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1. Present participle of escalate Synonyms & Antonyms of Escalating 1 to become greater in extent, volume, amount, or number as the war between the two countries escalated, it …

Escalate, Escalating, Extent, Escalated

2. Find 40 ways to say Escalating, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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3. Increasing in price, amount, rate, etc.: Escalating costs / …

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4. The continually Escalating prices of MS disease-modifying therapies are creating barriers to people with MS getting these life-changing medications.


5. Synonyms for Escalating include growing, intensifying, mounting, increasing, accelerating, rising, swelling, ever-increasing, flourishing and expanding

Escalating, Ever, Expanding

6. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English es‧ca‧late /ˈeskəleɪt/ ●○○ verb [ intransitive, transitive] 1 if fighting, violence, or a bad situation escalates, or if someone escalates it, it becomes much worse escalate into Her fear was Escalating into panic

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7. The fighting on the border is Escalating.


8. ‘the Escalating cost of healthcare’


9. ‘the authorities grew anxious about the Escalating situation’.


10. Adjective increasing in extent, intensity, or magnitude It tells a story of Escalating racial tensions

Extent, Escalating

11. The change in plans was due to Escalating building costs.


12. Antonyms for Escalating include diminishing, fading, lessening, falling, weakening, waning, declining, dwindling, decreasing and shrinking


13. Synonyms for Escalating in Free Thesaurus


14. Escalating Symptoms and the Progression of MPNs


15. The Escalating energy group included 260 patients and 883 shocks vs 478 patients and 1736 shocks in the fixed-high energy group

Escalating, Energy

16. There was no difference in survival to hospital discharge between Escalating (70/255 patients, 28%) and fixed energy group (132/478 patients, 28%) (unadjusted OR 1.00, 95% CI 0.72-1.42 and adjusted OR 0.81, 95% CI 0

Escalating, Energy

17. Another way to say Escalating? Synonyms for Escalating (other words and phrases for Escalating).


18. Escalating prank wars were occasionally seen on M*A*S*H


19. Defiant Child Behavior: Is Your Child’s Bad Behavior Escalating? By Kim Abraham, LMSW and Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW


20. (Beirut) – The Egyptian authorities’ targeting of families in Egypt of activists and human rights defenders living abroad has been Escalating, demonstrating a clear pattern of intimidation and

Egyptian, Egypt, Escalating

21. The European Union on Wednesday threatened to take tougher measures to curb the export of Covid-19 vaccines, Escalating a feud with the U.S

European, Export, Escalating

22. Announced the creation of a union on Monday, Escalating years of confrontation between workers and management of …


23. Escalating violence raises pressure for Myanmar sanctions


24. De-Escalating Aggressive Patient Behavior: Tips and Strategies


25. De-Escalating Disability aims to explore the intersectionality of race, policing and disability – specifically, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Escalating, Explore

26. De-Escalating Disability explores the intersectionality of autism, race, policing — breaking down the myths surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), hear from those affected, and meet those pushing for awareness and making change.

Escalating, Explores

27. The mainstream media’s anti-White racism is Escalating By Andrea Widburg As Obama’s national profile began to rise in 2007, the media characterized anyone who opposed him as “racist.”


28. Duke students on Covid-19 lockdown for a week because of 'rapidly Escalating' outbreak Duke University leaders instituted a "stay-in-place" order because of coronavirus spread connected to


29. The MBTA is reversing course amid Escalating criticism over its plan to slash service and lay off dozens of workers as General Manager Steve Poftak concedes the "correct path forward" for the


30. Escalating EU-China tensions could jeopardize new investment deal Yen Nee Lee 9 hrs ago 7 of 10 Migrants Expelled from U.S

Escalating, Eu, Expelled

31. 13 hours ago · Asian Shares Slide Amid Escalating EU-China Tensions

Escalating, Eu

32. Fears of Escalating violence as online ‘hate factories’ sow division within Australia’s Indian community Sikh students attacked in Sydney as tensions over ongoing farmers protests in India


33. Australia's gross domestic product (GDP) could be hit by as much as 2.8% due to the Escalating trade tensions with China, according to Capital Economics.

Escalating, Economics

34. De-Escalating Disability explores the intersectionality of autism, race, and policing — breaking down the myths surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), hearing from those affected, and meeting those pushing for awareness and making change.

Escalating, Explores

35. 6 hours ago · Escalating Organ Transplantation Procedures and Increase in Chronic Diseases to Bring Profitable Growth Opportunities for the Organ Preservation Solutions …


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ESCALATING [ˈeskəˌlādiNG]

escalating (adjective)


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word escalate mean?

escalate(Verb) to increase (something) in extent or intensity; to intensify or step up. escalate(Verb) in technical support, to transfer a telephone caller to the next higher level of authority.

What does an escalation mean for US?

1. To increase, enlarge, or intensify: escalated the hostilities in the Persian Gulf. 2. To pass (a transaction or case) on to a higher level in an organizational hierarchy: escalated the customer's complaint.

What does customer escalation mean?

A customer escalation is a scenario where a customer is not pleased with an employee interaction and wants someone at a higher level within the company to resolve the complaint.

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