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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Eremite mean?

A religious recluse; someone who lives alone for religious reasons; an eremite. A recluse; someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship. A spiced cookie made with molasses, raisins, and nuts.

What does Eremite mean?

An eremite (pronounced ERR-uh-mite) is indeed a 'religious recluse', someone who, from religious motives, has retired into a solitary life. Both eremite and hermit came into English late in the 12th century and were used interchangeably for over 400 years. Hermit is now the more common word.

What does eremitism mean?

EREMITISM is a form of monastic life characterized by solitariness. (The term derives from the Greek erēmos, "wilderness, uninhabited regions," whence comes the English eremite, "solitary.") In this type of life, the social dimension of human existence is totally or largely sacrificed to the primacy of religious experience.

What is the definition of a hermit?

English Language Learners Definition of hermit : a person who lives in a simple way apart from others especially for religious reasons : a person who lives apart from others especially for religious reasons

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