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1. Extended Range Fuel System (Erfs II) – Robertson Fuel Systems

Extended, Erfs

2. Erfs is an environmental remediation company that develops in situ technologies, innovative business solutions and provides specialized consulting. Since 1998, Erfs has been providing soil and groundwater cleanups directly with our own equipment and field staff.

Erfs, Environmental, Equipment

3. Singapore The Republic of Singapore Air Force equip their CH-47SD helicop-ters with Erfs

Equip, Erfs

4. Egypt The Egyptian Air Force CH-47’s are equipped to operate Erfs

Egypt, Egyptian, Equipped, Erfs

5. Australia The Australian Army CH-47’s are equipped to operate Erfs

Equipped, Erfs

6. Operator`s manual for extended range fuel system ii (Erfs ii) configured for the army ch-47 helicopter p/n hm022-509 (nsn 1560-01-456-2704) (eic: rcg) (this item is …

Extended, Erfs, Eic

7. The Erfs are subject to change based on State Actuary figures. The administrative factors used in the table above are for illustrative purposes only


8. The Erfs II is a fuel system that includes tanks that are ballistic resistant to 20mm and crashworthy. The system contains four 600 gallon or three 800 gallon cells attached to a CH-47 fuel


9. The Erfs were one of the Croods neighbours, they perished because of mosquito bites.


10. ERFD - ERFEN - ERFM - ERFO - ERFOLG - ERFU - ERG - ERGATT - ERGM - ERGO Discuss these Erfs abbreviations with the community: Know what is Erfs? Got another good explanation for Erfs?

Erfd, Erfen, Erf, Erfo, Erfolg, Erfu, Erg, Ergatt, Ergm, Ergo, Erfs, Explanation

11. The electronic Request for Service (Erfs) portal is used to log requests for a standard MITA service

Electronic, Erfs

12. An Erfs is usually submitted by an authorised logger (as assigned by the respective IT department) who can log the request on behalf of the user.


13. Erfs is an environmental remediation company that develops in situ technologies, innovative business solutions and provides specialized consulting

Erfs, Environmental

14. Since 1998, Erfs has been providing soil and groundwater cleanups directly with our own equipment and field staff.

Erfs, Equipment

15. Erfs can supply most animal health and sundry items, all provided with expert advice from our team of AMTRA qualified Animal Medicines Advisors

Erfs, Expert

16. The ethylene response factors (Erfs) belong to the APETALA2/ethylene response factor (AP2/ERF) superfamily and act downstream of the ethylene signalling pathway to regulate the expression of ethylene responsive genes.

Ethylene, Erfs, Erf, Expression

17. The Erfs is mounted on the left side of the cabin be-tween sta 190 and 450, depending on the helicopter CG limits


18. The Erfs is a modu-lar, interconnected system composed of up to four 600 gal non-crashworthy metal tanks, four electrically operated …

Erfs, Electrically

19. What does Erfs stand for? List of 39 Erfs definitions


20. Top Erfs abbreviation meanings updated January 2021


21. Environmental Remediation and Financial Services, LLC (Erfs) is an industry leader in the development of in-situ (subsurface) soil and groundwater remediation technologies and is recognized for

Environmental, Erfs

22. Erfs Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 24 October 2018


23. ERECTA family receptors (Erfs) are an ancient family of leucine-rich repeat RLKs that in Arabidopsis consists of three genes: ERECTA, ERL1, and ERL2

Erecta, Erfs

24. Erfs sense secreted cysteine-rich peptides from the EPF/EPFL family and transmit the signal through a MAP kinase cascade.

Erfs, Epf, Epfl

25. Erfs was established as part of Ireland's ongoing efforts to put the principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) into practice

Erfs, Established, Efforts

26. Erfs reaffirms our commitments under the GHD to provide flexible and timely funding to provide effective humanitarian assistance in a way that is responsive to local needs and adheres to humanitarian principles.

Erfs, Effective

27. 1st place Fragleague - (Erfs, DYNAMO,fцккцк, Shatterhand, Kub1x) 1st place csgo e-liga - (Erfs, slideW, fцккцк, Shatterhand, Kub1x) LAN achievements: Featured Artwork Showcase


28. Erfs Tv, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina


29. Erfs was set up by father and son team, David and Richard Smith over 15 years ago and has continued to grow over this time - primarily as a result of personal contact and recommendations and based upon the Company


30. What does Erfs mean? Plural form of erf

Erfs, Erf

31. EPFL4 and EPFL6, however, are recognized by the single Erfs without the requirement of TMM


32. Taken together, our data demonstrate that TMM dictates the specificity of Erfs for the perception of different EPFs, thus functioning as a

Erfs, Epfs

33. LOLcat Bible: In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez an da Erfs n stuffs [Grondin, Martin] on


34. LOLcat Bible: In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez an da Erfs n stuffs


35. Erfs are therefore clearly distinct from the better studied ‘common fragile sites’ (CFS) CFS occur primarily in late‐replicating DNA regions that contain large genes and that exhibit a low density of replication origins in AT‐rich sequences, which are prone to …

Erfs, Exhibit

36. The ethylene signaling and response pathway includes Ethylene Response Factors (Erfs), which belong to the transcription factor family APETALA2/ERF

Ethylene, Erfs, Erf

37. It is well known that Erfs regulate molecular response to pathogen attack by binding to sequences containing AGCCGCC motifs


38. The Erfs shoring system is available for both 500- and 800-gallon Erfs tanks and provides a solid base for the tanks, uniquely allowing unimpeded access to the cable of the winch system


39. The M2 Erfs shoring system is currently available for the CH-47 and MH-47 and can be easily adapted for other aircraft using auxiliary internal fuel systems

Erfs, Easily

40. The legislation that created the 2008 Erfs also established restrictions on retirees who return to an employer after selecting the 2008 ERF option

Erfs, Established, Employer, Erf

41. In addition to the group IX AP2/Erfs, TF gene clusters have been identified in the group III AP2/Erfs, C-repeat Binding Factors (CBFs; Gilmour et al., 1998; Zhang et al., 2004), Auxin Response Factors (ARFs; Hagen and Guilfoyle, 2002), R2R3 MYBs (Zhang et al., 2000, 2019), and basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) factors (Sánchez-Pérez et al., 2019).TF gene clusters likely originated from tandem

Erfs, Et

42. Erfs Tv, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina


43. In this study, we analyzed the expression of genes for Erfs in tobacco plants by injuring leaf tissues with a hemostat

Expression, Erfs

44. The results verified that mechanical damage is a trigger for rapid and concurrent induction of both the local and the systemic expression of genes for Erfs in tobacco plants.

Expression, Erfs

45. Our 'Attic' has 2 unverified meanings for Erfs


46. Acronym Finder has 2 verified definitions for Erfs


47. Erfs not detected in untreated samples after 40 cycles, but detected at < 35 cycles in treated samples (or vice versa) were interpreted as considerably induced and fold ratios were superior to 10‐fold


48. Erfs detected in both untreated and treated samples between 35 and 40 cycles are assigned as noninduced because of their low transcript abundance.


49. Fifty Erfs in Populus showed more than five-fold increased transcript accumulation in response to ethylene treatments

Erfs, Ethylene

50. Twenty-six Erfs were selected for further analyses


51. Overexpression of Erfs 18, 21, 30, 85 and 139 in wood-forming tissues of hybrid aspen modified the wood chemotype.


52. CHFs and Erfs is provided by CHF/ERF managers in the field

Erfs, Erf

53. CERF, CHFs and Erfs are further referred to collectively in this document as pooled funds.


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ERFS [sərf]


  • an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord's estate.
Synonyms: bondsman . slave . servant . menial . villein . thrall . helot . vassal . liegeman . freeman . master .

Frequently Asked Questions

What did serfs do in medieval Europe?

Serfs in the middle ages were generally peasant farmers who provided manual labor in their master’s land. The peasants would pay the lord some dues (in the form of labor) in exchange for using part of the lord’s land to generate their own food.

What were serfs?

Definition of Serfs. Medieval Serfs were peasants who worked his lord's land and paid him certain dues in return for the use of land, the possession (not the ownership) of which was heritable.

What was a serf?

serf. (sûrf) n. 1. A member of the lowest feudal class, legally bound to a landed estate and required to perform labor for the lord of that estate in exchange for a personal allotment of land. 2. An agricultural laborer under various similar systems, especially in Russia and eastern Europe in the 1700s and 1800s. 3.

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