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1. Explicative definition is - serving to explicate; specifically : serving to explain logically what is contained in the subject

Explicative, Explicate, Explain

2. How to use Explicative in a sentence.


3. Explicative definition, explanatory; interpretive

Explicative, Explanatory

4. 11 synonyms of Explicative from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 5 related words, definitions, and antonyms


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6. Explicative: serving to explain.

Explicative, Explain

7. Explicative (Adjective) Explanatory; serving to explain logically or in detail. The witness was Explicative in explaining to the police what he saw.

Explicative, Explanatory, Explain, Explaining

8. The Explicative myths, arising from utility, from the necessity of knowing. ESSAY ON THE CREATIVE IMAGINATION TH.

Explicative, Essay

9. The word " Explicative " stems from the word "explicate", which means to analyze and develop (an idea) in detail, and you were using it correctly. An " expletive " is an oath or swear word and has a lovely etymology - it comes from the Latin for "to fill out", as it just fills out a sentence, withouty adding to its meaning.

Explicative, Explicate, Expletive, Etymology

10. Related words are explicates, explicated, explicating, explication, Explicative, explicator, explicatory.

Explicates, Explicated, Explicating, Explication, Explicative, Explicator, Explicatory

11. Explanatory; serving to explain logically or in detail. The witness was Explicative in explaining to the police what he saw.

Explanatory, Explain, Explicative, Explaining

12. ‘Certainly you could show that ‘trailer moment’ of the bus blowing up without putting it in such overly Explicative story context.’ ‘Mr Phase performs in front of a screen of projected black and white static, along with the occasional caption and Explicative comment.’


13. Explicative (comparative more Explicative, superlative most Explicative) Explanatory; serving to explain logically or in detail. The witness was Explicative in telling the police what he saw.

Explicative, Explanatory, Explain

14. Explicative - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Explicative, English

15. Explicative (adj.) 1640s, "having the function of explaining," from Latin explicativus, from explicat-, past participle stem of explicare "unfold; explain," from ex "out" (see ex-) + plicare "to fold" (from PIE root *plek- "to plait")

Explicative, Explaining, Explicativus, Explicat, Explicare, Explain, Ex

16. The former may be called Explicative, the latter augmentative judgements; because the former add in the predicate nothing to the conception of the subject, but only analyse it into its constituent conceptions, which were thought already in the subject, although in a confused manner; the latter add to our conceptions of the subject a predicate which was not contained in it, and which no


17. Explicative \Ex"pli*ca*tive\, a

Explicative, Ex

18. The Explicative variables are gender, age (11-16 or over16), nationality (Spanish or foreign), type of school (privately or state owned), location of the school (peripheral, multicultural, rural or urban), educational level (1st-2nd Compulsory Secondary School or 3rd-4th Compulsory Secondary School) and performance (low or high according to their academic results).

Explicative, Educational

19. Voici une capsule Explicative contenant les articles partitifs en français.

Explicative, En

20. Explicative discourse "'focuses on the very means of reaching understanding the means of ( linguistic ) expression

Explicative, Expression

21. "Ex cathedra " refers to the Explicative authority, notably the extremely rarely used procedure required for a papal declaration to be'Canon law.

Ex, Explicative, Extremely

22. Cherchez Explicative et beaucoup d’autres mots dans le dictionnaire de synonymes français de Reverso

Explicative, Et

23. Vous pouvez compléter les synonymes de Explicative proposés par le dictionnaire de synonymes français Reverso en consultant d’autres dictionnaires spécialisés dans les synonymes de mots français : Wikipedia, Trésor de la langue française, Lexilogos, dictionnaire Larousse

Explicative, En

24. Explicative: explanatory, serving to interpret: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

Explicative, Explanatory

25. The Explicative myths, arising from utility, from the necessity of knowing


26. The word "explication" is a noun referring to the outcome of that process: the Explicative work itself

Explication, Explicative

27. The cover couldn ' t be more Explicative! is this the door to life and joy or isn ' t it more true that it ' s the door to hell and its torments 這張唱片的封面不能再極端了!這是通向生活和享受的大門嗎?或者它不也是更真實的通往地獄和苦痛的大門


28. An Explicative essay for a poem provides a short analysis of the poem's meaning, focusing also on how the language and structure of the poem provide a relationship between the topic and theme

Explicative, Essay

29. Because the essay writer proposes a specific interpretation of a poem, the Explicative essay is a position paper.

Essay, Explicative

30. Explicative - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Explicative and much more


31. The word Explicative uses 11 letters: a, c, e, e, i, i, l, p, t, v, x


32. Explicative is playable in: Words With Friends 29


33. Actuellement j'ai déposé mon dossier de changement de statut d'étudiant à salarié, et la préfecture me demande de lui fournir une lettre Explicative des raisons de mon abandon des études en 2010/2011.

Et, Explicative, En

34. La note Explicative détaillée n'est établie qu'une [] fois par an, à une date fixée par la BCE, et contient les informations prévues à l'annexe II, troisième partie, de la présente orientation.

Explicative, Est, Et

35. English English; Explicative, elucidative, illustrative, descriptive: explanatory: accuracy, conformity, descriptive accuracy: truth: affix a label to, affix a tag or sticker to; call, name, give a nickname to; classify, attach a chemical label to, attach a label to, brand, descriptive word or phrase, heraldic design, identifier for part of a computer program, informative item attach

English, Explicative, Elucidative, Explanatory

36. Explicative Cases of Controversial Issues in Neurosurgery


37. Definitions of Explicative, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Explicative, analogical dictionary of Explicative (English)

Explicative, English

38. Dissertation Explicative Le Horla We will not Dissertation Explicative Le Horla breach university or college academic integrity policies


39. Dissertation Explicative l'adversaire for master thesis gis pdf


40. The romance novel picked up the l'adversaire Explicative dissertation linseed oil


41. Dissertation Explicative definition for dissertation topics in construction quantity surveying malaysia


42. 19 critically synthesize source materials to create dissertation Explicative definition strong writing


43. Tout type de lettre Explicative, de motivation et de recommandation.

Explicative, Et

44. Tout type de lettre Explicative, de motivation et de recommandation.

Explicative, Et

45. Perhaps a company based in systems of ships and principale Explicative dissertation ide procedures


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EXPLICATIVE [ˈekspləˌkādiv, ˌekˈsplikədiv]


Synonyms: explicate .

explicate (verb) · explicates (third person present) · explicated (past tense) · explicated (past participle) · explicating (present participle)

  • analyze and develop (an idea or principle) in detail.
  • analyze (a literary work) in order to reveal its meaning.
Synonyms: explain . clarify . spell out . interpret . elucidate . expound . develop . work out . illuminate . unfold . untangle . clear up . criticize . appraise . obscure . clarify . elucidate . explain . reveal . clear up . spell out . expound . rationalize . conceal . confuse .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does explicative mean?

Definition of explicative. : serving to explicate; specifically. : serving to explain logically what is contained in the subject. an explicative proposition.

What is a stipulative definition?

A stipulative definition imparts a meaning to the defined term, and involves no commitment that the assigned meaning agrees with prior uses (if any) of the term. Stipulative definitions are epistemologically special. They yield judgments with epistemological characteristics that are puzzling elsewhere.

What is the synonym for explicate?

Choose the Right Synonym for explicate. explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, interpret mean to make something clear or understandable. explain implies a making plain or intelligible what is not immediately obvious or entirely known.

What does expletive mean in English?

expletive 1 (Linguistics) an exclamation or swearword; an oath or a sound expressing an emotional reaction rather than any... 2 (Linguistics) any syllable, word, or phrase conveying no independent meaning, esp one inserted in a line of verse for... More ...

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