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Where does the word excoriate come from in English?

Example Sentences Learn More About excoriate Did you know? Excoriate, which first appeared in English in the 15th century, comes from "excoriatus," the past participle of the Late Latin verb excoriare, meaning "to strip off the hide."

Is the word Flay a synonym for excoriate?

The word flay can be used as a synonym for both the figurative and literal sense of excoriate. In a medical context, excoriate means to scratch, scrape, or otherwise cause skin to be rubbed off or removed. The act or an instance of excoriating is excoriation.

What is the pathognomonic sign of an excoriate?

‘The pathognomonic sign is the burrow - a short, wavy, grey line that is often missed if the skin is eczematised, excoriated, or impetiginised.’ ‘The habit of excoriating the acne may go on for decades.’ 2 formal Criticize (someone) severely.

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