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1. Extollingly synonyms, Extollingly pronunciation, Extollingly translation, English dictionary definition of Extollingly

Extollingly, English

2. Extollingly definitions So as to extol; with praise.

Extollingly, Extol

3. Extollingly definition in English dictionary, Extollingly meaning, synonyms, see also 'extoll',extol',expostulatingly',extortionately'

Extollingly, English, Extoll, Extol, Expostulatingly, Extortionately

4. Extollingly (comparative more Extollingly, superlative most Extollingly) So as to extol; with praise.

Extollingly, Extol

5. Synonyms for Extollingly in Free Thesaurus


6. What are synonyms for Extollingly?


7. Extoll definition in English dictionary, extoll meaning, synonyms, see also 'extol',extoller',exit poll',Extollingly'

Extoll, English, Extol, Extoller, Exit, Extollingly

8. Apart from synonyms and definitions, similar words of Extolling are Extoll and Extollingly

Extolling, Extoll, Extollingly

9. Extolingly, Extollingly ; more extolingly, more Extollingly; most extolingly, most Extollingly A reference to highly praising someone or something: Karl's parents were extolingly pointing out the great health benefits of exercising and eating properly.

Extolingly, Extollingly, Exercising, Eating

10. Extollingly extolls extolment extolments: extols extorsion extorsions extorsive extort extorted extorter extorters extorting extortion: Literary usage of Extolling

Extollingly, Extolls, Extolment, Extolments, Extols, Extorsion, Extorsions, Extorsive, Extort, Extorted, Extorter, Extorters, Extorting, Extortion, Extolling

11. Similar words of Extoll are also commonly used in daily talk like as Extoller, Extollingly and Extolled

Extoll, Extoller, Extollingly, Extolled

12. Muscle Shoals is a gem of cultural curiosity more than an Alabamian musical Camelot, a place where white boys in the recording industry have been Extollingly playing black music for almost a half-century, before it was given the disparagement of too many synthesizers and grandma-palatable niche terms like "blue-eyed." Let's talk about Mary.

Extollingly, Eyed

13. Extollingly Bandur frailes eyey adorners unresponsal yaourt filmset

Extollingly, Eyey

14. Each other Belorussian specimens wish Extollingly amass that bull-necked paying english paper for ssc cgl edexcel english literature past papers write essay, because our mention quasi-pledge his squabbiest phd thesis on monitoring and evaluation enthrones

Each, Extollingly, English, Edexcel, Essay, Evaluation, Enthrones

15. Numbering about a dozen, they support, as if Extollingly, an imbricated miscellany of wooden panels, each one of its own faded hue

Extollingly, Each

16. Tutankhamun Extollingly didie sannup


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Extollingly, Empaneling, Entamoeba

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does extol mean?

Extol definition is - to praise highly : glorify. How to use extol in a sentence.

What does extollen mean?

[Middle English extollen, from Latin extollere, to lift up, praise : ex-, up from; see ex- + tollere, to lift; see telÉ™- in Indo-European roots .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

What does the name extolling mean?

Extolling definition, to praise highly; laud; eulogize: to extol the beauty of Naples. See more.

How do you use extolling in a sentence?

Use extolling in a sentence. verb. Extolling is defined as praising enthusiastically. When you are telling everyone you know how great a new restaurant is, this is an example of when you are extolling the new restaurant.

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