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1. Entanglement - by Gopherwood Studios Get more tangled than your friends to win the game of Entanglement.


2. Entanglement Used to describe a relationship that one accidentally on purpose finds themself in. The person was unable to abandon the relationship for fear of other ties: religious, marital, sexual or …


3. Entanglement is often regarded as a uniquely quantum-mechanical phenomenon, but it is not. In fact, it is enlightening, though somewhat unconventional, to consider a simple non-quantum (or “classical”) version of Entanglement first

Entanglement, Enlightening

4. This enables us to pry the subtlety of Entanglement itself apart from the general oddity of quantum theory.

Enables, Entanglement

5. Quantum Entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may

Entanglement, Each, Even

6. "The definition of Entanglement is when you tangle in the sheets," Alsina sings on the new track, called "Entanglements" with rapper Rick Ross

Entanglement, Entanglements

7. Entanglements is when you tangled in them sheets Entanglements is when you're tangled up with me Entanglements (The number one's here) is when you're gettin' in too deep (It's the Biggest) Tangled


8. In short, quantum Entanglement means that multiple particles are linked together in a way such that the measurement of one particle's quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection isn't depending on the location of the particles in space.


9. There are definite signs of a healthy solid primary relationship, as well as signs of an unhealthy Entanglement


10. 11 synonyms of Entanglement from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 related words, definitions, and antonyms


11. Find another word for Entanglement


12. Entanglement: something that catches and holds.


13. It’s the question on everyone’s mind: What exactly is an Entanglement?Ever since Jada Pinkett Smith described her affair with August Alsina while married to Will Smith as an “Entanglement

Everyone, Exactly, Entanglement, Ever

14. Entanglement is a puzzle game made for you by Gopherwood Studios


15. A situation or relationship that you are involved in and that is difficult to escape from: The book describes the complex emotional and sexual Entanglements between the members of the group

Escape, Emotional, Entanglements


Enjoy, Entanglement

17. Listen to the single "Entanglements"


18. Out now!Stream: to the album "The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy"

Empire, Entanglements

19. Entanglement is a real phenomenon (Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance"), which has been demonstrated repeatedly through experimentation

Entanglement, Einstein, Experimentation

20. Entanglement (beyond binary) is a leading quantum computing and supercomputing company building the world's most advanced computer labs


21. Entanglement accelerates the development of quantum information science and artificial intelligence (AI).


22. Quantum Entanglement; Orientation Entanglement; Entanglement (graph measure) Entanglement of polymer chains, see Reptation; Wire Entanglement; in fishery: method by which fish are caught in fishing nets


23. Unintended Entanglement of marine fish and mammals in ghost nets or similar: Plastic_pollution#Entanglement; as a proper noun:


24. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith confirm her 'Entanglement' with singer August Alsina on 'Red Table Talk' The actress said she began a relationship with Alsina while separated from her …


25. Entanglement is an ubiquitous concept in modern physics research: it occurs in subjects ranging from quantum gravity to quantum computing


26. Entanglement occurs when a pair of particles, such as photons, interact physically


27. Entanglement is often regarded as a uniquely quantum-mechanical phenomenon, but it is not


28. Entanglement proves there's still room for charmingly quirky romantic comedies -- even if it flirts with a number of ingredients that typically lead to cutesy disaster

Entanglement, Even

29. (The actress had referred to her relationship with the singer as an "Entanglement" during her Red Table Talk episode earlier in July.) The tune references the two's relationship with lines such as

Entanglement, Episode, Earlier

30. Entanglement: A Science Fiction Thriller (The Belt Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kilby, Gerald M.

Entanglement, Edition

31. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Entanglement: A Science Fiction Thriller (The Belt Book 1).


32. Relationship or Entanglement: Make an assessment I’m Old Grehhhhhg! If out of boredom, loneliness, despair, or misery you’ve sought a relationship with …


33. Entanglement n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

Entanglement, Etc

34. During the conversation, Pinkett Smith repeatedly used the word “Entanglement” to describe her connection with Alsina, which has since spawned many a meme across social media


35. 1) Entanglement From Birth: The vast majority of quantum Entanglement experiments to date use photons as the entangled particles, for the simple reason that it's really easy to entangle two

Entanglement, Experiments, Entangled, Easy, Entangle

36. Entanglement of marine life is a global problem that results in the death of hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and sea turtles worldwide every year.

Entanglement, Every

37. [Entanglement is] perhaps the best lay description of the evolution and current state of quantum physics available today

Entanglement, Evolution

38. "Entanglements" refers to August Alsina's relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith


39. Speaking with her husband, Will Smith, during a special edition of her "Red Table Talk" show on Facebook on the 10th of July 2020, she said about it, "I got into an Entanglement with August," explaining her version of the relationship

Edition, Entanglement, Explaining

40. Decades later, Bohr's ideas still stand strong, and the strange nature of quantum Entanglement is a solid part of modern physics


41. What is an Entanglement? Jada Pinkett Smith, 48, used the unusual turn of phrase to describe the extramarital relationship that she had had with August Alsina in 2015

Entanglement, Extramarital

42. "I got into an Entanglement


43. The Entanglement entropy of subsystem A is easy to calculate for a diagonal matrix, S A = tr⇢ A log⇢ A = 2⇥ 1 4 log 1 4 = log2

Entanglement, Entropy, Easy

44. (18.8) Interpretation of Entanglement entropy In fact the 2-qubit example illustrates a useful way to put Entanglement entropy into 166

Entanglement, Entropy, Example

45. The perplexing phenomenon of quantum Entanglement is central to quantum computing, quantum networking, and the fabric of space and time


46. Synonyms for Entanglement in Free Thesaurus


47. 42 synonyms for Entanglement: affair, involvement, romance, intrigue, fling, liaison, love


48. In a viral Red Table Talk surprise episode, Jada labeled she and the singer's relationship an "Entanglement" that happened while she and Will were separated.; The word has since gone viral, and Alsina named his …

Episode, Entanglement

49. Entanglement refers to the reticular or spherical structure formed by the cross-linking points produced in the polymer chain, or in between polymer chains, making the polymer chains unable to move normally and thus affecting the nature of the polymer


50. Entanglement is a pressing and longstanding threat to the wellbeing of cetaceans globally


51. Entanglement doesn’t only cause injury and distress in whales, and restrict life-sustaining day-to-day activities; whales can also be anchored in place by fishing gear such as crab and prawn traps and aquaculture gear, causing them to drown.


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ENTANGLEMENT [inˈtaNGɡəlmənt, enˈtaNGɡəlmənt]

entanglement (noun) · entanglements (plural noun)

  • the action or fact of entangling or being entangled.
  • a complicated or compromising relationship or situation.
Synonyms: participation . action . hand . collaboration . collusion . complicity . connivance . implication . incrimination . inculpation . association . connection . attachment . embroilment . inclusion . involvement . complication . mix-up . adventure . undertaking . affair . relationship . love affair . romance . fling . flirtation . dalliance . liaison . attachment . intrigue . relations . affaire . amour .

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