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See also: Exceeds Exceptional Exceptionally Exceedingly Excellent Excerpt Excelsior Excessive Excellence Excessively Excelled Excepting Excepted Excellently Excepto Excepts Exceptions Exceptionalism

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7. If something Exceeds a particular amount or number, it is greater or larger than that amount or number.


8. Exceed: 1 v be or do something to a greater degree “This Exceeds all my expectations” Synonyms: outdo , outgo , outmatch , outperform , outstrip , surmount , surpass Types: show 20 types hide 20 types beat , circumvent , outfox , outsmart , outwit , overreach beat through cleverness and wit outgrow grow faster than outcry , outshout

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9. Blanchard's accomplishments on the 32 goals as "meets," "Exceeds" or "below" expectations

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10. Town administrator evaluated; Selectmen pleased with performance Contribute to Roth IRAs: Under the IRA rules, taxpayers whose adjusted gross income (AGI) Exceeds certain levels ($160,000 for joint fliers and $105,000 if single) cannot contribute to a

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11. Nevada Exceeds 1 million coronavirus vaccine dose milestone


12. This is America: Black excellence is an ancestral declaration that Exceeds hashtags

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13. Georgia Tech capital campaign far Exceeds goal


14. AT&T Exceeds $3 Billion Spending Commitment for Black-Owned Businesses


15. Avellino Exceeds 1 Million COVID-19 Tests in 2020 and Welcomes New Executive Team Hires In 2021

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16. Orlando FEMA site Exceeds capacity on second day, DOD says


17. Fletcher Building Exceeds own forecast, half-year operating profit up 47% 16 Feb, 2021 07:40 PM 4 minutes to read Fletcher Building chief executive Ross Taylor.

Exceeds, Executive

18. ViacomCBS gains bear at BMO as rally Exceeds price target


19. Nexa Meets 2020 Production, Exceeds Sales Guidance and Provides 2020 Operational Results and 2021-2023 Guidance


20. Xtrackers’ MSCI USA ESG ETF Exceeds $3 Billion in Assets

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21. This is a guide to Matlab Index Exceeds Matrix Dimensions


22. Here we discuss the introduction to Matlab Index Exceeds Matrix Dimensions along with the examples respectively

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23. WATCH NOW: Damage to vandalized gravestones and memorials at Hollywood Cemetery Exceeds $200,000 Ali Rockett Mar 15, 2021 Mar 15, 2021; 155 {{featured_button_text}} 1 of 10


24. 2 days ago · Cuomo reports New York vaccination rate Exceeds 25% Robert J


25. Honda believes its development efforts mean its 2021 Formula 1 engine Exceeds Mercedes’ 2020 performance level, boosting Red Bull’s hopes it can mount a championship challenge

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EXCEEDS [ikˈsēd]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does exceed means in math?

"To exceed" means "to be larger than or greater than." So the problem says that (1/7)x is larger than (1/11)x -- not, as your equation suggests, that they are equal. Before seeing how this plays out for your specific question, which involves proportions, let's first consider how to handle an excess of a specific number.

Is exceeded an adjective?

exceeded In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives. Some of these examples may show the adjective use. Not only is professional knowledge exceeded in this case, but also practical and social understanding.

What does 'exceed' mean here?

Exceed definition, to go beyond in quantity, degree, rate, etc.: to exceed the speed limit. See more.

What does not exceeding mean?

Definition of Not to Exceed. Not to Exceed means authorized users cannot pay more than the dollar value listed on the centralized contract, but can always receive a lower price than the not-to-exceed price.

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