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1. The Ethnocentrist A blog in which I spew my opinions on world events, and explain why we are all Ethnocentrists, and why ethnocentrism is not, and should not be, a dirty word.

Ethnocentrist, Events, Explain, Ethnocentrists, Ethnocentrism

2. “Worsley convincingly connects the pseudoscientific racism that permeated the anti-immigration wing of the Progressive Movement to today’s Ethnocentrists, particularly John Tanton (the co-founder of the controversial Center for Immigration Studies), who deploy similar environmental and eugenicist arguments in their opposition to immigration.”

Ethnocentrists, Environmental, Eugenicist

3. Hence debates between, for example, “relativists” and “Ethnocentrists” occur entirely within modernity (Bhabha 1983, Charusheela 2001)

Example, Ethnocentrists, Entirely

4. For example, while Dutton suggests that West Europeans tend to be less ethnocentric than East Europeans, well before and after the 2015 Arab migration, center-right Western European states enacted restrictionist immigration polices supported by “Ethnocentrists” after 2015.3 Whether economic liberalism, IQ or a history of communist

Example, Europeans, Ethnocentric, East, European, Enacted, Ethnocentrists, Economic

5. But, he wryly adds, ''hegemonic'' imposition and other concepts that Ethnocentrists use to describe Eurocentric oppression are themselves based on …

Ethnocentrists, Eurocentric

6. The term conservative has been hijacked by Ethnocentrists whose policies are only conservative if a conservative option is to their narrow interest


7. Non-Ethnocentrists tend to evolve, in his model, towards ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrists, Evolve, Ethnocentrism

8. I’d bet a large sum of money that the Ethnocentrists have higher levels of brain oxytocin while the non-Ethnocentrists have a statistically lower amount


9. What the Mythers had done often was to take the idea espoused by anti-Catholics and Ethnocentrists in denouncing the ritual-based religions (such as Catholicism) as superstition borrowed from long-dead pagan cults one step further and apply it Christianity as a whole

Espoused, Ethnocentrists

10. Moral community Objectives At the end of this class you ought to: be able to explain what is meant by the term "moral community" be able to state the extent of the moral community for ethical egoists, familials, Ethnocentrists, anthropocentrists, etc.

End, Explain, Extent, Ethical, Egoists, Ethnocentrists, Etc

11. The people who were Ethnocentrists both outside of and within Ethiopia that imagined the Oromo as the enemy of Ethiopia –– when in fact, they were a key part of preserving it.” Yates explains that much of the image we traditionally see of the Oromo was crafted by outsiders.

Ethnocentrists, Ethiopia, Enemy, Explains

12. He also believes that most people are Ethnocentrists


13. Ethnocentrists in Portnoy's Complaint; mocking the Voluptuary in


14. Eventually, the human species will fulfill its destiny, and all the various Ethnocentrists have their way

Eventually, Ethnocentrists

15. According to the New York Times, among “white Ethnocentrists, nationalists, populists, and neo-Nazis, [Putin] is widely revered as a kind of white knight: a symbol of strength, racial purity and traditional Christian values in a world under threat from Islam, …


16. The debate about American culture and American identity has to date been monopolized largely by Eurocentrists and Ethnocentrists whose rhetoric has been flamboyantly divisive, pitting a phantom

Eurocentrists, Ethnocentrists

17. ‘We are largely monolinguists and Ethnocentrists and damn good tourists, but hapless travelers.’ ‘The movement is simply one of the wedges used by racists, Ethnocentrists, religious bigots, and homophobes to force the country to engage in an evil discourse.’

Ethnocentrists, Engage, Evil

18. In that same respect I’d recommend ardent anti-Ethnocentrists to read main kampf…


19. Among the enemies it diabolizes are people who attempt to diminish this capacity, the vicious Ethnocentrists

Enemies, Ethnocentrists

20. Throughout the collection of white Ethnocentrists, nationalists, populists and neo-Nazis that has taken root on both sides of the Atlantic, Mr


21. T F Ethnocentrists believe that their cultural background is the correct way to analyze problems


22. Ethnocentrist ( plural Ethnocentrists ) A proponent of ethnocentrism.

Ethnocentrist, Ethnocentrists, Ethnocentrism

23. And Ethnocentrists supported racial hygiene, fearing a decline in the intellectual genetic pool if individuals with low intelligence reproduced (Washington, 2008)


24. Ethnocentrists believe that their culture and society is the best and the only "correct" culture and society Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism Ethnocentrism is a way of thinking in which a person judges other cultures based on the ideas and beliefs of his or her own culture

Ethnocentrists, Ethnocentrism

25. Republican) in which the respective national identities are embedded, the Flemish Ethnocentrists tending to identify with Flanders and the Walloon Ethnocentrists with Belgium.

Embedded, Ethnocentrists

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