theatre 17 September 2018.© 2018 - Dark Elegy Films.

Extremity, Elegy

34. Many people refer to the lower Extremity as the leg


35. The proper way to describe the lower limb is the lower Extremity


36. Upper Extremity application was the most common TQ application site (56%), nearly all applied to a single Extremity (99%), and only 0,6% required both upper and lower Extremity applications


37. Extremity injuries can be divided into upper and lower Extremity injuries


38. As for upper Extremity injuries, it is hard to make an estimate of the impact of traumatic injuries to the upper extremities

Extremity, Estimate, Extremities

39. In the workplace, the number of claims for upper Extremity injury has gone up, accounting for more than 30 percent of all work-related injuries.


40. Although less common than lower-Extremity stress fractures, upper-Extremity stress fractures are becoming recognized much more frequently


41. The lower Extremity is the largest donor site in the body for a perforator flap harvest


42. Upper Extremity synonyms, upper Extremity pronunciation, upper Extremity translation, English dictionary definition of upper Extremity

Extremity, English

43. The outermost or farthest point or portion: at the Extremity of the peninsula


44. The greatest or utmost degree: the Extremity


45. Extremity Image Capture is a collection of blogs written about medical image capture & diagnosis of extremities, with an emphasis on cone beam imaging.

Extremity, Extremities, Emphasis

46. Extremity trauma is the second leading cause for amputation, and malignancy accounts for the remainder


47. The indications for lower Extremity amputation, preoperative and postoperative care, complications, and outcomes are reviewed separately.


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EXTREMITY [ikˈstremədē]

extremity (noun) · extremities (plural noun)

  • the furthest point or limit of something.
  • the hands and feet.
Synonyms: limit . end . edge . side . boundary . border . frontier . bound . end point . termination . perimeter . circumference . outside . outline . confine . periphery . outskirts . margin . brink . rim . lip . fringe . verge . threshold . compass . bourn . marge . skirt . ambit . middle . limbs .
  • the extreme degree or nature of something.
  • a condition of extreme adversity or difficulty.
Synonyms: intensity . magnitude . acuteness . ferocity . vehemence . fierceness . violence . severity . seriousness . strength . power . powerfulness . potency . vigor . force . forcefulness . gravity . graveness . grievousness . trouble . difficulty . hardship . adversity . misfortune . distress . crisis . emergency . disaster . catastrophe . calamity . cataclysm . predicament . plight . mess . dilemma . setback . reverse . reversal . destitution . indigence . exigency .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extremity mean?

Definition of extremity. 1a : the farthest or most remote part, section, or point the island's westernmost extremity. b : a limb of the body especially : a human hand or foot. 2a : extreme danger or critical need. b : a moment marked by imminent destruction or death.

What is an example of extremity in a sentence?

Examples of Extremity in a sentence. Who would have ever thought Patrick would go to the extremity of jumping out of an airplane to propose to Michelle? 🔊 The financial extremity could cause us to lose our entire company. 🔊 Because Nick was about to lose his home, he was willing to take the extremity of betting his entire paycheck on a single race. 🔊

What are the body extremities?

The body extremities are external articulated organs which carry out different locomotoive functions. Humans have four extremities, also known as limbs. On the upper side there are the arms and the lower extremities are the two legs. In the following article on what are the extremities...

What is the noun for extremity?

noun extremities 1 The furthest point or limit of something. 'the peninsula's western extremity'

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