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Synonyms: 1. Infauna
1. epifauna definition is - benthic fauna living on the substrate (such as a hard sea floor) or on other organisms.
2. epifauna were either preserved in 95% ethanol or frozen at −80 °C. Selected specimens from each morphospecies were dissected for use in DNA sequence analyses as detailed in Xu et al. (2019). In brief, genomic DNA extraction with the CTAB method, DNA concentration and purity were measured using a NanoDrop ND-1000 spectrophotometer (Thermo : 6.
3. Most people chose this as the best definition of epifauna: Aquatic animals, such as See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
4. epifauna definition, the aggregate of animals that live on the surface of the bottom of an ocean, river, or lake, or are attached to other aquatic organisms or submerged rocks. See more.
5. Epifauna. Aquatic epifauna can be categorized by the sieve mesh size they are retained on (meiofauna 0.063–0.5 or 1 mm; macrofauna > 0.5 or 1 mm), and by whether they are mobile or sessile (attached). Freshwater macrophytes are inhabited by meiofaunal nematodes and macrofaunal gastropods, insect larvae and oligochaete worms (all mobile).
6. epifauna live attached to a surface and infauna live within bottom sediments. epifauna. epifauna live attached to hard surfaces such as rocks, shells and pilings or directly on the surface of the Bay’s bottom. epifauna include oysters, sponges, sea squirts, sea stars and barnacles. An oyster reef is an example of an epifaunal benthic community.
7. As nouns the difference between epifauna and infauna is that epifauna is a fauna characterized by members whose typical life sites are on the outer surface of their environment, as opposed to within it, eg animals living on top of the sediment at the seafloor while infauna is an aquatic organism that lives within the dominant medium of its environment.
8. The sessile epifauna consists of: attached animals. The lower limit of the intertidal zone is the: lowest low tide. Which of the following is typically a very rare component of soft-bottom intertidal communities? seaweeds. Byssal threads are used by mussels to cope with: wave shock.
9. The benthic infauna and epifauna communities were characterized prior to (2006) and following (2008, 2013) plant operations. Multiple stations were sampled at each of four different zones: the potential impact zone (> 3 km east of the outfall) and three reference zones (northern, central-west, southern).
10. High tracer enrichment in subtidal epifauna.--Whereas the rapid, high-level tracer enrichment in zooplankton and planktivorous fish in the food web of the water column was a predicted result of the tracer amendment, a similar response was not anticipated in the subtidal benthos.
11. Generalisations about the community ecology of invertebrates associated with plant surfaces have been developed largely from studies on terrestrial insect-plant systems and by limited studies on temperate marine macroalgal systems. This study was designed to quantify the seasonal variation in populations of a tropical macroalga and its associated epifauna, to investigate the causal factors
12. Synonyms: 1.Epifauna: 1. infauna definition is - benthic fauna living in the substrate and especially in a soft sea bottom.: 2. How to use infauna in a sentence. Example sentences with the word example sentences.: 3. Most people chose this as the best definition of infauna: Aquatic animals, such as See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
13. Other articles where epifauna is discussed: bivalve: Ecology and habitats: …has also been achieved by cementation, as, for example, in oysters.
14. epifauna Benthic organisms (see BENTHOS) that live on the surface of the seabed, either attached to objects on the bottom or free-moving. They are characteristic of the intertidal zone. Compare INFAUNA. Source for information on epifauna: A Dictionary of Zoology dictionary.

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