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See also: Extremes Extremist Extremism Extremistan Extreme Extremis Extremely Extraordinary Extraneous Extract Extravagant Extricate Extremity Extrovert Extra Extrinsic Extravagance Extravaganza Extroverted Extradite Extraterrestrial Extrapolate Extricated Extron

1. The highest or furthest degree (often in the phrases in the extreme, go to Extremes) 7

Extreme, Extremes

2. (often plural) either of the two limits or ends of a scale or range of possibilities: Extremes of temperature

Either, Ends, Extremes

3. Between these two Extremes the Federal Reserve note, a new form of currency, has been introduced


4. READINGS IN MONEY AND BANKING CHESTER ARTHUR PHILLIPS And the words, hitherto un-united, which are thus cemented together, are called Extremes


5. Extremes publishes original research on all aspects of statistical extreme value theory and its applications in science, engineering, economics, and other fields

Extremes, Extreme, Engineering, Economics

6. When setting the proportion equation a/b = c/d, the a and the d figures are the Extremes

Equation, Extremes

7. All of these locations are Earth-wide Extremes; Extremes of individual continents or countries are listed in separate articles under the Extreme

Earth, Extremes, Extreme

8. Some Extremes can be in error, usually blatantly and obviously so (ie

Extremes, Error

9. Extremes have the same effect; they insulate us from the intensity of life

Extremes, Effect

10. And Extremes--whether of dullness or fury--successfully prevent feeling


11. Extremes is a show about people who’ve lived through extraordinary situations

Extremes, Extraordinary

12. Everything is at Extremes: The market, certainly; real life, not much semblance of reality, and perhaps approaching an extreme, but I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet! I was at my local grocery store the other night maskless, of course, getting a few odds and ends.

Everything, Extremes, Extreme, Ends

13. Extremes is the third studio album released by American country music artist Collin Raye


14. As with Raye's first two albums, Extremes received platinum certification in the United States for sales of …


15. With the way Phil keeps bossing us around, he's really taking his title of "interim manager" to Extremes


16. Performed by Sandbox PercussionIan Rosenbaum, Jonny Allen, Terry Sweeney, Victor CacceseVic Firth Mallets: M134 - M140ABOUT THE PIECE:Extremes was composed b


17. The means-Extremes property of proportions allows you to cross multiply, taking the product of the means and setting them equal to the product of the Extremes

Extremes, Equal

18. Extremes has been added to your Cart Add a gift receipt for easy returns

Extremes, Easy

19. Go to Extremes (to do something) to be excessive in one's efforts to do something

Extremes, Excessive, Efforts

20. Auntie Jane will go to Extremes to make us all comfortable



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 · Carhartt Yukon Extremes gear is engineered for ultimate performance in the coldest conditions

Extremes, Engineered

22. • He attacks any type of religious performance which leads to Extremes


23. • Here is the stuff of revivalism, holiness movements, tight church membership requirements and, taken to Extremes, exclusive cults

Extremes, Exclusive

24. • Anything can be taken to Extremes


25. • Painting in ripstop nylon has been taken to Extremes


26. Extremes definition: wide variations Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Extremes, Examples

27. Ship Simulator Extremes is the latest game in the acclaimed Ship Simulator series


28. Extremes Some of the most interesting scientific and societal questions related to climate change have to do with how extreme events will change

Extremes, Extreme, Events

29. Extremes in climate bring hot dry weather to the Western United States and hurricanes and drenching rains to the eastern United States

Extremes, Eastern

30. Plants in landscapes may or may not be adapted to these Extremes


31. Synonyms for Extremes in Free Thesaurus


32. Daily normals and records for the month of january for baltimore md daily temp normals and Extremes greatest precip for calendar day dy nmx nmn npcp ns rmx /year lomx/year rmn /year himn/year mxpcp year mxsn year 01 42 25 0.09 0.2 67 /2005 17 /1918 -6 /1881 50 /1876 2.77 1948 4.3 1947 02 42 25 0.10 0.1 71 /1876 13 /1918 0 /1968 46 /1930 2.42 1925 7.9 1925 03 42 25 0.09 0.1 68 /2000


33. COVID update: Extremes Sports Grill & Pizzeria has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options


34. 106 reviews of Extremes Sports Grill & Pizzeria "This sports bar is a great spot in Bellingham


35. The Extremes are impulsive creatures who causes silliness and are emotional

Extremes, Emotional

36. Daily normals and records for the month of january for dulles airport daily temp normals and Extremes greatest precip for calendar day dy nmx nmn npcp ns rmx /year lomx/year rmn /year himn/year mxpcp year mxsn year 01 43 24 0.08 0.2 68 /2005 23 /2018 -6 /1968 50 /1966 1.73 2003 6.9 1971 02 43 24 0.08 0.1 67 /2000 24 /1968 -7 /1968 44 /1966 1.40 1979 3.0 2014+ 03 42 24 0.07 0.2 68


37. Watch here as Billy and his band perform 'I Go To Extremes' off his 1


38. Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes is a clearly written, historically informed, and utterly necessary book for our troubled times."—William A


39. The second single from the 1989 hit album Storm Front, “I Go to Extremes” peaked at the number six position on the Billboard Hot 100, and at #70 on the UK chart.The song was also a top ten hit


40. But evidence is mounting that climate Extremes such as droughts or storms can l …

Evidence, Extremes

41. Definition of Extremes in the dictionary


42. Information and translations of Extremes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


43. Climate Extremes Index (CEI) was developed to quantify observed changes in climate within the contiguous United States


44. Weather Extremes are declining, but it is not too challenging to spin this into increase with skillful manipulation of the uncertainties involved, taking advantage of population and economic growth to show increasing human and economic toll even with no increase in extreme events

Extremes, Economic, Even, Extreme, Events

45. The Extremes is like certain types of food: it seems nourishing at first but soon betrays itself as empty calories

Extremes, Empty

46. At the opposite end of precipitation Extremes, drought also poses risks to public health and safety

End, Extremes

47. One of the most visible and serious effects of global warming is the changes in temperature-related Extremes, including increases in severe heat waves and decreases in cold surges (Hartmann et al 2013).In the past decades, warm Extremes have become more frequent and more intense while cold Extremes less frequent and less cold (Donat et al 2013a, Dunn et al 2014, 2020).

Effects, Extremes, Et

48. That collection concentrates not on Extremes but on notation that breaks the supposed rules, e.g., two clefs simultaneously active on the same staff, time-signature changes in the middle of a measure


49. However, the dividing line between Extremes and rule-breaking is


50. This issue includes a special section on The EVA 2019 Data Competition on spatio-temporal prediction of Red Sea surface temperature Extremes

Eva, Extremes

51. The 'Crisis, Extremes and Apocalypse' research network is delighted to launch its new collaboration with the New Books Network


52. Political Extremes now dominate Nevada politics


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EXTREMES [ikˈstrēm]


  • either of two abstract things that are as different from each other as possible.
  • the highest or most extreme degree of something.
Synonyms: opposite . antithesis . contrary . antipode . medium . limit . extremity . maximum . height . high . low . ceiling . top . zenith . pinnacle . peak . apex . climax . ultimate . optimum . acme . epitome . minimum .
  • the subject or predicate in a proposition, or the major or minor term in a syllogism (as contrasted with the middle term).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extremes mean?

1. The greatest or utmost degree or point. 2. Either of the two things situated at opposite ends of a range: the extremes of boiling and freezing. 3. An extreme condition. 4. An immoderate, drastic expedient: resorted to extremes in the emergency. 5. Mathematics a. The first or last term of a ratio or a series. b.

What is the definition of extreme?

Definition of extreme (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : something situated at or marking one end or the other of a range extremes of heat and cold. b : the first term or the last term of a mathematical proportion. c : the major term or minor term of a syllogism. 2a : a very pronounced or excessive degree.

What does exorbitant and Extreme Mean?

The words exorbitant and extreme are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, exorbitant implies a departure from accepted standards regarding amount or degree.

What does excessively mean?

excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extravagant, exorbitant, extreme mean going beyond a normal limit. excessive implies an amount or degree too great to be reasonable or acceptable.

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