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1. Eptitude The opposite of inEptitude. "My verbal Eptitude is amazing.


2. What does the word Eptitude mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word Eptitude in our free online dictionary!


3. Examples of inEptitude in a Sentence The team's poor play is being blamed on the inEptitude of the coaching staff


4. The nurse's inEptitude made it clear that she would be happier in a different line of work …

5. At Eptitude, we firmly believe that anything that is not measured cannot be managed. We, therefore, lay a lot of emphasis on analyzing our students’ performance

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6. Eptitude is a centre where potential is recognised and nurtured. The faculty is the best one can possibly find in Delhi NCR


7. The founder of Eptitude has successfully mentored hundreds of students for CLAT, BBA examinations, CAT and GMAT

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8. InEptitude is a lack of skill, ability, or competence

9. A doctor would prove his inEptitude at practicing medicine if he mistakenly removed a patient's spleen instead of his kidney

10. InEptitude and incompetence are synonyms to describe people who have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

11. The latest tweets from @Eptitude


12. Eptitude: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to Eptitude Usage examples for Eptitude Words that often appear near Eptitude Rhymes of Eptitude Invented words related to Eptitude: Search for Eptitude on Google or Wikipedia

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14. Reach us through K-2/4, First Floor DLF Phase – II City, Gurgaon 122001 India 0124-4200620 [email protected] Social Networks GlobetrottersbyEptitude Eptitude GlobetrottersbyEptitude GlobetrottersbyEptitude Send us a Message


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16. The OED even includes the adverb “eptly” and the noun “Eptitude.” Oxford credits the New Yorker writer E

Even, Eptly, Eptitude

17. Founded by IIM-B and NLS grads, Eptitude is the best (in Gurugram and North Campus) to …


18. To ensure “Eptitude,” Gawande advocates checklists

Ensure, Eptitude

19. Eptitude is important for financial advisers, too


20. I've just received my Eptitude sheets and I must say I am concerned about the pilling instructions


21. Speaking of govt Eptitude, see the Flag ‘graffiti’ matter on Drudge today.


22. Pelosi is an embarrassment… However, it just scrapes a place because ept was created from it in modern times (by E B White of the New Yorker in 1938) and it turns up from time to time in humorous or deliberately incongruous contexts, as do its derived forms eptly and Eptitude.

Embarrassment, Ept, Eptly, Eptitude

23. Explore the Illos - BBWs Transforming collection - the favourite images chosen by nEptitude on DeviantArt.


24. At Eptitude it is the task of the mentors to help develop/hone the identified skill sets amongst students


25. New Delhi: Eptitude is holding an All India Case Study Contest Workshop, to introduce students to the concept of a case study based interview this Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 to be held at the Hindu College, University of Delhi.The students will be given a simple case to solve in an allotted time and later their mentors will solve the case with them.


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EPTITUDE [ˈaptəˌt(y)o͞od]

aptitude (noun) · aptitudes (plural noun)

  • a natural ability to do something.
  • a natural tendency.
Synonyms: talent . skill . expertise . expertness . adeptness . skillfulness . prowess . mastery . artistry . caliber . accomplishment . competence . competency . proficiency . dexterity . adroitness . deftness . cleverness . smartness . flair . finesse . gift . knack . brilliance . genius . qualification . resources . savoir faire . talent . gift . flair . bent . skill . knack . facility . finesse . genius . ability . proficiency . competence . capability . potential . capacity . faculty . expertise . expertness . adeptness . prowess . mastery . artistry . propensity . inclination . suitability . fitness . head . mind . brain .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name aptitude mean?

Definition of aptitude. 1a : inclination, tendency an aptitude for hard work. b : a natural ability : talent an aptitude for gymnastics.

What is the difference between ability and aptitude?

The difference between Aptitude and Abilities is that Aptitude could be the potential, which has as yet not been tapped and trained to a skill level. Whereas ability as the word describes is, it is present here and now in the individual. In young children especially, aptitude denotes...

What does general aptitude mean?

An aptitude is a component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level, which can also be considered "talent". Aptitudes may be physical or mental. Aptitude is not knowledge, understanding, learned or acquired abilities or attitude.

What is the difference between aptitude and talent?

Talent is a synonym of aptitude. As nouns the difference between talent and aptitude. is that talent is (label) a unit of weight and money used in ancient times in greece, the roman empire, and the middle east while aptitude is natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill.

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