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ENTOURAGEN [ˌänto͝oˈräZH]

entourage (noun) · entourages (plural noun)

  • a group of people attending or surrounding an important person.
Synonyms: retinue . escort . company . cortège . train . suite . court . staff . bodyguard . attendants . companions . followers . retainers . camp followers . associates . hangers-on .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name entourage mean?

entourage (Noun) A retinue of attendants, associates or followers. Etymology: From entourage, from entourer.

What does the word entourage mean?

Meaning of entourage in English. › the group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person: Her usual entourage includes musicians, backup singers, and technicians.

What does ENTORAGE mean?

Entourage is defined as the group of helpers and friends who travel with someone. An example of an entourage is the group of ten people that travel with the president.

What is the origin of the word entourage?

Origin Mid 19th century French, from entourer 'to surround'.

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