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1. Exemplars offers rich performance tasks for assessment & instruction in math, science & writing


2. Exemplars in Global Health uses standardized methods to pinpoint countries that outperformed peers in key health outcomes, beyond what would be expected from their economic growth

Exemplars, Expected, Economic

3. Exemplars may be of practical benefit to students in assisting them to complete forthcoming items of assessment


4. Publishing Underhill, Vermont Commerx Commerx Information Technology and Services Mississauga, ON Exemplars India Exemplars India


5. To complete the required number of Exemplars (1 or 2)


6. Exemplars in Global Health is a coalition of experts, funders, and collaborators around the globe, supported by Gates Ventures and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who share the belief that rigorously understanding global health successes can help drive better resource allocation, policy, and implementation decisions.

Exemplars, Experts

7. Exemplars' Academy, Inc., Pasig


8. A Searchable Guide to a Sustainable Future Welcome to Exemplars, a living library of what is hopeful, fascinating, and ultimately sustainable


9. The point and purpose of Exemplars is to put in the hands of social investors, activists, students, citizens and communities the tools to build an alternative to exploitation and dystopia

Exemplars, Exploitation

10. (Exemplars to include Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Education, Abilities & Life Experiences) Human Development Hospitalized Patient – Adult/Pedi

Exemplars, Education, Experiences

11. NU112 Intro to Nursing Success CONCEPT: NURSING Exemplars Communication Interpersonal communication, Communicating expectations, Introduction to Concept Based Curriculum Assessment Self- assessment- learning/study needs Clinical Decision Making Understanding the Nursing Process and how to use in curriculum Interventions Self- interventions for self- health and wellness to include self

Exemplars, Expectations

12. Lesson Exemplars All Grade Levels and Subjects


13. The use of multiple Exemplars is an important element of any educational programme and is not limited to an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) intervention.

Exemplars, Element, Educational

14. The Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars Printout of 1/21/2013 page


15. Exemplars should be written by the chapter member, the nominator, or collaboratively by individuals who can attest to the validity of the contribution


16. Exemplars in Global Health is an international research collaboration for doing just that


17. Working with partners, we have researched Exemplars in several topic areas like stunting and child mortality reduction and created a web platform where our content is curated and kept current.


18. Synonyms for Exemplars in Free Thesaurus


19. The Exemplars in Global Health platform was created to help decision-makers around the world quickly learn how countries have solved major health and human capital challenges


20. Exemplars in Global Health 2,372 followers on LinkedIn We provide evidence-based insights from positive outliers to help decision-makers achieve large-scale success

Exemplars, Evidence

21. Ers or Exemplars has been largely ignored in the literature and in the classroom

Ers, Exemplars

22. Everyday moral Exemplars must meet the standard of high character

Everyday, Exemplars

23. Read Exemplars & Annotations, pages 25-55


24. Writing Exemplars Page 1 of 3 Adapted from: Presentation Notes: Nurse Action Days (2006) Christine M


25. The Exemplars later appeared before the Avengers and kidnapped Juggernaut


26. (Avengers III#25) - The Exemplars were present at the stone plaza created by Stonecutter, preparing for the execution of the traitor Juggernaut, and for the gigantic battle between the Exemplars

Exemplars, Execution

27. The Exemplars is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and origin, though it is known to have been raised at some time after the Second Founding


28. 1 Chapter Appearance 1.1 Chapter Colours 1.2 Chapter Badge 2 Sources The Exemplars primarily wear dark blue Power Armour


29. Concept Definition Exemplars Caring Intervention Caring interventions are actions performed by the nurse while meeting the physical and emotional needs of clients and families (Taylor et al., 2019)

Exemplars, Emotional, Et

30. Below are Extended Essay Exemplars in some of the most common subjects submitted to IB offered at MHS

Extended, Essay, Exemplars

31. DNP Capstone Projects: Exemplars of Excellence in Practice 1st Edition by Barbara A

Exemplars, Excellence, Edition

32. Here are the Exemplars for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade persuasive essay writing workshop

Exemplars, Essay

33. Despite the diverse approaches in the use of Exemplars, this review highlighted that students value Exemplars as a teaching tool


34. This is the second bundle of math Exemplars to support Second Grade Common Core


35. Exemplars are models of completed assignments that provide students with a concrete representation of what the project requires


36. Teachers can create their own Exemplars or feature student work


37. Exemplars can be used to model the desired format and organization of a project, show the end result of a long-term assignment, and as a source of

Exemplars, End

38. Transformational Leadership (TL) - These Exemplars demonstrate that the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), nurse leaders and clinical nurses are involved in strategic planning, advocacy and decision-making


39. Here are the Lesson Exemplars for WEEK 1 in the 1st Quarter of SY 2020-2021


40. These lesson Exemplars are available for you to download for FREE.


41. Exemplars are the stars of your team who produce the best and most results while requiring little direction or supervision from you


42. These pages of Exemplars of prayers composed for use with Anglican Rosaries together with the pages of anecdotal experiences of making and using Anglican Prayer Beads are the primary inspiration for this blog on the Anglican Rosary.

Exemplars, Experiences

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EXEMPLARS [iɡˈzemplər, iɡˈzemplär]


  • a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.
Synonyms: epitome . model . paragon . ideal . type . exemplification . embodiment . essence . quintessence . paradigm . archetype . prototype . pattern . blueprint . standard . criterion . benchmark . yardstick . byword . avatar .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does exemplars mean?

Definition of exemplar : one that serves as a model or example: such as : an admired person or thing that is considered an example that deserves to be copied : a typical example

What is the definition of exemplar?

Definition of exemplar. : one that serves as a model or example: such as. a : an ideal model. b : a typical or standard specimen an exemplar of medieval architecture. c : a copy of a book or writing. d : idea sense 4c.

What does the name exemplar mean?

Exemplar definition, a model or pattern to be copied or imitated: Washington is the exemplar of patriotic virtue. See more.

What is the difference between models and exemplars?

Exemplars and model answers are similar. Exemplars are usually samples of past work completed by former students who have undertaken work of a specified quality. Model answers are usually specific examples of a 'perfect' answer as constructed by the educator.

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