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1. What does the word Epistemophilic mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word Epistemophilic in our free online dictionary!

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3. He considers belief to be a component of the Epistemophilic instinct essential for life in the face of uncertainty. Beliefs are phantasies which are engaged with as psychic objects and – being emotionally invested – they require mourning if they are to be relinquished.

4. How to say Epistemophilic in English? Pronunciation of Epistemophilic with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Epistemophilic.

5. Freud introduced the Epistemophilic instinct, Klein elaborated the concept, and Bion developed it into his theory of the K link

6. Epistemophilic is an adjectif from the noun Epistemophilia

7. Secrecy and the Epistemophilic Other

8. ABSTRACT This chapter examines the origins of the Epistemophilic drive, its paradoxical relationship with primary sadism and the important role played by the environment of the young child in the cathexis and development of this drive.

9. Kimmell is a driven Epistemophilic who loves live music and all sorts of beer.

10. She called it the Epistemophilic instinct

11. Brooks's deep understanding of psychoanalysis informs his demonstration of how the "Epistemophilic urge"--the desire to know-guides fictional plots and our reading of them

12. "The early connection between the Epistemophilic impulse [cf

13. Kimmell is a driven Epistemophilic who loves live music and all sorts of beer

14. ABSTRACT Discourses about monsters are fundamentally 'Epistemophilic', in that they express and explore a deep-seated curiosity about the origins of the deformed or anomalous body. The Epistemophilic dimension makes teratology an ideal testing ground for Freudian critiques of scientific theories in terms of displaced sexual curiosity.

15. How to pronounce the word Epistemophilic

16. The Epistemophilic Project `These essays are likely to be welcomed by those coming from a women's studies perspective.In addition, they open up possibilities for articulating an embodied theory of the body, which will be of interest to students of sociology or cultural theory and feminists alike' - Times Higher Education Supplement

17. The best element of her Epistemophilic approach to problem-solving is she’ll never use a word like “Epistemophilic.” She learns to share and she makes her knowledge accessible and actionable.

18. Epistemophilic “Edison had an Epistemophilic personality.” This states that Edison had an excessive love or reverence for knowledge

19. Life Freud, Klein thought of conflict and sadism as a crucial element in the urge to know and the root of the Epistemophilic instinct

20. As a tentative and unstable resolution to gender and sexuality non-conformity, the Epistemophilic resolution operates as a masquerade (after Riviere, 1986)

21. Epistemophilic is an adjectif from the noun Epistemophilia

22. Knowing [the scopophilic and Epistemophilic instinct] .

23. In Freud's description: Where the Epistemophilic instinct is a preponderant feature in the con-

24. Epistemophilic & Autodidact Canada

25. Archana Khosla: An Epistemophilic Lawyer with a Revolutionary Vision “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”- Benjamin Franklin Knowledge and learning is a continuous process, and these when integrated with passion can create marvels

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27. The Epistemophilic dimension makes teratology an ideal testing ground for Freudian critiques of scientific theories in terms of displaced sexual curiosity

28. Ferociously ambitious, Epistemophilic, and inquisitive

29. The author thus hypothesizes that a sense of truth presents itself to the subject as a quest for truth which has the quality and force of an instinctual drive and constitutes the counterpart to the Epistemophilic drive.

30. I am Leke Adesuyi; expressionist, Epistemophilic and a mind endlessly triggered by life itself

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What does epistemophilic mean?

Definition of epistemophilia. : love of knowledge specifically : excessive striving for or preoccupation with knowledge.

How to use epistemophilic in a sentence?

2. 1. Use epistemophilic in a sentence, epistemophilic meaning?, epistemophilic definition, how to use epistemophilic in a sentence, use epistemophilic in a sentence with examples Can be used for – impulse to inquire. sophophilic.Used to describe a person who loves to gather knowledge with higher emphasis on wisdom. 3.

What is epistemophilia in psychology?

See curiosity. EPISTEMOPHILIA: "Epistemophilia is a love of knowledge and the impulse to inquire." Cite this page: N., Pam M.S., "EPISTEMOPHILIA," in, April 7, 2013, (accessed April 19, 2020).

What is epistemophilia in Maupassant?

This is not only epistemology, it is epistemophilia. Moreover, if the ornament in Maupassant is an object of desire, that desire is often of the order of epistemophilia: the viewer's desire is not for the ornament, nor for what is represented mimetically in it, but for the knowledge or significance the ornament presents. Dictionary browser ?

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