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1. Exalt definition is - to raise in rank, power, or character


2. How to use Exalt in a sentence.


3. To raise in rank, character, or status; elevate: Exalted the shepherd to the rank of grand vizier

Elevate, Exalted

4. Exalt definition, to raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality, etc.; elevate: He was Exalted to the position of president

Exalt, Etc, Elevate, Exalted

5. 22 synonyms of Exalt from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 38 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Exalt: to assign a high status or value to.


7. Exalt is a full service print and marketing company powered by client-driven solutions


8. Our extensive experience in the print industry, combined with our technology and marketing expertise, makes Exalt the perfect partner for your organization

Extensive, Experience, Expertise, Exalt

9. The EX-i series from Exalt are an all-indoor radio installation operating in the 2.4, 4.9, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.8 GHz bands

Ex, Exalt

10. Rafelina Contreras is pleased to join Exalt as a Program Coordinator


11. Prior to joining Exalt, Rafelina was a Case Manager for the Aegis Domestic Violence Program at an emergency crisis shelter

Exalt, Emergency

12. Exalt TM Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope We raised the standard of care for ERCP procedures with the world's first single-use, sterile duodenoscope

Exalt, Ercp

13. The Exalt Model D was designed to be lightweight, consistent, and high performing


14. Exalt catalyzes a transformation in the way our participants THINK, which is a necessary precursor to substantive and long term behavior change.


15. At Exalt, we believe that young people have the potential to achieve lasting behavioral change.Through an intensive 6-Week Immersion Program and an 8-Week Paid Internship, we elevate expectations for court-involved youth ages 15-19 and act as a

Exalt, Elevate, Expectations

16. When you Exalt him put forth all your strength, and be not weary: for you can never go far enough

Exalt, Enough

17. THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION VARIOUS Upon the dark mountain lift ye up a banner, Exalt the voice, lift up the hand, and let the rulers go into the gates


18. To Exalt is defined as to praise the virtues of someone or to raise that person into a position of greater authority or power


19. An example of Exalt is when you go on and on about how good someone is and then you give him a promotion.

Example, Exalt

20. The Exalt Model D Duodenoscope is the world’s first single-use duodenoscope on the market and was granted a Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA


21. LG Exalt LTE is Verizon's first 4G LTE basic phone


22. The Crossword Solver found 77 answers to the Exalt crossword clue


23. Exalt They sent him countless letters and postcards, some of which called him a ' living saviour ' or celebrated his ' Exalted and godlike benevolence ' (p

Exalt, Exalted

24. Exalt eg-zolt' (rum, gabhah (mappiq he), nasa'; hupsoo): The Hebrew word most often translated "Exalt," "Exalted," is rum; "to lift up," "to be or become high."

Exalt, Eg, Exalted

25. Exalt (third-person singular simple present Exalts, present participle Exalting, simple past and past participle Exalted) To honor; to hold in high esteem

Exalt, Exalts, Exalting, Exalted, Esteem

26. The man was Exalted from a humble carpenter to a minister.


27. To Exalt is to raise in rank, to glorify, or to increase the effect or intensity of

Exalt, Effect

28. In all its definitions, Exalt is transitive, meaning it takes a direct object (i.e., you can’t just Exalt, period; you have to Exalt someone or something).The word’s past participle, Exalted, is often used to mean elevated in rank or lofty.

Exalt, Exalted, Elevated

29. Exalt is a gameplay mechanic in The Elder Scrolls: Legends added with the Houses of Morrowind expansion

Exalt, Elder, Expansion

30. Exalt Helped us Save Big! “Exalt Resources helped us save over $40,000 when we switched from a PEO


31. Exalt LTE unfolds to reveal a spacious, colorful 3.0-inch screen, one of the biggest available in any flip phone


32. To the end that none of all the trees by the waters Exalt themselves for their height, neither shoot up their top among the thick boughs, neither their trees stand up in their height, all that drink water: for they are all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit.

End, Exalt, Earth

33. LG Exalt Flip the Simple Switch Picture a phone you don’t have to work for, but that works just for you


34. LG’s Exalt is easy to use and even easier to love.

Exalt, Easy, Even, Easier

35. Exalt is a luxurious, neck firming, cream-gel treatment that helps to lift and tighten the skin around the neck and décolletage


36. Exalt is a luscious neck & décolletage gel designed to tackle the test of time


37. We Exalt effortless brilliance, we celebrate talent and the achievement that comes easily, naturally

Exalt, Effortless, Easily

38. It is designed to Exalt Christ and glorify him in the minds and hearts of men and women, boys and girls


39. We economists emphasize efficiency over equity, glorify greed, and Exalt the achievements of free markets, to name just a few.

Economists, Emphasize, Efficiency, Equity, Exalt

40. Examples of Exalt in a sentence

Examples, Exalt

41. In church, we Exalt our god in prayer


42. 🔊 The controlling husband wanted his wife to ignore everyone else so she could Exalt him

Everyone, Else, Exalt

43. 🔊 Because the cult leader wants his followers to Exalt his words, he preaches his path is the only way to heaven


44. 🔊 For a fee, most celebrities will Exalt a …


45. Exalt is committed to innovating industrial machinery and equipment, accumulating more than 50 years of experience, and continuously researching and developing in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering of the Industrial Research Institute, especially optical film manufacturing equipment, calendering production lines

Exalt, Equipment, Experience, Engineering, Especially

46. Exalt or Exaltation may refer to:

Exalt, Exaltation

47. Exaltation (astrology), a characteristic of a planet in astrology Exaltation (Mormonism), a belief in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Exaltation of Christ or "Session of Christ", a Christian doctrine; Exaltation of the Cross or "Feast of the Cross", an Orthodox Christian holiday; Exaltation, in Freemasonry, the initiation ritual into the Holy


48. Exaltar Edward was a benevolent king who sought to Exalt the poor

Exaltar, Edward, Exalt

49. Edward fue un rey benévolo que buscó Exaltar a los pobres.

Edward, Exaltar

50. To Exalt someone or something means to praise them very highly.


51. Ben form Exalt Digital responded to my enquiry very promptly and gave me a very reasonable quote

Exalt, Enquiry

52. He is an absolute genius with CSS, was very patient, easy to work with and helpful… and most importantly he got the project over line, on time! Exalt Digital is definitely my …

Easy, Exalt

53. Exalt somebody (to something) to make somebody rise to a higher rank or position, sometimes to one that they do not deserve His son was Exalted to a high position in …

Exalt, Exalted

54. Exalt Meaning: "to give off vapor, flow out," from Old French Exalter (10c.), from Latin Exaltare "raise, elevate,"… See definitions of Exalt.

Exalt, Exalter, Exaltare, Elevate

55. Eg-zolt' (rum, gabhah (mappiq he), nasa'; hupsoo): The Hebrew word most often translated "Exalt," "Exalted," is rum; "to lift up," "to be or become high."

Eg, Exalt, Exalted

56. Exalt: 1 v praise, glorify, or honor Synonyms: extol , glorify , laud , proclaim Types: show 4 types hide 4 types canonise , canonize treat as a sacred person ensky Exalt to the skies; lift to the skies or to heaven with praise crack up rhapsodize about hymn praise by singing a hymn Type of: praise express approval of v raise in rank,

Exalt, Extol, Ensky, Express

57. KaPre® Exalt Polyelectrolyte Solution KaPre® Exalt is a safe and effective tool to un-lock soil-bound nutrients, improve Nutrient Use Efficiency and balance soil micronutrients

Exalt, Effective, Efficiency

58. The Exalt Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope is intended for use on a single patient, therefore removing the potential risks associated with ineffective reprocessing.


59. Exalt is widely recognized for developing the first carrier-class TDD radios and was one of the first and still one of only a few manufacturers offering both native TDM …


60. ‘The poets Exalt you with their hymns - you whose undertakings are ever successful.’ ‘We Exalt effortless brilliance, we celebrate talent and the achievement that comes easily, naturally.’ ‘In both the ruling and opposition camps, there are people who tirelessly Exalt political unification and economic integration.’

Exalt, Ever, Effortless, Easily, Economic

61. Exalt - when only the best is good enough

Exalt, Enough

62. The LG - Exalt VN220 8GB - Silver (Verizon) is a great phone if you don't want/need a smart phone


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