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1. Eutherians, like their closest relatives the marsupials, give birth to live young


2. In Eutherians, however, the young are nurtured within the body of the mother by the placenta, which allows nutrients to pass from the blood of the mother almost directly into the blood of the young.


3. Placentals (extant Eutherians) and studies using fossil taxa, 18 orders of placental are usually recognized (Figure 1)

Extant, Eutherians

4. "Eutherians are the group that led ultimately, evolutionarily, to the placental mammals, of which we're one, as well as blue whales and pygmy shrews," said study lead author Steven Sweetman, a

Eutherians, Evolutionarily

5. Eutherians synonyms, Eutherians pronunciation, Eutherians translation, English dictionary definition of Eutherians

Eutherians, English

6. Relatively complete developmental series of five Eutherians, Mus musculus (Rodentia), Felis domestica (Carnivora), Sus scrofa (Artiodactyla), Manis javanica (Pholidota), and Tupaia javanica (Scandentia), and four metatherians, Monodelphis domestica (Didelphidae), Macropus eugenii (Macropodidae), Dasyurus viverrinus (Dasyuridae), and Perameles nasuta (Peramelidae) were examined.

Eutherians, Eugenii, Examined

7. Eutherians, often called placental mammals, have a unique reproductive system in which unborn young are nourished for an extended period via a placenta

Eutherians, Extended

8. Eutherians, often called placental mammals, have a unique reproductive system in which unborn young are nourished for an extended period via a placenta

Eutherians, Extended

9. Highlights Evolution of OXT and OXTR system in Eutherians was studied

Evolution, Eutherians

10. The amino acid change (I8L) for OXT occurred in the common ancestor of Eutherians


11. All living Eutherians are placental mammals , The Eutherian fetus is fed during gestation by the placenta , Eutherians are distinguished from nonEutherians by various phenotypic traits of the feet , the ankles , the jaws and teeth , All extant Eutherians lack epipubic bones .

Eutherians, Eutherian, Extant, Epipubic

12. The corticospinal tract is unique to mammals and the corpus callosum is unique to placental mammals (Eutherians)


13. Eutherians are often mistakenly termed 'placental mammals', but marsupials also have a placenta to mediate early embryonic development

Eutherians, Early, Embryonic

14. Lactation is necessary for both infant and fetal development in Eutherians and marsupials, although marsupials have a far more complex milk repertoire that facilitates morphogenesis of developmentally immature young.


15. The marsupial branch of mammals in the Metatheria, have been separated from the Eutherians for about 148 Mya.There are more than 250 living species distributed throughout the Americas and Australasia and characterised by birth, after a short period of gestation, of very early stage neonates that have long periods of development attached to a teat in a pouch or in the mammary area of some

Eutherians, Early

16. - In many Eutherians, this is known to be accomplished by production of chorionic gonadotropins, which (among other things) maintain the trophoblast and suppress maternal immune reaction


17. Mammalia is a class of vertebrates that can be categorized into three groups: monotremes, marsupials, and Eutherians (placental mammals)


18. Eutherians: An ancient grouping of animals, Eutherians are characterized by an enlarged malleolus the bottom of the tibia and the joint between the first metatarsal bone and the entocuneiform bone

Eutherians, Enlarged, Entocuneiform

19. Eutherians "solved" the problem of immune rejection through the evolution of a complex set of interactions that take place in the trophoblast, a part of the developing egg of Eutherians that is not found in marsupials

Eutherians, Evolution, Egg

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21. In Eutherians and in marsupials, the desiquilibrium in gene dosage between XY males and XX females is compensated for by silencing one of the X chromosomes in females (2–4)


22. In Eutherians, this silencing involves the Xist gene, which is located in the X inactivation center (Xic) and encodes a long untranslated RNA .

Eutherians, Encodes

23. Thus the Mongolian Cretaceous Eutherians, unlike placentals (living Eutherians), might have had a short gestation period that necessitated prolonged suspension of the …


24. They suggest that implantation in Eutherians was derived from an ancestral inflammatory


25. Unlike Eutherians, both monotremes and marsupials


26. (holotype, PSS-MAE 607) skull and mandible in comparison to other Djadokhta Eutherians.


27. A few early Eutherians in the Lower Cretaceous were not placentals

Early, Eutherians

28. All living Eutherians are placental mammals


29. The offspring of Eutherians are carried in the mother's uterus until fully developed.


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31. What are synonyms for Eutherians?


32. Which group is most closely related to Eutherians? marsupials or monotremes


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EUTHERIANS [yo͞oˈTHirēən]


  • a mammal of the major group Eutheria, which includes all the placentals and excludes the marsupials and monotremes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does eutherian mean?

Eutherian definition is - of or relating to a major division (Eutheria) of mammals comprising the placental mammals. ... Recent Examples on the Web To do that, Harris Lewin, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of California ...

What is the meaning of 'Eutheria'?

(Zoology) of, relating to, or belonging to the Eutheria, a subclass of mammals all of which have a placenta and reach an advanced state of development before birth. The group includes all mammals except monotremes and marsupials 1. belonging or pertaining to the group Eutheria, comprising the placental mammals. n. 2. a eutherian animal.

Are opossums eutherians?

Except for the North American Virginia opossum, which is a metatherian, all post- Miocene mammals indigenous to Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America north of Mexico are eutherians. Extant eutherians, their last common ancestor, and all extinct descendants of that ancestor are members of Placentalia .

What are the distinguishing characteristics of eutherians?

Eutherians are distinguished from noneutherians by various phenotypic traits of the feet, ankles, jaws and teeth. All extant eutherians lack epipubic bones, which are present in all other living mammals (marsupials and monotremes). This allows for expansion of the abdomen during pregnancy.

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