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1. From its Greek roots, Epilogue means basically "words attached (at the end)"

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2. An Epilogue often somehow wraps up a story's action, as in the one for a famous Shakespeare play that ends, "For …

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3. As you might imagine, an Epilogue is the opposite of a Prologue, so it comes at the end of your novel as opposed to the beginning

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4. Many thanks to all the wonderful artists, editors, and volunteers who helped make Epilogue an amazing community.

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5. An Epilogue is a section of writing at the end of a book intended to provide closure and resolution

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6. Classic Greek and Elizabethan plays often included Epilogues

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7. An Epilogue is a useful literary device that many authors and playwrights like to use in their works


8. In this guide, we'll give you the Epilogue definition, explain the various purposes of Epilogues in literature, provide you with real Epilogue examples, and go over four useful tips for writing your very own Epilogue

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9. In ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League,’ a cameo-stuffed Epilogue might leave you with more questions than answers


10. An Epilogue is placed at the very end of a literary work

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11. Writers usually use the Epilogue to tie up loose ends and resolve any issues in the main story so the reader is left satisfied.

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12. An Epilogue, like a prologue, is a section of a book that stands outside the narrative


13. Except the Epilogue comes after the main narrative

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14. Epilogue By Robert Lowell About this Poet Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Lowell grew up in Boston, Massachusetts


15. A speech or piece of text added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short statement about what happens to the characters after the play or book finishes (Definition of Epilogue from the Cambridge …

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16. Find 19 ways to say Epilogue, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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17. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupEpilogue · Justin HurwitzLa La Land℗ 2016 Summit Entertainment, LLCReleased on: 2016-12-09Producer: Justin Hurwit


18. Epilogue is the Epilogue of Shokugeki no Soma ~Le dessert~


19. What does Epilogue mean? The definition of an Epilogue is something at the end of a play, movie or other creative work that provides a conclusion

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20. Epilogue Meaning: "a conclusion, conclusion of a speech, inference," from epi "upon, in addition" (see epi-) + logos "a… See definitions of Epilogue.

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21. ‘the meaning of the book's title is revealed in the Epilogue


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23. Epilogue Systems helps enhance the performance of your workforce with Opus, our award-winning Digital Adoption Solution

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24. An Epilogue isn’t meant to be the ending itself or make up for a weak ending

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25. Epilogues should be a short, easy to understand extension for readers to get a little more out of the lives of characters they’ve come to love.

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26. Epilogue: A Memoir and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle


27. Epilogue Systems was founded in 2010


28. Some critics have argued that the Epilogue is an unnecessary and heavy-handed end to a novel that stands quite well without it

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29. Snyder Cut ending explained: Justice League Epilogue's cameos and teases

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30. Tips to writing an effective Epilogue

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31. Decide on a point of view to write the Epilogue


32. For example, if the story was written in the first person, then avoid writing the Epilogue in …

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33. ‘The Epilogue to the film is surprisingly contemporary.’ ‘The book consists of fifty-eight poems in five sections with an Epilogue.’ ‘It's an awkward Epilogue to an otherwise agreeable piece of fluff.’

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34. The Epilogue of the play “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare begins with Prospero’s declaration that he is going to overthrow all his personal charms as a magician


35. Snyder Cut ending explained: Justice League Epilogue's teases and cameos

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36. An Epilogue is a part of the story: it takes place within the world of the novel, includes the characters and events that have taken place

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37. An Epilogue is a chance to reveal what’s become of them


38. An Epilogue lets them know how the future turns out for them


39. Rowling includes an Epilogue that is set 19 years after the conclusion of the story.


40. 1 day ago · Justice League’s Epilogue is, essentially, three post-credit sequences that, instead of being a couple of minutes, are stretched out to present an alternate world where it’s early 2017 and

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41. Epilogue翻譯:(戲劇的)收場白,收場戲;(書的)結尾部分,後記,跋。了解更多。


42. An Epilogue comes at the end of a text, and it provides a comment or reflection on what has occurred in the text

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43. An Epilogue is the opposite of a prologue, which comes at the beginning and provides background information prior to the story.The purpose of an Epilogue is to provide commentary or additional information after the conclusion of the text


44. Antonyms for Epilogue include prologue, introduction, preface, prelude, exordium, foreword, preamble, overture, proem and preliminary

Epilogue, Exordium

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EPILOGUE [ˈepəˌlôɡ, ˈepəˌläɡ]

epilogue (noun) · epilogues (plural noun) · epilog (noun) · epilogs (plural noun)

  • a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.
  • a final or concluding act or event.
Synonyms: afterword . postscript . ps . coda . codicil . appendix . tailpiece . supplement . addendum . postlude . rider . conclusion . denouement . swan song . peroration . prologue .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epilogue, why is it important?

An epilogue is a scene that takes place after the climax of a story. It serves as a conclusion to the story's events and shows us "what becomes" of its major characters. They are meant to give clarity to the narrative - not to resolve themes.

What does the name epilogue mean?

From its Greek roots, epilogue means basically "words attached (at the end)". An epilogue often somehow wraps up a story's action, as in the one for a famous Shakespeare play that ends, "For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo".

Should you write an epilogue?

Composing the Epilogue

  • Discuss the results or consequences of the climax. In the epilogue, you may decide to focus on the results or...
  • Provide key information that is not in the main text. You may write an epilogue that provides information for the...
  • Take the reader into the future. You may use the epilogue to do some time travel and let the reader know what...
  • More ...

    What is the difference between a prologue and epilogue?

    The main difference between prologue and epilogue is that prologue is situated at the beginning of the story whereas epilogue is situated at the end of the story; the prologue comes before the story, and the epilogue comes after the story. Based on this main difference, some other differences can be also noted between these two sections.