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ENTRAILS [ˈentrālz, ˈentrəlz]

entrails (plural noun) · entrail (plural noun)

  • a person or animal's intestines or internal organs, especially when removed or exposed.
  • the innermost parts of something.
Synonyms: intestines . bowels . guts . viscera . offal . insides . innards . numbles .

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1. Examples of Entrails in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web In one meal, which Nathaniel Philbrick describes, the crew held down a tortoise, cut it open, drank its blood, then started a fire in …

2. Plural noun intestines, insides (informal), guts, bowels, offal, internal organs, innards (informal), vital organs, viscera The ancient soothsayers used to read the Entrails of dead animals. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition

3. Pig Entrails figurative The couch's Entrails (= pieces of material from inside) were sticking out in places.

4. Sometimes the noun Entrails is used to mean the inside of something else, like the Entrails of a street that's been dug up and exposed

5. The Latin interanea, or "internal," is the root of Entrails.

6. 6 synonyms of Entrails from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 5 related words, definitions, and antonyms

7. Entrails: the internal organs of the body.

8. It consists of the fattest parts of the Entrails of the pig, broiled in an oven

9. 358 VARIOUS He instructs the Mother Serpent to slay a wild ox and conceal herself in its Entrails

10. Not to be confused with Entrails, death metal from Avesta, Dalarna

11. ‘In some cases, Entrails of slaughtered animals are served back to others ‘stuck in the queue’ at slaughterhouses.’ ‘He would make one long incision - the length of the carcass - so that the Entrails could be removed.’ ‘In ancient Rome, emperors would divine truth by reading the Entrails of animals or vanquished foes.’

12. Entrails is a Swedish death metal band hailing from Linneryd.

13. Seers interpreted claps of thunder, lightning flashes or the condition of a sacrificed animal's Entrails. Jurgis arrives for work and is quickly trained to sweep up the guts and Entrails of the slaughtered cattle, following behind the disemboweler.

14. What does Entrails mean? The internal organs, especially the intestines; viscera

15. Entrails A slimy length of something's insides.

16. Listed below is everything you need to know about obtaining Entrails in Valheim

17. Entrails; A slimy length of something's insides

18. Definition of Entrails in the dictionary

19. What does Entrails mean? Information and translations of Entrails in the most comprehensive …

20. Listen to music from Entrails like Epitome Of Death, Crawling Death & more

21. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Entrails.

22. Entrails definition: The Entrails of people or animals are their inside parts, especially their intestines

23. Figurative The sofa’s Entrails (= pieces of material from inside) were sticking out in places

24. (Translation of Entrails from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Translation of …

25. How to say Entrails in English? Pronunciation of Entrails with 2 audio pronunciations, 17 synonyms, 2 meanings, 12 translations, 4 sentences and more for Entrails.

26. Entrails (18 Occurrences) Exodus 12:9 Eat not of it raw, nor boiled at all with water, but roasted with fire; its head with its legs, and with its Entrails

27. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Human, Animals Entrails en‧trails / ˈentreɪlz / noun [plural] HBH HBA the inside parts of an animal’s or person’s body, especially their intestine s Examples from the Corpus Entrails • Hot liquid and Entrails spilled over him, and he scrambled out from under the thing.

28. Buy Here: Entrails "Crawl in Your Guts" from the album "Rise of the Reaper".

29. Entrails Meaning: "internal parts of animal bodies," c

30. 1300, from Old French entrailles (12c.), from Late Latin intralia… See definitions of Entrails.

31. Ominous Crucifix / Entrails (3) Ominous Crucifix / Entrails (3) - Inert Deities Of A Deceit / Human Decay - Depression ‎ (12") Dark Recollections Productions: DRP/006: Mexico: 2012: Sell This Version

32. Entrails remain faithful to what they know best—they were there when this all kicked off—and have demonstrated there’s still excitement to be …

33. 22 hours ago · Entrails are a droppable item that players can acquire in Valheim

34. Like many other materials, Entrails can be used to craft food items like Sausages, to help …

35. See 4 authoritative translations of Entrails in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

36. The measured Entrails include heart liver spleen esophagus glandular stomach gizzard intestine pancreas trachea and cholecyst: 13

37. The invisible rays sliced and diced my Entrails in search of metal: 14

38. There was another spasm in his Entrails the heavy boots were approaching: 15

39. The doctor examine the Entrails of the patient for parasite: 16.

40. Entrails Rise of the Reaper, released 11 October 2019 1

41. The End (Outro) Entrails formed in 1990/91.

42. The tale is that he who has tasted the Entrails of a single human victim minced up with the Entrails of other victims is destined to become a wolf

43. The fat eunuch bent at the middle, as if bowing to his killer, and crumpled like tallow, his pudgy hands clutching vainly at his spilling Entrails .

44. Dictionary entry overview: What does Entrails mean? • Entrails (noun) The noun Entrails has 1 sense:

45. Internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity) Familiarity information: Entrails used as a noun is very rare.

46. Entrails was officially signed by Metal Blade Records in March of 2012

47. After playing numerous summer festivals (such as Party.San and Summer Breeze), Entrails started recording their new album in September in Lundqvist's own studio

48. Entrails album "World Inferno" available now

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50. Definition of Entrails noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

51. Bag of Discarded Entrails have chance to drop from Professor Putricide

52. Booking: [email protected] Entrails[email protected] Contact: Entrails[email protected]

53. Antonyms for Entrails include exterior, outside, exteriority, border, margin, cowardice, periphery and fear

54. Entrails OF THE VIRGIN is the controversial sex-and-gore nightmare from director Gaira (Kazuo Komizu)

55. Presented here for the first time with a brand new, digitally mastered anamorphic widescreen transfer from original vault materials, Entrails OF THE VIRGIN is definitely not for the squeamish! Prepare to be shocked, offended, horrified and

56. Synonyms for Entrails in Free Thesaurus

57. 11 synonyms for Entrails: intestines, insides, guts, bowels, offal, internal organs, innards, vital

58. Entrails are back with fun , catchy tunes to add to their brutal resume

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