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ENVIRONMENT [inˈvīrənmənt]

environment (noun) · environments (plural noun) · the environment (noun)

  • the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.
  • the setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on.
Synonyms: habitat . territory . domain . home . abode . surroundings . conditions . environs . circumstances . situation . setting . milieu . medium . background . backdrop . scene . scenario . location . locale . context . framework . sphere . world . realm . preserve . province . ambience . atmosphere . climate . mood . air . aura .

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1. Environment definition is - the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded

2. How to use Environment in a sentence

3. Meanings of Environment Synonym Discussion of Environment.

4. Environment definition, the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences; surroundings; milieu

5. The totality of the natural world, often excluding humans: "Technology, of course, lies at the heart of man's relationship with the Environment" (Mark Hertsgaard)

6. A subset of the natural world; an ecosystem: the coastal Environment

7. Environment Fukushima’s tragic legacy—radioactive soil, ongoing leaks, and unanswered questions Sinking land and rising seas: the dual crises facing coastal communities

8. Environment, the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival

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13. The latest news on the Environment, Environmental issues, earth science and space exploration.

14. Electromagnetic Environment is radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation and magnetic fields

15. The Environment of galaxy refers to conditions of interstellar medium

16. In psychology and medicine, a person's Environment is the people, physical things and places that the person lives with

17. The Environment affects the growth and development of

18. The Environment is something you are very familiar with

19. The natural Environment encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally, meaning in this case not artificial.The term is most often applied to the Earth or some parts of Earth

20. This Environment encompasses the interaction of all living species, climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity

21. The concept of the natural Environment can be

22. An Environment variable definitions file is a simple text file containing key-value pairs in the form of Environment_variable=value, with # used for comments

23. Multiline values are not supported, but values can refer to any other Environment variable that's already defined in the system or earlier in the file.

24. The Built Environment Features of the built Environment appear to impact human health—influencing behaviors, physical activity patterns, social networks, and access to resources.7

25. Environmental Pollution is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality research papers and review articles about all aspects of Environmental pollution and its effects on ecosystems and human health

26. Environment Empty seas: Oceanic shark populations dropped 71 percent since 1970

27. 14 synonyms of Environment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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29. Environment: the circumstances, conditions, or objects by which one is surrounded

30. Environment Breaking news on the Environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species

31. 3,000 articles, 100m readers A year of our best Environment journalism

32. With a piece of Environmental journalism published every three hours, the Guardian is the leading voice in the fight to save

33. Tennessee, Department of Environment and Conservation, Conservation, Environment, TN, TDEC, Tennessee State Parks

34. Science of the Total Environment is an international multi-disciplinary journal for publication of novel, hypothesis-driven and high-impact research on the total Environment, which interfaces the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere.

35. STOTEN's Aims & Scope has been updated - we invite contributions of original and high quality interdisciplinary Environmental

36. Synonyms for Environment in Free Thesaurus

37. 48 synonyms for Environment: surroundings, setting, conditions, situation, medium, scene

38. We believe saving the Environment by transitioning to renewable energy requires everyone to take action — and policy plays an instrumental role

39. Environment & Natural Resources Management

40. Get Baton Rouge, Louisiana latest Environment news

41. Environment definition: Someone's Environment is all the circumstances , people, things, and events around them Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

42. R/Environment: Current news, information and issues related to the Environment.

43. Provides information about, and means to manipulate, the current Environment and platform

44. The following example demonstrates displays a list of information about the current Environment

45. // Sample for Environment class summary using namespace System; using namespace

46. Environment & Pollution A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.

47. The latest Environment news from

48. All the physical surroundings on Earth are called the Environment

49. The Environment includes everything living and everything nonliving.

50. The Environment can be defined as a sum total of all the living and non-living elements and their effects which influence human life

51. Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy: the Environment

52. We are committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between communities and the Environment.

53. OECD work on Environment helps countries design and implement effective policies to address Environmental problems and sustainably manage natural resources

54. It examines the linkages between the Environment and economic, sectoral or social concerns in the various key topics below.

55. Human impact on the Environment or anthropogenic impact on the Environment includes changes to biophysical Environments and ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources caused directly or indirectly by humans, including global warming, Environmental degradation (such as ocean acidification), mass extinction and biodiversity loss, ecological crisis, and ecological collapse.

56. From declining fisheries to acute urban pollution to record-breaking global temperatures, the evidence of human impact on the Environment continues to mount

57. And at the same time, the Environment shapes us, as human society and institutions are built upon our …

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