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1. Definition of Eremitic in the dictionary


2. What does Eremitic mean? Information and translations of Eremitic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


3. Find 218 ways to say Eremitic, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Eremitic, Example

4. What does Eremitic mean? Characteristic of a hermit


5. (adjective) The emperor T'aiTsung desired him to commit his journey to writing, and also that he should abandon the Eremitic rule and serve the state.

Emperor, Eremitic

6. Eremitic started out producing tracks for Hidden and other various artists in the underground under the moniker "A Dude Named Drew", it was not long before he started getting known for his ability to bring the darkest sounds to life in a way that few others can..


7. The Eremitic vocation is a gift, a daring call to live alone with the Al-one


8. ‘While the saint's dress denotes the Eremitic character of the order of friars at S


9. Andrea, a remarkable and unexampled feature is the fiery red halo shining around Augustine's head.’ ‘In the words of a leading twentieth-century Athonite monk, Fr Theoklitos of Dionysiou, ‘it is the Eremitic life that constitutes the primary form of


10. Eremitic: 1 adj of or relating to or befitting eremites or their practices of hermitic living “ Eremitic austerities” Synonyms: Eremitical Antonyms: cenobitic , cenobitical , coenobitic , coenobitical of or relating to or befitting cenobites or their practices of communal living adj characterized by ascetic solitude “the Eremitic element in

Eremitic, Eremites, Eremitical, Element

11. Characteristic of a hermit 1867, James Russell Lowell, Fireside Travels The Eremitic instinct


12. HRS producer A Dude Named Drew explores emotional terrain as artist Eremitic merging worlds together to make a unique listening experience

Explores, Emotional, Eremitic, Experience

13. Eremitic (ˌɛrɪˈmɪtɪk) or Eremitical (ˌereˈmitical)

Eremitic, Eremitical, Ere

14. Characterized by ascetic solitude Familiarity information: Eremitic used as an adjective is rare.


15. The Eremitic Life offers a glimpse into the rhythms of a hermit, from a Camaldolese perspective, part of the Benedictine family of monastic communities


16. Monastics practiced a variety of asceticisms as typified by itinerant monks who wandered, Eremitic monks who adopted a wide range of seclusion, and monks who sought a formalized community by residing within an enclosed built environment

Eremitic, Enclosed, Environment

17. The Second Vatican Council acknowledged and affirmed this ancient form of consecrated life and it is described in the 1983 Code of Canon Law in this way: ‘In addition to the institutes of consecrated life, the Church recognizes the Eremitic or anchoritic life by which the Christian faithful devote their life to the praise of God and the


18. Eremitic monks, or hermits, are those who live solitary lives


19. Examples from Classical Literature His messengers have gone hither and thither, to the monasteries, the convents, and the Eremitic colonies wherever accessible.

Examples, Eremitic

20. This information does give some quantitative evidence of the pervasive role of the "Eremitic tradition" in Later Han scholar-official culture and the formulation of the character of men of the time; but a good many of these men hardly were "men of the cliffs and caves," as they passed a significant part of their adult lives in official careers (e.g., Fan Ying, Li Gu, Ma Rong, Cai Yong, Xun Yue

Evidence, Eremitic

21. Antonyms for Eremitic include gregarious, sociable, friendly, outgoing, bold, immodest, extroverted, extraverted, forward and audacious

Eremitic, Extroverted, Extraverted

22. While not everyone is called to this kind of life, the Order of Eremitic Servants does not presume to exclude a person from testing their vocation with us simply because they do not fit into narrowly constructed boxes of religious righteousness

Everyone, Eremitic, Exclude

23. In Eremitic spirituality, the desire for individual poverty developed into a desire for the absolute poverty of the community itself


24. The Eremitic Life: Encountering God in Silence and Solitude - Kindle edition by Wencel, Fr

Eremitic, Encountering, Edition

25. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Eremitic Life: Encountering God in Silence and Solitude.

Eremitic, Encountering

26. The Eremitic vocation is a gift, a daring call to live alone with the Al-one


27. Eremitic by Spine Scavenger, released 01 September 2006 1


28. Eremitic 5 Originally released on cassette by GODS OF TUNDRA in 2006


29. Idiorrhythmic monasticism, also called Eremitic monasticism (from Greek eremos, “desert”), the original form of monastic life in Christianity, as exemplified by St

Eremitic, Eremos, Exemplified

30. It consisted of a total withdrawal from society, normally in the desert, and the constant practice of mental prayer.The contemplative and mystical trend of Eremitic monasticism is also known as


31. Synonyms for Eremiticly in Free Thesaurus


32. 5 synonyms for Eremitic: Eremitical, anchoritic, hermitic, hermitical, Eremitical

Eremitic, Eremitical

33. What are synonyms for Eremiticly?


34. We found 8 answers for “Eremitic


35. This page shows answers to the clue Eremitic, followed by 2 definitions like “Alt


36. Of Eremitical”, “Characterized by or preferring solitude in mode of life” and “Eremite, Eremitic, Eremitical, eremitish Someone who lives in solitude

Eremitical, Eremite, Eremitic, Eremitish

37. Large Supreme, 1/8 Coyote by Eremitic


38. Astride a Throne of the Fallen by Eremitic


39. A Bed of Tooth and Tongue by Eremitic


40. A Feast for Mi-Crows by Eremitic


41. There seems to be a correlation between a formulated rule, or set of rules (known as regula in the Christian orders and as vinaya and shila in the Buddhist canon), and cenobitic institutions; Eremitic and quasi-Eremitic settings lack or diverge from formulated rules and give more


42. Eremitic Meaning in English to Urdu is راہبانہ, as written in Urdu and Rahibana, as written in Roman Urdu

Eremitic, English

43. There are many synonyms of Eremitic which include Antisocial, Egoistic, Hating, Inhumane, Malevolent, Misanthropical, …

Eremitic, Egoistic

44. Far from Perfect by Eremitic, released 10 May 2019 1


45. From Eremitic, Far from Perfect


46. Throughout this time period I have had the opportunity to watch Eremitic crash and stumble his way into what I feel, is one of the better genre breaking


47. The Eremitic life spread to the West in the fourth century, and flourished especially in the next two centuries, that is to say, till experience had shown by its results the advantages of the cenobitic organization

Eremitic, Especially, Experience

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EREMITIC [ˌerəˈmidik]


Synonyms: eremite .

eremite (noun) · eremites (plural noun)

  • a Christian hermit or recluse.
Synonyms: hermit . recluse . solitary . ascetic . cenobite . anchorite . anchoress . stylite . solitudinarian .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the name eremitic mean?

    Eremitic definition, a hermit or recluse, especially one under a religious vow. See more.

    Is Buddhism eremitic?

    Parameos monastery in Wadi el-Natrun -- Ahmed Hindy "Monasticism used to be ' eremitic ' in the past. Still, for students and scholars of Buddhist Studies they are ground-breaking and speak to exciting ways of rethinking the male-dominated and eremitic characterizations of Buddhist monasticism that have become normative in the field.

    Were cenobitic monks eremitic?

    Cenobitic monks were also different from their eremitic predecessors and counterparts in their actual living arrangements.

    How is the word Eremite used in a sentence?

    These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'eremite.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback . What made you want to look up eremite?

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