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1. Entrained synonyms, Entrained pronunciation, Entrained translation, English dictionary definition of Entrained

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3. ‘We Entrained at the camp & came on to Alexandria & thence to the boat.’ ‘So, on Saturday morning I Entrained for Brighton.’ ‘At Paddington, her wedding party entrains in a private saloon for the journey to Shropshire, enjoying ‘the low, rich purr of a Great Western express’ as far as Shrewsbury.’

Entrained, Entrains, Enjoying, Express

4. 6 synonyms and near synonyms of Entrained from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 antonyms and near antonyms


5. Find another word for Entrained.


6. Entrained is a conjugated form of the verb entrain

Entrained, Entrain

7. The Entrained air is easily able to flow backwards in the twin-screw to the upstream vent barrel, while the solid powder is conveyed by the screws downstream

Entrained, Easily

8. Synonyms for Entrained include en route, in transit, coming, during transport, going, in motion, journeying, on the road, on the way and proceeding

Entrained, En

9. Other uses of air-Entrained concrete include sulfate resistance, resistance to alkali-silica reactivity, and improved workability


10. Entrained-flow gasifier is the most successful and widely used type of gasifier for large-scale gasification of coal, petroleum coke, and refinery residues


11. Entrained-flow gasifier is ideally suited to most types of coal except low-rank coal, which, like lignite and biomass, is not attractive because of …

Entrained, Except

12. Air-Entrained concrete is produced using air-entraining portland cement, or by the introduction of air-entraining agents, under careful engineering supervision, as the concrete is mixed on the job

Entrained, Entraining, Engineering

13. The amount of Entrained air is usually between four and seven percent of the volume of the concrete, but may be varied as required by special


14. A type of concrete which has microscopic bubbles in it is called Air Entrained Concrete.The method of forming a small tiny bubble in the concrete is known as Air entrainment.During the concrete making process, some air entrain admixtures are added in the concrete which forms air bubbles in it.Bubbles are created in the concrete when the concrete is in the plastic stage, most of the bubbles are

Entrained, Entrainment, Entrain

15. Air can be Entrained in concre t e by either of two methods: the use of air entraining agents or of air en-t r aining cements

Entrained, Either, Entraining, En

16. Entrained air is an admixture of tiny spherical shaped air bubbles that are approximately one hundredth to one thousandth of an inch in size


17. Entrained-flow gasifiers operate at high temperature and pressure—and extremely turbulent flow—which causes rapid feed conversion and allows high throughput

Entrained, Extremely

18. The Entrained water is driven off as steam


19. In addition, Entrained salt crystals will usually deactivate catalyst beds and plug downstream processing equipment.

Entrained, Equipment

20. Entrained air can reduce pump performance dramatically: • 2 percent Entrained air can reduce pump performance by 10 to 12 percent


21. • 4 percent Entrained air can reduce pump performance by 44 percent


22. Mechanical introduction — Entrained air can be introduced at points in the system where there is a vacuum, such as leaks in the pump suction line


23. Improper bleeding — When initially filled, the hydraulic system will contain air in all forms (free, Entrained, and dissolved)


24. Foam (Entrained air, Visible foam) Air that is present in papermaking stock or white water can cause various kinds of problems, including pin-holes, circular marks on the paper, reduced dewatering rates, unsightly foam, deposit problems related to foam buildup, and loss of solid material due to overflow of foam from tanks and chests.


25. Q: I've heard that it's not a good idea to use a steel-trowel finish for air-Entrained exterior flatwork

Entrained, Exterior

26. A.: ACI 330R-92, Guide for Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots, section 4.5.2, recommends leveling air-Entrained concrete with a bull float or scraping straightedge immediately after


27. Freeze, so air-Entrained concrete isn’t needed to ensure a durable floor surface

Entrained, Ensure

28. Unless the building is enclosed and the roof is completed, it’s impos-sible to protect non-air-Entrained concrete slabs from external moisture

Enclosed, Entrained, External

29. Thus, specifiers often require interior concrete to be air-Entrained if the slabs will be exposed to a cold, wet

Entrained, Exposed

30. The ECUST Entrained flow gasifier incorporates opposed multi-burner (OMB) technology, and a water-quench in a down-flow configuration

Ecust, Entrained

31. Entrained-flow gasifiers have the ability to handle practically any coal feedstock and produce a clean, tar-free, syngas.The fine coal feed can be fed to the gasifier in either a dry or slurry form

Entrained, Either

32. Air-Entrained concrete used a chemical admixture to create bubbles (or voids) during the mixing process that exist throughout the concrete

Entrained, Exist

33. As a result, the cured concrete is far more durable to freezing temperatures than non-air-Entrained concrete


34. The strength of air-Entrained concrete depends on the water/cement ratio as it does in non-air-Entrained concrete


35. The water content for an air-Entrained mix will be 3 to 5 gallons per cubic yard less than for a non-air-Entrained mix having the same slump.


36. Entrained air can also occur in instances where the product being pumped is close to the boiling point, like condensate


37. The Entrained gas may be an essential part of an industrial process, or it may be unwanted

Entrained, Essential

38. Entrained water may also be formed by the lowering of the temperature of a fuel saturated with dissolved water


39. Furthermore, Entrained water droplets can join together to form large drops or slugs of free water


40. Entrained air dissipation rates While a direct correlation between the presence of Entrained air in these wells and nearby artificial recharge cannot be made, qualitative evidence suggests the two may be linked

Entrained, Evidence

41. Characterizing Entrained Gas To understand how recent technologies have largely overcome problems related to Entrained gas, it is important to understand the different categories of entrainment: slug flow, bubble flow, and empty-full-empty (EFE)

Entrained, Entrainment, Empty, Efe

42. Propeller and its Entrained water


43. It is the added mass and inertia of the Entrained water that is the challenge to predict accurately


44. Video on Entrained Gas Management technology Based on a function model, gas entrainment and the subsequent effects are demonstrated in this video to underline the benefits of the EGM™ technology

Entrained, Entrainment, Effects, Egm

45. Benefits of Air-Entrained Concrete


46. The main reason for using air-Entrained concrete is for the increased resistance of concrete against the alternating freezing and thawing cycles of water, which can occur during those periods when the surrounding temperature drops below 0 ° C.


47. Conversely, Entrained air is the result of adding an air-entraining agent during batching which develops an evenly distributed network of stable, microscopic voids which provide many fresh and hardened concrete benefits and remain in the mix as it cures

Entrained, Entraining, Evenly

48. In its plastic state, air-Entrained concrete exhibits better workability.

Entrained, Exhibits

49. (Non-air-Entrained concrete) 6000: 0.41: 5000: 0.48: 4000: 0.57: 3000: 0.68: 2000: 0.82: Enter compressive strength at 28 days = psi

Entrained, Enter

50. With accurate, real-time measurement of Entrained air, Buckman develops control algorithms to drive your process to new heights


51. The TRB National Cooperative Highway Research Program's NCHRP Research Report 961: Entrained Air-Void Systems for Durable Highway Concrete addresses these gaps and, more specifically, investigates innovative test methods for effectively characterizing the air system in fresh concrete and identifying the characteristics of the air-void system

Entrained, Effectively

52. Utilizing a conventional air separator that removed Entrained air — air traveling in a water stream in bubbles that can be seen with the human eye — but not entrapped air — air that has migrated out of a water stream and into high points as pockets of air — or dissolved air — microscopic bubbles that coat heat exchangers as the velocity of water through coils is reduced

Entrained, Eye, Entrapped, Exchangers

53. Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor Investigating the core principles of in situ and ex situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S

Entrained, Ex

54. Lightweight-aggregate, air-Entrained concrete is increasingly used to cast interior, above-grade floors


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ENTRAINED [inˈtrān, enˈtrān]


  • board a train.
Synonyms: make . get to . board . get on . enter . mount . ascend . embark . emplane . miss . alight .


Frequently Asked Questions

What does entrained mean?

Definition of entrain. (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to draw along with or after oneself. 2 : to draw in and transport (something, such as solid particles or gas) by the flow of a fluid.

What does entrainment mean?

entrainment(Noun) Any of several processes in which a solid or liquid is put into motion by a fluid. entrainment(Noun) The alignment of an organism's circadian rhythm to that of an external rhythm in its environment.

What does entrained thinking mean?

entrained thinking (Noun) A conditioned response that occurs when people are blocked from understanding and using new ways of thinking by the perspectives they acquired through past experience. How to pronounce entrained thinking?

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