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1. Explorative definition is - exploratory

Explorative, Exploratory

2. Recent Examples on the Web Your Explorative energy continues to rise throughout the day

Examples, Explorative, Energy

3. 2020 Pisces is represented by the fish, and when lucky Jupiter illuminates your Explorative ninth house, you’ll definitely be inspired to set sail


4. Explorative synonyms, Explorative pronunciation, Explorative translation, English dictionary definition of Explorative

Explorative, English

5. Explorative - serving in or intended for exploration or discovery; "an exploratory operation"; "exploratory reconnaissance"; "digging an exploratory

Explorative, Exploration, Exploratory

6. Definition of Explorative in the dictionary


7. What does Explorative mean? Information and translations of Explorative in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


8. Dictionary entry overview: What does Explorative mean? • Explorative (adjective) The adjective Explorative has 1 sense:

Entry, Explorative

9. Serving in or intended for exploration or discovery Familiarity information: Explorative used as an adjective is very rare.

Exploration, Explorative

10. Synonyms for Explorative include exploratory, experimental, fact-finding, investigative, probing, tentative, trial, analytic, searching and investigational

Explorative, Exploratory, Experimental

11. Explorative How many syllables? 4 Syllables How it's divided? ex-plor-a-tive

Explorative, Ex

12. Die Explorative Studie ist eine Variante der Forschungsarbeit

Explorative, Eine

13. Synonyms for Explorative in Free Thesaurus


14. 1 synonym for Explorative: exploratory

Explorative, Exploratory

15. What are synonyms for Explorative?


16. ‘Through Explorative activity and dialogue, we expect to generate prototype projects and ideas for future art/tech collaborations.’ ‘As mentioned in the introduction, this study was an Explorative one which was aimed at generating data to assist in the design of new Web technologies.’

Explorative, Expect

17. Nitazoxanide against COVID-19 in three Explorative scenarios J Infect Dev Ctries


18. As adjectives the difference between exploratory and Explorative is that exploratory is serving to explore or investigate while Explorative is exploratory

Exploratory, Explorative, Explore

19. Explorative: 1 adj serving in or intended for exploration or discovery Synonyms: exploratory alpha early testing stage of a software or hardware product beta preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product preliminary denoting an action or event preceding or in preparation for something more important; designed to orient or

Explorative, Exploration, Exploratory, Early, Event

20. School of Explorative Architecture, SEA, Cape Town South Africa, A different perspective on Architectural research, education and practice

Explorative, Education

21. ‘Through Explorative activity and dialogue, we expect to generate prototype projects and ideas for future art/tech collaborations.’ ‘As mentioned in the introduction, this study was an Explorative one which was aimed at generating data to assist in the design of new Web technologies.’

Explorative, Expect

22. Explorative definition: serving in or intended for exploration or discovery synonyms: searching, beta, wildcat, alpha, preliminary, exploratory antonyms

Explorative, Exploration, Exploratory

23. Our results indicate that Explorative and exploitative IT capabilities are complementory in moderating the link between collaborative planning and firm performance but substitutive in moderating the relationship between information sharing and firm performance

Explorative, Exploitative

24. Lightfish Games is raising funds for Farsight - 5E Evolved Explorative Sci-Fi RPG on Kickstarter! A science fiction roleplaying game on exploration and conflict, based on 5E Evolved, a Sci-Fi ruleset developed starting from 5E!

Evolved, Explorative, Exploration

25. Explorative research focuses on the “how” and the “why” questions (Fouché & De Vos, 2005:106)


26. Antonyms for Explorative include concluding, additional, definitive, extra, secondary, casual, cursory, perfunctory, sketchy and superficial

Explorative, Extra

27. To assess adjustment to life with an ostomy and quality of life (QOL) 1 year after ostomy surgery, a prospective, Explorative study was conducted among patients of a stoma clinic at a university hospital in Sweden


28. An Explorative study of the current practice and attitude towards the management of chronic periodontitis by general dental practitioners in the West Midlands


29. The central question in Explorative BPM is how BPM can support the exploration of innovation opportunities in order to create new value propositions for organizations (Grisold, Gross, Röglinger, Stelzl, & vom Brocke, 2019)

Explorative, Exploration

30. This ambition sets Explorative BPM apart from the majority of methods, techniques and tools that are developed in the


31. In this work, we propose an Explorative facial super-resolution framework, DeepSEE, for Deep disentangled Semantic Explorative Extreme super-resolution

Explorative, Extreme

32. To the best of our knowledge, DeepSEE is the first method to leverage semantic maps for Explorative super-resolution.




34. An Explorative study on money laundering of cybercrime proceeds using bitcoin


35. This research is an Explorative case study to obtain information about the


36. We examined whether Explorative saccade training (EST), compared with flicker-stimulation training (FT), would selectively improve saccadic behavior on the patients’ blind side and benefit performance on natural exploratory tasks

Examined, Explorative, Est, Exploratory

37. Firms may invest in cloud computing for exploitative or Explorative innovation

Exploitative, Explorative

38. Exploitative innovation oriented cloud computing investments impact the firms' core business limitedly while the investments for Explorative innovation bring the firms both more opportunities and risks such as complex integration with multiple participants.

Exploitative, Explorative

39. Diese Explorative Studie enthält Daten, die erweitert werden müssen, um der Design-Community mehr Informationen über die Bedeutung der Farbe bei der Gestaltung von Innenräumen zu vermitteln.: This exploratory study has provide data that needs broadening in order to provide the design community with more information about the relationship of color and meaning in the design of interior spaces.

Explorative, Enth, Erweitert, Exploratory

40. Explorative As er et rådgivningsfirma og koordinator som tilbyr tjenester innen vertskap, salg, markedsføring og

Explorative, Er, Et

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EXPLORATIVE [ikˈsplôrədiv]


Synonyms: explore .

explore (verb) · explores (third person present) · explored (past tense) · explored (past participle) · exploring (present participle)

  • travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.
  • search for resources such as mineral deposits.
Synonyms: tour . traverse . survey . inspect . investigate . scout . reconnoiter . search . prospect .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adjective for explorative?

• EXPLORATIVE (adjective) The adjective EXPLORATIVE has 1 sense: 1. serving in or intended for exploration or discovery. Familiarity information: EXPLORATIVE used as an adjective is very rare.

What does exploratory mean?

exploratory, explorative(adj) serving in or intended for exploration or discovery. "an exploratory operation"; "exploratory reconnaissance"; "digging an exploratory well in the Gulf of Mexico"; "exploratory talks between diplomats".

What is the difference between scripted and exploratory?

Replicated experiment has shown that while scripted and exploratory testing result in similar defect detection effectiveness (the total number of defects found) exploratory results in higher efficiency (the number of defects per time unit) as no effort is spent on pre-designing the test cases.

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