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1. Vasopressin should arguably be avoided for peripheral administration, because if it Extravasates there is no vasodilatory agent which can counteract its action


2. When doxorubin Extravasates, for example, the manufacturer recommends applications of cool packs to the swollen area

Extravasates, Example

3. Initial management is similar among vesicant Extravasates.


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6. When a catheter Extravasates in the neck, edema of the neck wall or chest is usually seen, and the pump indicates occlusion.

Extravasates, Edema

7. Synonyms for Extravasates include ejects, gushes, expels, spews, vents, discharges, belches, disgorges, eructs and hurls

Extravasates, Ejects, Expels, Eructs

8. An antineoplastic Extravasates and the antidote is administered


9. It can be intracapsular, when confined by the surrounding fibrous capsule, or extracapsular, when silicone freely Extravasates.

Extracapsular, Extravasates

10. Extravasate (plural Extravasates) That which is outside a vessel (especially blood or other bodily fluids) Verb

Extravasate, Extravasates, Especially

11. Extravasate (third-person singular simple present Extravasates, present participle extravasating, simple past and past participle extravasated) To flow (or be forced) from a vessel; Related terms

Extravasate, Extravasates, Extravasating, Extravasated

12. Inspection with diligence of IV sites during calcium infusion therapy may identify an IV infiltration before a significant amount of the solution Extravasates


13. As far as correcting hypoalbuminemia with it, that is not a consideration when giving it for hypotension, because, in the end, it just Extravasates anyway

End, Extravasates

14. In both interstitial and necrotizing pancreatitis fluid commonly Extravasates from the pancreas and collects in the space surrounding it


15. It occurs when there is internal bleeding that is localized and Extravasates


16. Contrast Extravasates above the UG Diaphragm: Type 3: Disruption of the membranous urethra: Contrast Extravasates into and below the UG Diaphragm: Type 4: Disruption involving the bladder neck: Repaired surgically because internal sphincter maintains continence: Type 4a: Bladder base rupture not involving bladder neck: Can be managed


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Extravasates, Ending

19. 11 letter Words made out of Extravasates


20. However, several authors assert that pain experienced by the patient at the time a vesicant Extravasates is an indication for immediate surgery.2, 7, 12

Experienced, Extravasates

21. Which adverse effects are observed when a vesicant agent Extravasates during chemotherapy? Select all that apply

Effects, Extravasates

22. Portal inflammation may also be accompanied with bile Extravasates, granulomas, purulent exudate, destruction of bile ducts, ductular reaction, fibrosis and may extravasate into the periportal liver parenchyma thus disrucpting the periportal limiting plate of hepatocytes

Extravasates, Exudate, Extravasate

23. Treatment necessary only if large amount of conc soln Extravasates


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EXTRAVASATES [ikˈstravəˌsāt]


  • (of a fluid, especially blood) flow out from the vessel that naturally contains it into the surrounding area.
Synonyms: ooze . trickle . exude . drip . dribble . flow . issue . discharge . excrete . escape . leak . drain . bleed . sweat . well . leach . filter . percolate . permeate . soak . filtrate . transude . exudate .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extravasated mean?

medical Definition of extravasate. extravasated; extravasating. transitive verb. : to force out or cause to escape from a proper vessel or channel. extravasated blood.

What does the name extravasate mean?

Synonym (s): extravasate (2) Medtalk The seepage of fluid–eg, plasma, from a mucocutaneous surface, from underlying capillaries. The act of extravasating. The escape of fluid from its physiologic contained space, e.g., bile, blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), into the surrounding tissue. See: illustration Synonym: suffusion

What does extravasation mean in medical dictionary?

EXTRAVASATION: Massive release of fluid into the tissues of the lower lips of a patient with angiodema The escape of fluid from its physiologic contained space, e.g., bile, blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), into the surrounding tissue. See: illustration Synonym: suffusion Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners

What does Extrav mean?

verb (used with object), ex·trav·a·sat·ed, ex·trav·a·sat·ing. Pathology. to force out from the proper vessels, as blood, especially so as to diffuse through the surrounding tissues. Geology. to pour forth, as lava, from a subterranean source in a molten state. verb (used without object), ex·trav·a·sat·ed, ex·trav·a·sat·ing.

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