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1. New Entrants into a highly competitive field Recent Examples on the Web The race to launch tiny low-cost satellites for photographing the Earth's surface, mapping, and providing Internet service, is getting a new entrant:

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2. Early Entrants were familiar 750-milliliter companies simply launching a can option to less–wine focused, heavy marketing campaigned companies

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3. The number and power of a company's competitive rivals, potential new market Entrants


4. According to the FTC, Entrants ' pins featuring Cole Hn products were endorsements of the company's products and the fact that Entrants received an entry into the contest in order to win a $1,000 shopping spree was a material connection that needed to be disclosed in accordance with the FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials (FTC Endorsement Guides).

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5. ‘New Entrants would bring inward investment, customer choice and competitive tension to the market.’ ‘This is also because the interests of young farmers and new Entrants to farming must be looked after.’ ‘Only four to six contestants will go through, depending on the amount of foreign Entrants.’


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7. Information and translations of Entrants in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


8. Synonyms for Entrants include field, competition, competitors, adversaries, challengers, contenders, opposition, candidates, contestants and foes


9. What does it mean for your business? The threat of new Entrants is the possibility of new, direct competitors to your business


10. As one of the five forces, the threat of new Entrants is a critical concern for many businesses, especially in fast-changing industries

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11. What is the Threat of New Entrants?


12. Ostensibly, this is done to protect the integrity of the industry and prevent new Entrants from introducing inferior products into the market


13. Entrants are required to wear enclosed shoes while driving on the track

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14. For competition driving events including Off Street Racing, Drifting, Powerskids & Burnouts, all Entrants are required to wear helmets, enclosed footwear and non-flammable clothing with full coverage from ankle to wrist to neck.

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15. New women Entrants to the police force; The book is a useful guide for university Entrants


16. There has been an increase in the number of mature Entrants to higher education.

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17. Someone who takes part in a competition 2 especially British English someone who has recently started studying at university, or working entrant to new Entrants to higher education Examples from the Corpus entrant • Davis was selected from 200,000 Entrants to win the trip to the Super Bowl.

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18. The threat of new Entrants Porter created affects the competitive environment for the existing competitors and influences the ability of existing firms to achieve profitability

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19. Men’s Royal Rumble 2021 Stats: Order Of Entrants, Most Eliminations, More

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20. 2021 NFL Draft Early Entrants: Ranking the Top 30 Underclassmen Ranked based on where we believe the underclassmen will be selected in …

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21. The match featured several surprise Entrants and WWE NXT Superstars, including a returning Seth Rollins, Carlito, Damian Priest, Kane, “The Hurricane” Shane Helms, and Christian


22. Types of Entrants [edit edit source]

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23. The Entrants are divided into two major groups, foreigners and Arstotzkan citizens.The two groups are addressed by the above names in the rulebook, and are distinguished by the documents they carry


24. In selecting Entrants, cars not previously shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance or another major concours are given preference and we generally do not allow cars to return to our show field within a ten-year period unless they have changed ownership and are freshly restored (or they are an original preservation car).

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25. Entrants can then schedule a pickup time instead of dropping the package off at their local shipping service branch, like UPS or FedEx


26. Read more about Entrants' rally fizzles out: IPOs listed since Sept down 20% from peak on Business Standard


27. New Entrants do not typically take this training path because the DOB requires them to complete 10-Hour OSHA training before they can start work


28. For startups or new Entrants, a similar strategic approach is required


29. Areas of strength, such as agility, capital flexibility, independence and experience from other industries will be required to compete with incumbent OEMs and outperform other new Entrants

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30. What does Entrants mean? Plural form of entrant

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31. The number of Entrants being allowed for this year's race, scheduled to be held on Oct


32. DV 2014 - Selected Entrants The Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky has registered and notified the winners of the DV-2014 diversity lottery


33. "Old-timers are worried that new Entrants from the TMC would hog all the limelight and the efforts put in by them to strengthen the party would go in …

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34. BOSTON -- The pandemic-delayed 2021 Boston Marathon will have space for 20,000 Entrants, race organizers announced Monday


35. Entrants Details of Entrants are taken from the official results and from the Challenge Australia book, with most photos from that book and courtesy of Ray Berghouse, Chevron Publishing


36. The entry employer must ensure that all authorized Entrants: 1926.1208(a) Are familiar with and understand the hazards that may be faced during entry, including information on the mode, signs or symptoms, and consequences of the exposure; 1926.1208(b) Properly use equipment as required by §1926.1204(d);

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37. A comparison of 121 mature-age and 270 normal-age Entrants who graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School between 1972 and 1987 shows that mature-age Entrants are some 7 years older, are more likely to come from public (state) schools and less likely to have parents in professional/t …


38. Entrants Start your career with ALTANA


39. For example, the number of Entrants in the 2017 hat was 4248, with a total ticket count of 11021

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40. 1 day ago · About 25 Entrants had registered either ahead of time or at the pageant or at the mall before it began

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41. The new Entrants have emerged as near-zero borrowing costs and rebounding investor confidence fan hopes of record deals in M&A and capital markets activity this year.

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ENTRANTS [ˈentrənt]


  • a person or group that enters, joins, or takes part in something.
Synonyms: beginner . newcomer . fresher . freshman . recruit . novice . trainee . apprentice . probationer . tyro . initiate . neophyte . tenderfoot . hire . competitor . contestant . contender . challenger . participant . player . candidate . applicant . veteran .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does entrants mean?

Define entrants. entrants synonyms, entrants pronunciation, entrants translation, English dictionary definition of entrants. n. One that enters, especially one that enters a competition. n 1. a person who enters 2. a new member of a group, society, or association 3.

What does entrant mean in business?


What is the difference between early and late entrants?

Late entrants more often mentioned goals related to profit and leisure time. Late entrants replaced more heifers than early entrants. Early entrants had a significantly higher educational level than the late entrants. However, early signs are that the economy is sufficiently market-driven to enforce its own discipline on new entrants. 21.

What is Porter threat of new entrants?

Thus, Porters threat of new entrants definition revolutionized the way people look at competition in an industry. The threat of new entrants Porter created affects the competitive environment for the existing competitors and influences the ability of existing firms to achieve profitability.

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