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1. Extravagance definition is - an instance of excess or prodigality; specifically : an excessive outlay of money

Extravagance, Excess, Excessive

2. How to use Extravagance in a sentence.


3. An instance of this: That sports car is an inexcusable Extravagance. unrestrained or fantastic excess, as of actions or opinions.

Extravagance, Excess

4. The quality of being extravagant: the Extravagance of the furnishings; the Extravagance of his rhetoric

Extravagant, Extravagance

5. / ɪkˈstræv·ə·ɡəns / the practice of spending more money than is necessary or reasonable, or something that is expensive and not necessary: [ C ] In those days, a second car seemed like a needless Extravagance. (Definition of Extravagance

Expensive, Extravagance

6. Extravagance: 1 n the quality of exceeding the appropriate limits of decorum or probability or truth “we were surprised by the Extravagance of his description” Synonyms: extravagancy Type of: excess , excessiveness , inordinateness immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits n the trait of spending

Extravagance, Exceeding, Extravagancy, Excess, Excessiveness

7. Extravagance: the quality or fact of being free or wasteful in the expenditure of money

Extravagance, Expenditure

8. This Extravagance of the women towards each other is peculiar to France, or at least I have never seen it elsewhere

Extravagance, Each, Elsewhere

9. Extravagance is the spending of more money than is reasonable or than you can afford.gross mismanagement and financial Extravagance. When the company went under, tales of his Extravagance surged through the industry


10. Synonyms: overspending, squandering, profusion, profligacy More Synonyms of Extravagance


11. Henry’s address, short as it had been, had more thoroughly opened her eyes to the Extravagance of her late fancies than all their

Eyes, Extravagance

12. Extravagance is a 1930 pre-Code American film directed by Phil Rosen and released by Tiffany Pictures.


13. Extravagance, an American film; Extravagance, an American lost film; Extravagance, an American silent film directed by Phil Rosen; Extravagance, a 1930 American romantic drama directed by Phil Rosen; See also


14. Tryphé, Extravagance in Roman antiquity


15. The '20s ended in an era of Extravagance, sort of like the one we're in now

Ended, Era, Extravagance

16. Synonyms for Extravagance in Free Thesaurus


17. 59 synonyms for Extravagance: overspending, squandering, profusion, profligacy, wastefulness


18. Extravagance is the spending of more money than is reasonable or than you can afford


19. When the company went under, tales of his Extravagance surged through the industry


20. Synonyms: overspending, squandering, profusion, profligacy More Synonyms of Extravagance 2


21. Quoting from the blurb on its back cover, Extravagance is a novel of "financial mania" and is set in two time periods - London in the 1690's and New York in the 1990's.


22. Extravagance (n.) 1640s, "an extravagant act," from French Extravagance, from Late Latin extravagantem (see extravagant)

Extravagance, Extravagant, Extravagantem

23. “Consumption can be a remedy against boredom and may convey a sense of fictitious power and supremacy, by standing out from the crowd through the Extravagance of the expenditure

Extravagance, Expenditure

24. Definition and synonyms of Extravagance from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Extravagance, English, Education

25. This is the British English definition of Extravagance.View American English definition of Extravagance.

English, Extravagance

26. What does Extravagance mean? The quality of being extravagant

Extravagance, Extravagant

27. (noun) The Extravagance of the furnishings; the Extravagance of his rhetoric.


28. We found 12 answers for “Extravagance


29. This page shows answers to the clue Extravagance, followed by 7 definitions like “Excessive spending”, “A wandering beyond proper limits” and “An extravagant action, notion, etc”.Synonyms for Extravagance are for example carelessness, decadence and dissolution.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

Extravagance, Excessive, Extravagant, Etc, Example

30. Extravagance tells the story of William Merrick through two time periods and two countries, London at the beginning of the stock market and New Economy and New York City near the end of the 90s tech bubble

Extravagance, Economy, End

31. ‘And Extravagance and waste prevailing on campus has seldom, if at all, been addressed as a pressing issue.’ ‘‘The problems of formalism, bureaucracy, dishonesty, Extravagance and waste are relatively severe,’ he told the legislature session.’


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33. Find 38 ways to say Extravagance, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Extravagance, Example

34. The decision comes a few months after the Ministry of the Royal Household called on institutions across Morocco to commemorate the Throne Day without undue Extravagance on July 30.July 30 marked 20 years since the start of King Mohammed VI's reign.The King was born on August 21, 1963 and will celebrate his 56th birthday this month.


35. Extravagance [in] your princely Extravagance - English Only forum But it were absurd to pause in the detail of my Extravagance

Extravagance, English

36. - English Only forum Extravagance was the more facile - English Only forum He would lie in fun, and with Extravagance

English, Extravagance

37. - English Only forum in an Extravagance of flourishes - English Only forum

English, Extravagance

38. See 4 authoritative translations of Extravagance in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Extravagance, Example

39. Extravagance Hotel, Sighisoara – Rezervujte si so zárukou najlepšej ceny! 367 hodnotení a 24 fotografií na

Extravagance, Ej

40. The Extravagance and general profligacy which he scrupled not to lay at Mr


41. (Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen) I did every wild Extravagance that could be done, and was a long way beyond the end of my wits when Miss Mills came into the room.

Every, Extravagance, End

42. The Extravagance of Strauss’s music Word Origin mid 17th cent.: from French, from medieval Latin extravagant- ‘diverging greatly’, from the verb extravagari , from Latin extra- ‘outside’ + vagari ‘wander’.

Extravagance, Extravagant, Extravagari, Extra

43. 7 Bible Verses about Extravagance


44. Definition of Extravagance in the dictionary


45. What does Extravagance mean? Information and translations of Extravagance in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


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50. Synonyms for Extravagance (other words and phrases for Extravagance)


51. 1246 Extravagance essay examples from best writing service

Extravagance, Essay, Examples, Eliteessaywriters

52. Get more argumentative, persuasive Extravagance essay samples and other research papers after sing up

Extravagance, Essay

53. Experience the practicality and Extravagance of a wooden watch.: Essayez le confort et l' Extravagance d'une montre en bois

Experience, Extravagance, Essayez, Et, En

54. There is no need for Extravagance.: Il n'y a pas besoin d' Extravagance


55. She feared that her sister would reproach her for Extravagance.: Elle craignit que sa soeur ne lui reprochât sa prodigalité.: They stay for the street entertainment, the Extravagance, the bodegas.

Extravagance, Elle, Entertainment

56. A Small Extravagance is a family owned and operated jewelry repair service


57. Extravagance, San Miguel, Lima, Peru


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EXTRAVAGANCE [ikˈstravəɡəns]

extravagance (noun) · extravagances (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does extravagance mean?

Definition of extravagance. 1a : an instance of excess or prodigality specifically : an excessive outlay of money. b : something extravagant a new car is an extravagance we can't afford. 2 : the quality or fact of being extravagant the extravagance of the decorations.

Is extravagance a noun?

extravagance. noun. /ɪkˈstrævəɡəns/. /ɪkˈstrævəɡəns/. jump to other results. [uncountable] the act or habit of spending more money than you can afford or than is necessary. Such extravagance is shameful when there are people starving in the world. the sheer extravagance of buying such expensive clothes.

What is the adjective for extravagance?

adjective spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: an extravagant shopper. excessively high: extravagant expenses; extravagant prices. exceeding the bounds of reason, as actions, demands, opinions, or passions.

What is the plural of extravagance?

The noun extravagance can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be extravagance. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be extravagances e.g. in reference to various types of extravagances or a collection of extravagances.

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