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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Equipped 1 to make competent (as by training, skill, or ability) for a particular office or function years of service in the congress and in the cabinet Equipped him better than most people for the office of the presidency


2. Having the necessary tools, clothes, equipment, etc.: Their schools are very poorly Equipped. We were well Equipped for the trip.

Equipment, Etc, Equipped

3. Find 23 ways to say Equipped, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Equipped, Example

4. This car is Equipped with air-conditioning.


5. Equipped with Chris Brooks Equipped with Chris Brooks encourages listeners to live an impactful Christian life in a rapidly changing culture.

Equipped, Encourages

6. About Outdoor Equipped At Outdoor Equipped, we offer footwear and apparel for every adventure, whether it’s hiking in the Sierras, running a marathon, fishing in the Pacific, or an adventure of a different kind, like working on a construction site, active duty or public safety service, a …

Equipped, Every

7. As an adjective, Equipped describes something that is provided with what is necessary or appropriate


8. If you like to cook, you need a well Equipped kitchen with lots of specialized pots and pans


9. The word Equipped is from the verb equip, which traces its origins first …

Equipped, Equip

10. We Equipped everyone with a spade for digging

Equipped, Everyone

11. They Equipped the rescuers with equipment for any conceivable occurrence.

Equipped, Equipment

12. LED Equipped provides all of our Emergency LED bars in every color combination and multiple sizes to make outfitting your vehicle easy and affordable

Equipped, Emergency, Every, Easy

13. They are designed to work hand in hand with other emergency vehicle equipment, whether they’re LED Equipped merchandise

Emergency, Equipment, Equipped

14. What does Equipped mean? The definition of Equipped is well-supplied with necessary items


15. (adjective) An example of an Equipped camper is someon

Example, Equipped

16. 739 ("-because-") is only used in 2 Tim 3:17, "So that the man of God may be (739), Equippedfor every good work" ().

Equippedfor, Every

17. The sight of a powerful party of traders, trappers, hunters, and voyageurs, well armed and Equipped, furnished at all points, in high health and spirits, and banqueting lustily on the green margin of the river, was a spectacle equally stimulating to these veteran backwoodsmen with the glorious array of a campaigning army to an old soldier; but

Equipped, Equally

18. Equipped? is designed for mature 14-year-olds and UP


19. Equipped? is full of solid, supportive Biblical references and includes do’s and don'ts in effective relating.

Equipped, Effective

20. Find 23 ways to say Equipped, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Equipped, Example

21. Outdoor Equipped was formed with the adventurer in mind


22. Whatever your journey, Outdoor Equipped wants to make it more enjoyable by offering the best apparel, gear and footwear on the market

Equipped, Enjoyable

23. Equipped farm prices surged by 15%, compared with their 14% fall in value in 2009, while bare values shot up by 12% following a 2% decrease the year before


24. Demand for farmland grows as value rises The fuel efficiency of the current model Equipped with a 1-liter gasoline engine and the idling-stop system is 24.5 km per liter.

Efficiency, Equipped, Engine

25. Ill-Equipped synonyms, ill-Equipped pronunciation, ill-Equipped translation, English dictionary definition of ill-Equipped

Equipped, English

26. Poorly or inadequately Equipped


27. Equipped with [sth] adj + prep (having tools, supplies) equipado con adj + prep : provisto de adj + prep : The police were Equipped with guns and shields

Equipped, Equipado

28. Equipped to do [sth] adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (having tools

Equipped, Example

29. If someone or something is Equipped, they are provided with the tools or equipment that are needed.

Equipped, Equipment

30. We Equipped the buses with blankets and pillows and high-tech stereo headphones and telephones


31. Equipped adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." figurative (able, capable) dotato di, corredato di loc agg locuzione aggettivale: Espressione di più parole che descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "C'è del tonno in scatola" - …

Equipped, Example, Espressione

32. Equipt: 1 adj provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate Synonyms: Equipped accoutered , accoutred provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military) armored , panoplied Equipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior helmeted Equipped with or wearing a helmet

Equipt, Equipped, Equipment, Especially

33. Often used in conjunction with an adjective to describe the magnitude of ones penis; if no adjective is provided, it is generally accepted that "Equipped" refers to a large penis


34. 15 hours ago · Equipped Lyrics


35. More on Genius "Equipped" Track Info


36. Synonyms for Equipped in Free Thesaurus


37. 4 synonyms for Equipped: equipt, furnished, fitted out, weaponed

Equipped, Equipt

38. What are synonyms for Equipped?


39. Equipped with équipé de → a modern kitchen Equipped with all the latest cooking aids to be Equipped être équipé Each caravan is Equipped for four persons

Equipped, Each

40. To be Equipped with, to come Equipped with être équipé de


41. ⇒ Federal, State and Local Government Agencies conducting defense, security, law enforcement and first responder operations seeking authorization for non-ADS-B Out Equipped aircraft

Enforcement, Equipped

42. Synonyms for Equipped include outfitted, armed, clothed, dressed, fortified, furnished, prepared, rigged, supplied and accoutered


43. And of course, now that vehicles are Equipped with more screens, Atmos is a viable option for for movies, shows and games during a ride as well


44. Hosted by GOLF's Jonathan Wall and True Spec's Tim Briand, Fully Equipped aims to share gear knowledge from two unique expert perspectives

Equipped, Expert

45. Definition and synonyms of ill-Equipped from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education

Equipped, English, Education

46. This is the British English definition of ill-Equipped.View American English definition of ill-Equipped

English, Equipped

47. View the pronunciation for ill-Equipped.



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49. Equipped Lyrics: You similar to a bitch / You finish when I'm Equipped / Step back, pat pat, now you lyin' in a ditch / Sweet dreams as I proceed to get this shit / I got drugs up in my blood and a


50. Another way to say Equipped? Synonyms for Equipped (other words and phrases for Equipped).


51. ‘They are ill-Equipped for the task and the reporting process is painfully slow.’ ‘The discussion of this point must necessarily take place in rigorous scientific language, and I am ill-Equipped for the task.’ ‘The early settlers were heroes for going out West, ill-Equipped and unprepared.’

Equipped, Early

52. Equipped is an achievement/trophy in Metro Last Light, awarded for opening all 16 hidden equipment stashes in Sundown and Nightfall

Equipped, Equipment

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