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1. Exceed definition is - to be greater than or superior to


2. How to use Exceed in a sentence


3. Exceed by Money Network ® is more than just a way to receive your pay


4. Some common synonyms of Exceed are excel, outdo, outstrip, surpass, and transcend

Exceed, Excel

5. While all these words mean "to go or be beyond a stated or implied limit, measure, or degree," Exceed implies going beyond a limit set by authority or established by custom or by prior achievement

Exceed, Established

6. See also synonyms for: Exceeding


7. At Exceed, our success is a reflection of our employees’ dedication and commitment to provide quality services to our customers

Exceed, Employees

8. Exceed offers competitive pay and benefits packages


9. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates Exceed's commitment to exceptional, personalized care.

Exceed, Exceptional

10. Exceed is the world’s largest independent well management company, delivering transformational results to the global oil and gas industry.


11. To confirm details please contact Exceed Campers directly.


12. Exceed definition, to go beyond in quantity, degree, rate, etc.: to Exceed the speed limit

Exceed, Etc

13. Exceed-RC 1/10 2.4Ghz Short Course Monster Nitro Gas Powered RTR Off Road 4WD Truck Stripe Red


14. 2.4Ghz Brushless Version Exceed RC Drift Star Electric Powered RTR Remote Control Drift Racing Car 350 Orange Style.

Exceed, Electric

15. As the highest performing PC X server on the market, Exceed allows business users to access to UNIX and Linux-based X Window applications from the comfort of their Windows desktop


16. To be greater than a number or amount, or to go past an allowed limit: The final cost should not Exceed $5,000


17. The success of our campaign has Exceeded our wildest expectations

Exceeded, Expectations

18. She was found guilty on three charges of Exceeding


19. (tr) to go beyond the limit or bounds of: to Exceed one's income; Exceed a speed limit.


20. What does Exceed mean? To Exceed is defined as to go beyond an expectation or to be or do more than expected

Exceed, Expectation, Expected

21. (verb) An example of Exceed is wh

Example, Exceed

22. Exceed [sb] 's expectations vtr + npl (be better than expected) dépasser les attentes de [qqn] loc v locution verbale : groupe de mots fonctionnant comme un verbe.

Exceed, Expectations, Expected

23. Synonyms for Exceed in Free Thesaurus


24. 62 synonyms for Exceed: surpass, better, pass, eclipse, beat, cap, top, be over, be more than, overtake

Exceed, Eclipse

25. Norcom Exceed Hard Cover Ruled Book/Notebook, 120 sheets (black) 3.2 out of 5 stars 4


26. Exceed includes innovative features that accelerate performance, simplify system administration, and optimize personal computing


27. Ex‧ceed /ɪkˈsiːd/ verb [ transitive] 1 to be more than a particular number or amount Working hours must not Exceed 42 hours a week

Ex, Exceed

28. Individuals with assets Exceeding £500,000 2 to go beyond an official or legal limit Pesticide levels must not Exceed the limit set by the EU

Exceeding, Exceed, Eu

29. → See Verb table Origin Exceed (1300-1400) Old French exceder, from Latin excedere, from cedere “to go”

Exceed, Exceder, Excedere

30. Exceed was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2001

Exceed, Established, Emirates

31. OpenText Exceed ™ is a Windows remote access solution for graphically demanding Linux and UNIX software solutions, such as CAD and CAM


32. Exceed integrates Windows desktop with UNIX, Linux, VMS, X Window System …


33. Exceeds synonyms, Exceeds pronunciation, Exceeds translation, English dictionary definition of Exceeds

Exceeds, English

34. To go beyond the bounds: Exceed the speed limit; outdo; beat Not to be confused with: accede – assent or yield; give consent; agree: accede to the terms of


35. Compound Forms/Forme composte: Inglese: Italiano: Exceed expectations, Exceed [sb] 's expectations vtr + npl (be better than expected) superare le aspettative di vtr verbo transitivo o transitivo pronominale: Verbo che richiede un complemento oggetto: "Lava la mela prima di mangiarla" - "Non mi aspettavo un successo così grande": The boss knew Nina was good at her job, but her latest project

Exceed, Expectations, Expected

36. Exceed RC Spare Parts for Helicopter


37. The Mini-Exceed Workshop introduces faculty members of all disciplines to the Exceed Teaching Model


38. 24 faculty members can be accommodated at the Mini-Exceed Workshop with two master teachers giving the seminars


39. The Mini-Exceed Workshop is a …


40. Exceed definition: If something Exceeds a particular amount or number, it is greater or larger than that Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Exceed, Exceeds, Examples

41. Exceed definition: be greater in scope or size than some standard synonyms: overgrow, transcend, surpass antonyms: enliven, validate, continue, conform to

Exceed, Enliven

42. Exceed Game is a 3d videogame ispired by Wipeout and based on OpenGL


43. Exceed expectations definition: Your expectations are your strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen or that you Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Exceed, Expectations, Examples

44. In verbs like surpass, Exceed, etc., the subject intuitively has more agent-like properties, and the object more patient-like properties

Exceed, Etc

45. Exceed, LLC, a small disadvantaged business of Lanham, Maryland, protests the issuance of a task order to Insight Technology Solutions, Inc., a small business of Bowie, Maryland, under request for quotations (RFQ) No


46. Exceed X atomizer with 1.8ml of e-juice contains a childproof filling system making the filling more efficient and secure

Exceed, Efficient

47. Portability With its compact size, you can bring the Exceed X everywhere with you.

Exceed, Everywhere

48. The Exceed mobile app is based on 17 years of learning technology experience and has been built from the ground up for YOU, the learner

Exceed, Experience

49. Introducing MENTOR, Exceed's virtual assistant who helps identify and suggest learning activities based on your interests and learning history


50. Antonyms for Exceed include fail, lose, subceed, surrender, be inferior, fall behind, fall short, give up, help and aid


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EXCEED [ikˈsēd]

exceed (verb) · exceeds (third person present) · exceeded (past tense) · exceeded (past participle) · exceeding (present participle)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does exceed means in math?

"To exceed" means "to be larger than or greater than." So the problem says that (1/7)x is larger than (1/11)x -- not, as your equation suggests, that they are equal. Before seeing how this plays out for your specific question, which involves proportions, let's first consider how to handle an excess of a specific number.

What does 'exceed' mean here?

Exceed definition, to go beyond in quantity, degree, rate, etc.: to exceed the speed limit. See more.

What is the sentence for exceed?

Exceed in a sentence. 1. The cost will not exceed $50. 2. Never exceed the recommended dose of painkillers. 3. Working hours must not exceed 42 hours a week. 4. The final cost should not exceed $ 5,000.

What does exceed someones expectations mean?

Exceeding expectations is a foundational attitude and something that you have to pursue daily. Exceeding expectations is a proactive effort that is always looking for a way to express itself.

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