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extents (plural noun)

  - the area covered by something.


area, size, expanse, length, stretch, range, scope, compass, proportions, dimensions,

"Extent" in Example Sentences

1. The study of telephone economics showed that the proper basis for charging was the " message-mile," on the theory that the user should pay according to the facilities offered and the extent to which he made use of them.
2. - The extent of the Port of London has been variously defined for different purposes, but for those of the Port Authority it is taken to extend from Teddington Lock to a line between Yantlet Creek in Kent and the City Stone opposite Canvey Isle and in Essex.
3. How do you use extent in a sentence. College students, readers, and readers might especially benefit from this page. The lines of text below use extent in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for extent.
4. This is a beautiful world of enlightened aristos, the kind of people who know not only wine but Italian art and, to a great extent, themselves. Happily this situation can be helped to a great extent by the use of grids called egg crates, which prevent the light from spreading too broadly.: The Geatish Society, of which Geijer was a member, popularised this myth to a great extent.
5. 240+5 sentence examples: 1. This will relieve pressure on the trains to some extent. 2. I agree with you to some extent. 3. Both parties were held to be to some extent culpable. 4. We all to some extent remember the good times and forget the bad. 5.
6. How to use extent in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word extent? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The structure of the corona changes when the micelles interact. In particular, the extent to which the coronal layers contract or interdigitate upon an increase in.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "to some extent" in a sentence His opinion is right to some extent. Studies have found that one third of Americans aged 18 to 29 years old believe, to some extent, that horoscopes and the stars influence and predict events in their lives.
8. To what extent definition is - how far : how much. How to use to what extent in a sentence.
9. 8. No former philosopher had ever carried the use of technical terms to the same extent as Hegel. 🔊 9. Mr. Hicks dignified the "grub-wagon" to such an extent that it was a treat to look at him. 🔊 10. The problem is to some extent the same as confronts the student of the ideas and principles of primitive races. 🔊 11.
10. How To Use 'To The extent That'? Forums Vocabulary & Idioms 0 72,615 + 0. To the extent that I think about politics at all, I tend to support the Democrats." In other words, I almost never think about politics, but on the rare occasion that I do, I agree with the Democrtats. My interest is low, and my support for the Democrats is
11. Use extent in a sentence. noun. extent is defined as how far something goes or extends. An example of extent is the amount of damage done by a flood. Middle English extente assessment on land from Anglo-Norman from feminine past participle of extendre to extend from Latin: 2. 14.
12. extent definition: extent is defined as how far something goes or extends. (noun) An example of extent is the amount of damage done by a flood.
13. English words and Examples of Usage use "to a large extent " in a sentence Business is, to a large extent, improving. I agree with your interpretation to a large extent. [O] Russia is to a large extent unknown, except in its northern borders.
14. To a large extent in a sentence - Use "to a large extent" in a sentence 1. To a large extent, minority businesses are victims of their own success. 2. To a large extent now, the speeches are for a domestic audience. click for more sentences of to a large extent
15. How can you use the word extent in a sentence? Tiffany didn't quite understand the extent of the damage she had done. The adverb heavily can mean to a great extent, not necessarily like an actual

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