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ETHEREAL [əˈTHirēəl]

ethereal (adjective) · etherial (adjective)

  • extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
  • heavenly or spiritual.
Synonyms: delicate . exquisite . dainty . elegant . graceful . beautiful . lovely . fragile . airy . gossamer . gossamery . light . fine . diaphanous . thin . tenuous . subtle . insubstantial . shadowy . tangible . substantial . celestial . heavenly . spiritual . unearthly . otherworldly . paradisical . elysian . sublime . divine . holy . empyrean . superlunary . earthly .

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1. Ether was often described as an invisible light or fire, and its name derives from the Greek aithein, a verb meaning "to ignite" or "to blaze." When "Ethereal," the adjective kin of "ether," debuted in English in …

2. Ethereal definition, light, airy, or tenuous: an Ethereal world created through the poetic imagination

3. Ethereal - First meant "resembling the ether or lightest and most subtle of elements," and now means that something is impalpable or unearthly

4. 21 synonyms of Ethereal from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 50 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Ethereal: not composed of matter

6. Something Ethereal is airy and insubstantial, like a ghostly figure at the top of the stairs. This word can also describe something delicate and light, like a singer’s Ethereal voice

7. Ethereal comes from the Greek word for ether, which means “air” or more specifically “the upper regions of space.”

8. The definition of Ethereal is someone or something that is light, airy or heavenly. An example of Ethereal is the voice of a person who seems to whisper when talking

9. An example of Ethereal is a …

10. Find 34 ways to say Ethereal, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

11. Ethereal : Extremely delicate, refined and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

12. Ethereal is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. It …

13. In Ethereal: Clash of Souls, players clash as 2 teams of 6 on Elysium, an enormous three-lane map with a dense and dangerous jungle. Myths must guide their minions down the lanes, leading them on the path to destroy the towers and lane spire that guard each path to the enemy team's Elder.

14. Ethereal is a fake SMTP service, mostly aimed at Nodemailer users (but not limited to)

15. Ethereal Material culture, by definition, belongs both to the Ethereal realm of culture and to the material world. From the Cambridge English Corpus The rallying cries of dissent become ever more …

16. Ethereal (comparative more Ethereal, superlative most Ethereal) Pertaining to the hypothetical upper, purer air, or to the higher regions beyond the earth or beyond the atmosphere; celestial; otherworldly.

17. Ethereal® is now Wireshark™ June 7, 2006 The world's most popular network protocol analyzer has a new home! Gerald Combs, the creator of the Ethereal ® network protocol analyzer, has accepted a position with.

18. Intangible; delicate; heavenly; spiritual: It was an Ethereal

19. Ethereal (adj.) formerly also etherial, 1510s, "of the highest regions of the atmosphere," from ether + -ial; extended sense of "light, airy" is from 1590s.Figurative meaning "spirit-like, immaterial" is from 1640s

20. The Crossword Solver found 54 answers to the Ethereal crossword clue

21. Ethereal is demon-like, nightmarish creature appearing for the first time in the Hearts of Stone expansion

22. Ethereal is a packet analyzer that can be fully recommended for professionals, as it even displays all the information sorted by types

23. We may never know the identity of the Ethereal bisexual who Barack Obama seduced with Marxist ideology

24. Adjective Someone or something that is Ethereal has a delicate beauty.

25. Pianoangel's list "Ethereal Baby Names" of 92 great name ideas: Yvaine - Ilithyia!

26. Ethereal (horse), a horse that won Australia's Caulfield Cup as well as Melbourne Cup in 2001 Ethereal wave, or simply Ethereal, a subgenre of dark wave music; Wireshark, formerly named Ethereal, a free and open-source packet analyzer; See also

27. An Ethereal, ghostly image of a woman suddenly appeared at the edge of the forest, then disappeared as quickly as it had come

28. The tapestry was woven so finely that it made the perfect backdrop for her collection of Ethereal art miniatures.

29. 30 quotes have been tagged as Ethereal: P.C

30. The music has an Ethereal quality

31. She's the prettiest, most Ethereal romantic heroine in the movies

32. Our tastes were not thin, or Ethereal

33. And everyone uses the E-word: Enya and Ethereal w

34. You turn Ethereal, making you immune to all physical damage, but unable to attack or cast spells and your movement speed is reduced by 50%

35. Lasts for 15 sec.Use Ethereal Form again to shift out.

36. Ethereal Cat V-neck shirt - Divine feline with glowing crystal necklace amid intricate filigree and pyramids

37. Favorite Add to Ethereal Lightroom Mobile Preset SaraBullaPhoto $ 3.20

38. Ethereal: Extremely light or delicate

39. This world, of course, includes not just the material world but also the Ethereal, as evidenced by the root of the word Ethereal: ether.

40. Ethereal music usually sounds lush, hazy, spaced out, with distant synths, echoing guitars, and soaring vocals

41. This typical Ethereal sound can be found in many genres such as ambient, new age, neofolk, dream pop, shoegaze, darkwave, and (obviously) Ethereal wave

42. Ethereal: [ e-the´re-al ] 1

43. This is the main article for Ethereal Monsters

44. For the category, see Category:Ethereal Monsters

45. Ethereal Monsters (Ethereals) are a breed-able class of Monsters in My Singing Monsters, rather than a specific Element

46. Ethereal units are ghosts or spirits who take to the battlefield

47. Ethereal is an aesthetic is based around the feeling of being extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world

48. Ethereal adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (airy, insubstantial) etéreo/a adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo

49. Spirituality is an Ethereal concept.

50. Ethereal names (such as "Bashir" and "Shaffar") are borrowings from, or alterations of, Arabic names

51. The Ethereal Grip-Lox equipped HDMI cables are your answer for high-performance video and work as Ethernet cables as well

52. When Ethereal lays down a beat in his studio, he feels like he can truly be himself

53. From Ethereal's recently released solo effort "Blackli$t." Shot and directed by Father

54. Clothing We at Ethereal believes that simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance Keep your outfits simply elegant Ethereal-Kakkanad-Kochi

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