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"Experimentals" in Example Sentences

1. experimentals Example sentences How can you use “experimentalists” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: In the '70s, blues rock (a modern white version of the blues) transformed itself into heavy metal , typified by Led Zeppelin . Singer/songwriters like James Taylor recorded easy-listening
2. How can you use Conducted in a sentence? In a famous research study conducted between 1927 and 1932 at an electricalequipment manufacturing plant experimentals meadured the influence of a
3. (1) BeFree: a text mining system for the extraction of biomedical information from the literature. Àlex Bravo Serrano. TESI DOCTORAL UPF / 2016 DIRECTOR DE LA TESI. Dra. Laura I. Furlong DEPARTAMENT DE CIÈNCIES experimentals I DE LA SALUT. (2) ii. (3)
4. Tons of snake oils exist so best to stick to proven things minox,fin,dut. experimentals like RU could work too. I wouldnt bother with supplements except for health reasons Safe and Finasteride should not be in a sentence together. Reply With Quote. 06-07-2015 08 To me that combined with it being in real world use for about 30 years now
5. The 2 cards on the back of the Onager probably link to the special firing arc, I'd assume they cost 0, and take a unique upgrade slot (like experimentals, something like 'Experimental weapons system') and would determine how you can use it, the one with two thinner blue lasers would allow for 2 shots, and the red 'Bombardment' with the thick
6. I use a reference section for two purposes 1) to links to other sites that cover the subject and 2) sites that have further information covering the subject. Splitting all of the mass-produced designs into one article and the one-offs and experimentals into the second is also reasonable. SDY 00:20, 16 July 2008 (UTC)
7. THERE WERE NO experimentals AT THE FIELD - UNDER CONSTRUCTION OR OTHERWISE!!!! Shoreham is an airfield serving a local area with a population of perhaps 500,000 in one of the wealthier areas of the country. I am no expert on flying in the UK since I couldn't afford it whilst I lived there but GA is fee based and I believe that fees are levied

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