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1. In Extremis definition is - in extreme circumstances; especially : at the point of death

Extremis, Extreme, Especially

2. How to use in Extremis in a sentence.


3. In Extremis synonyms, in Extremis pronunciation, in Extremis translation, English dictionary definition of in Extremis

Extremis, English

4. What’s in a name, you ask? Discover the story behind every product in the Extremis collection

Every, Extremis

5. The first of these, the project room of Roberts & Tilton, represents "white cube" enclosure in Extremis

Enclosure, Extremis

6. Documentaries often deal in sadness and Netflix’s new short Extremis is no exception

Extremis, Exception

7. In Extremis definition: If someone or something is in Extremis , they are in a very difficult situation and have Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Extremis, Examples

8. Extremis, a renowned Belgian furniture design group with a collection of products that focus on togetherness and celebrating life outdoors through unique patio furniture, garden furniture, and breakout furniture to help you relax and enjoy the natural spaces around you.

Extremis, Enjoy

9. The creations made by Extremis are “not furniture,” but “tools for togetherness,” that “serve people and increase their quality of life.” Carefully made in Belgium of eco-efficient materials, their collections include lounges, chairs, benches, tables, picnic tables, parasols, space dividers, and unique accents.

Extremis, Eco, Efficient

10. In Extremis definition, in extremity

Extremis, Extremity

11. Extremis Screening Event “Extremis” is a powerful tool for both personal reflection and cultural transformation

Extremis, Event

12. With best seller Steve White, Gannon is the coauthor of Starfire series entries Extremis, Imperative, and Oblivion

Entries, Extremis

13. Extremis is intimate to the point of being almost voyeuristic


14. Where Extremis thrives is in its equanimity.A lot is presented both explicitly and implicitly throughout the documentary: bioethical dilemmas; religion and faith in juxtaposition to science and reason; family

Extremis, Equanimity, Explicitly

15. Extremis stands out internationally with the Gargantua picnic table, which has become a real outdoor design classic over time


16. Extremis (Previously published as The Last Assassin) (A John Rain Novel) - Kindle edition by Eisler, Barry

Extremis, Edition, Eisler

17. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Extremis (Previously published as The Last Assassin) (A John Rain Novel).


18. The founder of the Belgian design company Extremis, Dirk Wynants, asked Rudi Ghequire (Rodenbach's brewmaster) to create Saison Tremist as a house beer.It's brewed at Kazematten Brewery, within the 17th-century fortifications of the city of Ypres.Extremis and Kazematten partner with the St


19. Sticks from Extremis is a space divider is ideal for creating privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces


20. Extremis devised the Sticks space divider in their search for a multiuse screen divider that can be used outdoors, as it is not blown over too quickly by the wind.


21. Not a single one factored in a teammate's betrayal, let alone an unexpected side-effect of mixing Extremis and magic

Effect, Extremis

22. The Last Assassin aka Extremis (The assassin John Rain book series) • by Barry Eisler John Rain aka Jun is a Japanese-American assassin and is now contemplating getting out of the business

Extremis, Eisler

23. Extremis is a serum created by Jacob Burton and Nicole Fury as an atempt to recreate captain america's super serum


24. When Clark Kent toke the Extremis serum, he gained the powers of his kryptonian grandfather; he could fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, has super breath, has x-ray vision, can see from great distances, has super hearing, is invulnerable to everything but kryptonite and negetive

Extremis, Eyes, Everything

25. Extremis was developed by Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen in an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum.Extremis rewrites the operating system of the human body, upgrading strength, speed and durability to the very zenith of human possibility


26. Extremis, written by Steve White & Charles E Gannon, is book 6 in the Starfire series started by David Weber


27. What Extremism is, how Extremist ideologies are constructed, and why Extremism can escalate into violence

Extremism, Extremist, Escalate

28. A rising tide of Extremist movements threaten to destabilize civil societies around the globe


29. It has never been more important to understand Extremism, yet the dictionary definition—a logical starting point in a search for understanding—tells us only that Extremism is “the quality


30. In Extremis by Days Between Stations, released 15 May 2013 1


31. In Extremis Released in 2013, “In Extremis” is the second album by Days Between Stations


32. With a title like ‘In Extremis’ (Latin, In extremity – A term used in reference to the last

Extremis, Extremity

33. Extremis Extremis is a Belgian design furniture company


34. In Extremis definition: If someone or something is in Extremis , they are in a very difficult situation and have Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Extremis, Examples

35. Find 28 ways to say in Extremis, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Extremis, Example

36. The Extremis project involves bioelectric robotics and is intended to be a modern day version of the Super Soldier Serum


37. The Mutandis Extremis is an item from the Witchery mod


38. Mutandis Extremis can also turn Grass Blocks into Mycelium, and underwater Dirt blocks (and the dirt around them) into Clay blocks


39. Mutandis and Mutandis Extremis are the only way to acquire some Witchery …


40. Digital Sheet Music for Extremis - Bb Bass Clarinet by Randall D


41. Standridge scored for Concert Band; id:455444 Publisher ID: B1652 Extremis - Eb Alto Sax 1 $2.99

Extremis, Eb

42. Extremis 2016 TV-PG 24m Documentary Films Witness the wrenching emotions that accompany end-of-life decisions as doctors, patients and families in a hospital ICU face harrowing choices.

Extremis, Emotions, End

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EXTREMIS [ˌin ikˈstrāmis, ˌin ikˈstrēmis]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can extremis be successful?

When the Mandarin attempts to release Extremis on a large scale as part of his plan to 'reshape' the human race, it is revealed that Extremis can only be successful when used on people who possess a rare genetic sequence, found in only 2.5% of the human population.

What does extremism mean?

EXTREMIS. When a person is sick beyond the hope of recovery, and near death, he is said to be in extremism. 2. A will made in this condition, if made without undue influence, by a person of sound mind, is valid. 3.

What is a box in extremis?

This object led a sort of " in extremis " existence in a wooden box placed against the starboard mooring-bitts, tended and nursed with the greatest sympathy and care by all the children, who greatly enjoyed pulling long faces and moving with hushed footsteps.

What does in extremis mean?

Definition of in extremis : in extreme circumstances especially : at the point of death : at the point of death : in a very difficult situation : at the point of death

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