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Frequently Asked Questions

What does excommunicate mean?

excommunicate(Noun) A person so excluded. excommunicate(Verb) To officially exclude someone from membership of a church or religious community. excommunicate(Verb) To exclude from any other group; to banish.

Does excommunication make any sense?

Being Troubled By Excommunication Makes Sense. The vast majority of excommunications happen for pretty ugly behaviors. These tend not to be advertised. And they don't generate much outrage or troubled feelings. The "high profile" excommunications, on the other hand, are people who first appeared in public because they were criticizing the church.

What does excommunicated means?

Excommunicate(adj) excommunicated; interdicted from the rites of the church. Excommunicate(noun) one excommunicated. Excommunicate(verb) to put out of communion; especially, to cut off, or shut out, from communion with the church, by an ecclesiastical sentence.

What is excommunication definition?

Definition of excommunication 1 : an ecclesiastical censure depriving a person of the rights of church membership 2 : exclusion from fellowship in a group or community

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