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1. Evade definition is - to slip away


2. Evade definition, to escape from by trickery or cleverness: to Evade one's pursuers

Evade, Escape

3. Evade dodge, fence, prevaricate; to escape from or get around by trickery: She tried to Evade the rules

Evade, Escape

4. [Evade usually has a negative connotation


5. How does the verb Evade contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of Evade are avoid, elude, escape, eschew, and shun

Evade, Elude, Escape, Eschew

6. While all these words mean "to get away or keep away from something," Evade implies adroitness, ingenuity, or lack of scruple in escaping or avoiding. Evaded the question by changing the subject

Evade, Escaping, Evaded

7. Evade is defined as to be deceitful to get around or escape from

Evade, Escape

8. An example of Evade is to hide from the police.

Example, Evade

9. Evade enemies, save friends, upgrade stats & abilities, and unlock new heroes! Multiplayer cooperative roguelike webgame.

Evade, Enemies

10. Evade Tournament Results - Show Prize as (Local • USD • Euros)Date Team Size Pl Prize Event Roster

Evade, Euros, Event

11. Evade 4FL Evade 4FL is a selective pre-emergent herbicide developed for season-long control of broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds in established turf, ornamentals and Christmas tree farms. Evade 4FL provides the most cost-effective control of over 30 weeds including crabgrass, poa annua and goosegrass in today's market.

Evade, Emergent, Established, Effective

12. Evade is a combat stat of that influences a defending unit's probability of successfully avoiding a weapon-, magic-, or staff-based hit


13. Elegant, intelligent and utilitarian…Evade is the new standard in luxury handcrafted SUVs

Elegant, Evade

14. Evade’s unarmored new body style, design and aesthetic includes new headlights and taillights sleekly wrapping around the sides of the vehicle, narrower fender flares, a redesigned grille, hood scoop, the addition of a third tandem sunroof and a wider backdoor to


15. To avoid or escape from someone or something: The police have assured the public that the escaped prisoners will not Evade recapture for long

Escape, Escaped, Evade

16. She leaned forward to kiss him but he Evaded her by …


17. My name's Evade and here I like to focus on everything Destiny! Here you will see Destiny Guides, Lore, Entertainment and more! Also like to cover other games from time to time! Hope you enjoy the

Evade, Everything, Entertainment, Enjoy

18. Evade is a time-competitive, addictive, arcade styled game.See how long you can help Splodge Evade the other monsters for: [HOW TO PLAY]Drag Splodge


19. Evade vs. Invade Here is an interesting article that will tell you the difference between Evade and invade, so that whenever you are confused whether someone is invading your privacy or you are evading their attention, you can read this article and get rid of your confusions!

Evade, Evading

20. Evade 2.2 has been updated with expanded video and data capabilities to make a more generic and powerful tool applicable to exposure types beyond dust

Evade, Expanded, Exposure

21. Evade Games Play evasion games at

Evade, Evasion

22. Definition of Evade in the dictionary


23. What does Evade mean? Information and translations of Evade in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


24. Evade is a fast paced bullet hell shooter focused on dodging attack patterns made of hundreds, even thousands of bullets

Evade, Even

25. As verbs the difference between Evade and dodge is that Evade is to get away from by artifice; to avoid by dexterity, subterfuge, address, or ingenuity; to elude; to escape from cleverly; as, to Evade a blow, a pursuer, a punishment; to Evade the force of an argument while dodge is to avoid by moving suddenly out of

Evade, Elude, Escape

26. Verb If you Evade something, you find a way of not doing something that you really ought to do


27. By his own admission, he Evaded taxes as a Florida real-estate speculator.

Evaded, Estate

28. ‘Liberals who Evade such an easily recognized truth of human nature are living in a delusional world, and it is because of their delusions that we are now in the mess we are in.’ ‘There was a duty to fight which could not be Evaded or delegated.’

Evade, Easily, Evaded

29. The verb Evade comes from Latin roots ex ("away) and vadere ("to walk"), meaning literally "to walk away or to escape." Definitely what you want to do with creepy ex-boyfriends.

Evade, Ex, Escape

30. On the other hand, “Evade” is to escape from something illegal or immoral

Evade, Escape

31.Evade” also connotes the illegal or immoral intent of the subject


32. If you’re wondering how to dodge & Evade


33. Escape & Evade® Tactical and Military Survival Kits by Survival Metrics have been used worldwide in every operational theater

Escape, Evade, Every

34. Evade is one of three basic Abilities Dante will know from the start of the game


35. Just as the name implies, this is a simple dodge or Evade maneuver


36. Warburton, to Evade Voltaire's criticism, put a strained and paraphrastic interpretation upon Pope's lines


37. It is an actual, a positive law, as impossible to Evade as the law of gravitation


38. But what could Evade the lynx-eyed vigilance of the duenna of old? What fry could Evade

Evade, Eyed

39. The released criminal always tries to Evade the police


40. They Evade paying taxes by living abroad


41. If you try to Evade paying your taxes you risk going to prison


42. Evade at its surface seems like another drop in the bucket when it comes to indy horror, but if you pick up the small story beats you will be captivated


43. Evade (doing) something to escape from somebody/something or avoid meeting somebody

Evade, Escape

44. For two weeks they Evaded the press


45. He managed to Evade capture.; They narrowly Evaded a police car which was approaching.

Evade, Evaded

46. Definition and synonyms of Evade from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Evade, English, Education

47. This is the British English definition of Evade.View American English definition of Evade.

English, Evade

48. We found 8 answers for “Evade


49. This page shows answers to the clue Evade, followed by 6 definitions like “To attempt to escape”, “To escape; to slip away” and “Sometimes with from”.Synonyms for Evade are for example avoid, be cautious and beat about the bush.More synonyms can be …

Evade, Escape, Example

50. From Longman Business Dictionary Evade e‧vade / ɪˈveɪd / verb [transitive] TAX LAW to not do something that you should do according to the law, for example not paying tax He was charged with evading $12.6 million of taxes

Evade, Example, Evading

51. Evade is an exclusive eco friendly clothing brand sourced from the finest natural bamboo fiber

Evade, Exclusive, Eco

52. Evade - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Evade, English

53. See 4 authoritative translations of Evade in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Evade, Example

54. The new Evade was dreamt of, conceived, and born in the Win Tunnel


55. 1 day ago · Lawmakers introduce a bill to prevent Sacklers from using bankruptcy ‘loophole’ to Evade liability


56. Evade is an NPC-exclusive avoidance mechanic

Evade, Exclusive

57. When a mob is in Evade mode, it becomes


58. Governors Evade sunshine laws to keep records from public


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EVADE [əˈvād]

evade (verb) · evades (third person present) · evaded (past tense) · evaded (past participle) · evading (present participle)

  • escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery.
  • (of an abstract thing) elude (someone).
Synonyms: elude . avoid . dodge . lose . leave behind . shake . shake off . sidestep . deceive . trick . cheat . end-run . bilk . confront . run into .

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